family or him or could I have both?

This story its about a girl named xavielis who known one direction since the exfactor. she its dating Louis Tomlinson. on the day of their anniversary Louis does something to her which makes her lose the feelings for him and she starts to fall in love with one of the lads which her sister has a crush on. now she has the Big question my family or him or I could I have both.


9. the wedding

Luis P.O.V
its been 4 months since Liam proposed to xavieli. am so happy for her cabby wait till the day of the wedding., me and xavielis gave been planning the wedding,and out looks good so far. what its more exiting its that the wedding is on her birthday which is also the day me and the lads were form. July 23. Liam is lucky to have such a beautiful girl as his future wife, hope he doesn't hurt her like i mater how much i love Eleanor i will never forgive myself for hurting her. good thing we are still friends actually we are really close friends. i guess she left everything in the past which its a good thing because i wouldn't be able to live of she had never forgiven me.
liams P.O.V
its only few days left tool i make xavielis my wife i can't wait i just love her so much.i don't know what i would do if i every loser her which i hope i don't. i can't wait to see her in her white dress standing in front of me while we both say yes. everyone i see get is line the first day i realize how much i love her and her beautiful brown medium length hair and her beautiful brown eyes that makes me Melt. and those sparks in her eyes that shines brighter each day. she its like a angel fallen from the sky.
day of wedding:
as my father takes my hand to walk me across the isle i start getting more nervous by the time next thing i know in already entering the venue and then i spotted Liam standing next to the priest while sniggering at me,i smile back. he looks so beautiful standing there.i hope i never lose him. i just wouldn't be able to live without him. i love him so much.
liams P.O.V
as i see hey walking in in her white dress i spot her starting at me so i Angelle at get then she smiles back. she looks so beautiful can't wait till we liver together i just want to be with Her for ever.
Liam James Payne will you be with xavielis p. Vargas in the sickness, health, good and worse. Yes i wil.
xavielis p.Vargas will you be with Liam James Payne in the sickness health good and worse. Yes i will.
Liam James Payne do you accept xavielis p. Vargas as, your partner in life?
" yes i do"
xavielis P. Vargas do you accept Liam James Payne as your partner in life?
yes i do.
what good ours together may not the ban take away. you may kiss the bride. (kiss)
i can't believe it we are finally married. i just can't wait to spend every minute with her.

xavielis P.O.V
wow i just can't believe it we are finally married. i just can't wait to spend every minute of my life, with him i love him so much

authors note:
sorry i didn't updated this earlier, but i was not feeling well for a really long time. and sorry i put a,P. instead of the full middle name its just that ask the characters name are my cousins and mine and am the main character xavielis and believe me my middle name is really ugly and stupid please tell me what you gays think about my story. thank you i really appreciated. just don't forget that this my first story so thank you.
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