This should be fun...

17 year old, Kristina, has been living in Florida her whole life. What happens when she has no choice but to live with her aunt after a tragic accident? Will a certian curly haired boy come into her life? Will things happen? WIll things last? I guess you gotta read to find out;)


1. Chapter 1


KRISTINAS POV: I threw the phone across the room with tears pouring down my face. This was it. I just got a call from the police, he didn't make it.



I ran through the hospital doors and ran straight to the front desk. "I'M HERE FOR DEREK HALE" I practically screamed at the lady. "Follow me" she said. She led me to a white door that said 'room 382' I rushed through the door and found my dad laying on the bed. He was pale and still. "DAD!" I say running over to him. I start to hold his freezing cold hand. He had a heart attack. "I-is he g-going to be o-okay?" I stutter. "We are trying the best we can sweetie. But for now, you have to wait in the waiting room, we will call you back in soon" Said the nurse. I nodded and slowly walked towards the door, I turned my head to my dad "I love you" I whisper.



I lay on my bed screaming into the pillow that I was squeezing. I can't believe it. I hear the house phone ringing downstairs, but don't bother to get up. A few hours later I was still in the same position, just thinking everything over while twisting the little ring he gave me for my 16th birthday. I'm never taking it off again. My parents had a divorce when I was 13, so I'm not close with her anymore… I never was. She moved on and had a new family. While I had my dad. But now… no one. The phone is ringing for like the 12th time in the past 2 hours so I finally go up and get the phone. "KRIS! ARE YOU OKAY? WHERE ARE YOU" My aunt Sarah shouted through the phone sounding worried. I guess she found out. She was the only relative I was close with, but I haven't seen her in a long time. "Y-yeah" I say. I can feel my eyes starting to sting. We have a conversation for a few hours and finally she says "You're coming to England, to live with me" I was excited to see her but shocked. "What?" I ask not sure if I heard her clearly. "You are taking a flight to England to come here and live with me. I know you may not want to but there is no choice, we can make things work. You're flight is at 12pm tomorrow. I know it's short notice but, we need to do this." This was serious. And actually happening. "Oh, okay. I will text you in the morning I guess…" I say. We said our goodbyes so I ran upstairs to star packing. I wanted to get my mind off things, and be happy for once. I plugged my phone into a speaker and put on shuffle. My music played throughout the room. From Austin Mahone, to Never Shout Never, Ed Sheeran, HeyHiHello, and so on. I loved them. My friends were obsessed with this band called One Direction-but I wasn't really a fan. They're music was good, but I think they're just doing it for fame and money. I opened 2 suitcases and started stuffing them with everything a girl needs. I finished at 10:00pm and called my friends to say goodbye. We talked for hours and cried together. This will be harder than I thought. 


I woke up by my alarm clock singing Want U Back by Cher Lloyd. Love her. I looked at the time.. 9:00am. I quickly got out of bed and went downstairs to get cereal. I took a shower and did my makeup. I took my outfit that I picked out last night ( ) I did my hair and went out the door at 11:30. I was late. I got a cab and rushed to the airport. We got there and I hurried through the lines. I was finally done at 11:50. I quickly got a frapuccino from Starbucks and boarded the plane. I sat next to a little girl and her mom. They were really nice. We have been on for a few hours so I went to sleep.

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