This should be fun...

17 year old, Kristina, has been living in Florida her whole life. What happens when she has no choice but to live with her aunt after a tragic accident? Will a certian curly haired boy come into her life? Will things happen? WIll things last? I guess you gotta read to find out;)


2. Chapter 2



I woke up to the lady on the announcer "We will be landing in London, England in 45Minutes." In 45 minutes it would be 7AM. I put my headphones in and closed my eyes-so tired. I walked off the plane and said bye to my little seat buddies:) I got my luggage and got a text from my aunt. "Pulling in, I will meet you at the main entrance." I went to the front and hear someone screaming "KRIS!"  My aunt. Now people were looking. I turned around and saw my aunt running towards me with her arms open. She was weird, I liked it. I opened my arms and she flung into them. THIS WAS SO EXCITING! "I haven't seen you in forever? How is everything? I missed you so much? AHH!" Questions were being thrown at me. We talked on our way to the car and caught up on everything. I was also really close with her… whenever I needed help with boys or anything, I'd call her. We got to the car and sure enough, I fell asleep. "We're here!" My aunt screamed while shaking me. I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window. Her house, well now OUR house, is beautiful. I stepped out and saw that my aunt already had my suitcases and was unlocking the front door. I ran upstairs and went to the room that she said was mine. I walked in.. perfect. I put up all my posters which basically covered all my walls and unpacked everything while blasting music."Done" I mumbled to myself. I laid down on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up to screaming coming from downstairs for me to come down. I was so tired from the plane ride… I wasn't used to being up this early. I looked at the clock 1PM. I screamed loud enough for her to hear me "NO, IM TIRED!" I closed my eyes. I was half asleep when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Yes, I don't have to go down I thought. My door flung open but I just laid there under my covers all snuggled up. I felt my feet being pulled for me to get up. "Nooooo" I mumbled extending the o's. She clearly didn't hear me because my feet were still being pulled. "Seriously, I-" I said sitting up but I stopped talking when I realized it wasn't my aunt pulling at my feet, it was 5 boys. "HI!" One shouted. I covered my ears and rolled over. "Niall!?, SHHH!!" I then realized who it was. Those were the band my friend obsessed over, One Direction. I only know stuff about them cause she doesn't stop talking about them. "Let me sleep." "Sarah told us to get you because she had lunch made for you." One spoke. I was starving but so tired. I laid on my stomach sliding of the bed and onto the floor. I started slowly crawling to the kitchen. "Want help?". I just mumbled something that even I didn't understand. I guess they took that as a yes so one threw me over their shoulder, he had a striped shirt on and brown hair to the side. I didn't even bother saying anything, I just draped over his shoulder until we got downstairs. He put me down on the couch. "HOLY CRAP!" I scream. I shot my eyes wide open. I looked down at myself to find myself soaking. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" I shout. "You wouldn't get up, so I thought this would help. And it did" A blonde one said smiling proud of his 'accomplishment'. "Hi…?" I said. They giggled and introduced themselves. "I'm Kristina" I say. "We know" they all said in sync. I guess they noticed my confusedness cause a curly haired boy said "We work with Sarah" Obviously… *Face palm* 



Sarah called us over cause she needed to go over some stuff. When we got there she yelled for someone named Kris upstairs.. I heard their response and giggled to myself. We were ordered to go up and get her since she wouldn't come down. Once we got there all I could think was, Wow. She is amazing. She didn't even try, naturally beautiful. 



I've been here for a week and It's amazing. Me and the boys have become really good friends. Sarah is at work so I decided I should go to the beach toady, it was summer, and absolutely amazing… I got ready and changed into this ( ) I skipped out the door with my headphones in my ears blaring music. I stop at Starbucks to order a coffee to keep me awake. I got to the beach, laid my towel on the sand and ran to the water to get wet so I could get a tan. After being in the water for a few minutes, I lay on my stomach on my towel, and listen to music to block everyone out. It was so relaxing I could stay here forever. Just when that happened I heard screaming through my headphones that was blaring music. I sit up to see whats going on. All I see is a bunch of girls crowding in one big circle screaming. I didn't want to get up because I'd get trampled… and I mean trampled. More and more people were coming- HUNDREDS! So I continued to be on my own tanning. After a half hour I felt a tap on my shoulder so I lean up on my elbows and put my sunglasses on top of my head to see whoever interrupted my sleep. "TOLD YOU IT WAS HER!" Zayn screamed! "Uh, Hi guys!" I say. "Hi!". "Um, How did you find me?" I ask. "We actually came to the beach cause we have a few weeks off, and Zayn thought it was you so we made a bet" Niall explained. "What was the bet?" "If it is you then we owe Zayn 10 bucks… EACH!" He says frowning and crossing his arms. "Well since it is me, then I think Zayn is going to go get me some ice cream with his new money that he is sharing with me" I say smiling. "OOOOOOH" They all say in sync besides Zayn. All Zayn did was make a sad face and went to get my ice-cream. I sit up and smile at my smartness and notice the rest of the boys staring at me. "What?!" I ask confused. "Uh" "It's um uh" "NOTHING!" Liam shouts. I look at them weirdly but just shrug it off. "what do you guys want to do?" Liam asks sitting down followed by the rest of the boys. "TRUTH OR DARE!" Lou screams. Zayn comes back and I start to eat my ice cream. We all agree and we all got some really funny ones until, well… I got called on. "Truth or dare, Kris!"Lou asks. "Dare." I say putting on a 'pshh this is gonna be easy' face. "I dare you to give Harry your popsicle!" I make a sad face, kiss my popsicle and hand it to him. They all look at me weirdly….but I miss my baby! (I'm weird I know…) "Now Harry has to eat it" Lou continues. "NO! My baby!" I say pointing to my popsicle with a dramatic face. "I'm your baby?"Harry asks cheekily. "NO! The popsicle!" "Oh, fine if you want to be that way" He says making a sad face and looking at the ground. I know he is pretending but I go over to him and give him a hug, his face perks up :)  

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