This should be fun...

17 year old, Kristina, has been living in Florida her whole life. What happens when she has no choice but to live with her aunt after a tragic accident? Will a certian curly haired boy come into her life? Will things happen? WIll things last? I guess you gotta read to find out;)


3. Chapter 3


"Well since it is me, then I think Zayn is going to go get me some ice cream with his new money that he is sharing with me" Kris says. Clever girl. As I order her popsicle I look back at them and see the boys staring at her with their jaws hanging low. I walk over once I get the popsicle and finally see what they were reacting to. Her body. She is tan and extremely fit. Wow. 


"IM STARVING!"I practically yell for the 3rd time. "FINE!" They all give in and get ready to get their stuff, except for Kris. "COME ON KRISSY!" I say to her. "Just because you guys are leaving, doesn't mean I have to" She says. "Yeah, well we want you to come so get up" I say kicking sand on her back. She finally gets up and we start to head home to get food. YAY! :)


We pulled into their house and I immediately step over Zayn and Harry to get out. I hear Lou's footsteps running behind me and screaming "NOT FAIR!" I ran inside and ran to the couch to grab the remote but immediately get tackled to the floor by him! CRAP! He stands me up and holds my hands behind my back so I can't get out of his grasp. "LET ME GO!" "NEVER!" "ALWAYS!" I scream back. The boys  walk in and look confused but laugh at what I said. I'm just that good. "We made a bet" I say simply. We hear a lot of Ah's and see them nodding. I continue to get put of his grasp but he is too strong. "HARRY HELP!!" He runs over to me and tickles Lou till I'm free. "YAY!" I say kissing his cheek and see him blushing. Why was he blushing? WEIRD CHILD! "HE'S COMING!" Harry says pointing to Louis. Harrys throws me over his shoulder and runs upstairs to his room and locks the door before Louis can get in. "HAHA!" I yell through the door. "You can let me down now..." "I don't want to though"Harry says but finally agrees after several minutes. He drops me on his bed and hoovers above me. He stares at my eyes then my lips. He starts to lean closer and closer. I figure out what he is doing, and immediately think of a plan. Right when he is about to put his lips to mine, I roll to the side and off the bed. Harrys sits on the bed and has a sad face while I roll on the floor crying from laughing so hard. After a few minutes he is still in the same place and frowning. I go up to him and give him a quick peck on the lips. "It's gonna take more than that babe" He says. I press my lips to his and we stay there for a minute till we are out of breath. He leans back smiling. I go to open the door, but fail. I start pulling the door... no budge. "Umm Harry?" I say. "You want more don't you"He says cheekily. "No! The door is stuck!" He comes to the door and tries to pull it, still no budge. "LOUIS!" We both scream at the same time. "That's what you get" he says giggling on the other side of the door. He put something in the lock so we are stuck in here. 


We kissed. Our lips moved in sync. I felt sparks. Wow. "Umm Harry?" She says. "You want more don't you"I say. "No! The door is stuck!" I go to the door and try to pull it, no budge. "LOUIS!" We both scream at the same time. "That's what you get" he says giggling on the other side of the door. He put something in the lock so we are stuck in here. Not that it's a bad thing. I feel different when I'm around Kris. She is beautiful and has such a great personality, I like her. "Now what?" She asks turning to me.



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