family or him or could I have both?

This story its about a girl named xavielis who known one direction since the exfactor. she its dating Louis Tomlinson. on the day of their anniversary Louis does something to her which makes her lose the feelings for him and she starts to fall in love with one of the lads which her sister has a crush on. now she has the Big question my family or him or I could I have both.


2. the decision

Xavielis P.O.V
Four days past and Louis hasn't call or anything I can't believe it that he doesn't actually care I mean if he cared he would come to talk to me. I'm still stuck thinking that I might be falling for one of my best friends and my sisters crush. He is just sooooooooo sweet I mean he been with me ever since what happened with Louis. His gougers brown eyes, hair that falls just the perfect way, the smile that makes new melt and his soft voice that sounds so calm no wonder why my sister likes him. Is not to long until I realize that im deep in thought. So Deep that I didn't hear Niall screaming in my ear until he poked me about three times. Then I snapped out of my long through hearing Niall screaming foooooooood time once again.
Liams P.O.V
She lookes so perfect. why would Louis do that to her and if it wasn't true gee would at least have the Goss to come to apologize to her. Am I falling for her? But her brown eyes are just so perfect that makes me melt and her wavey brown hair that falls just the perfect way and her sweet voice just makes me fall for her. No matter what I have to do I'll always protect her.
Harry, Liam, zayn, Marie, Nayeli come to eat before I eat it all says Niall while staffing food in his mouth. I get to the kitchen to see Niall eating almost everything and xavielis sitting next to him staring at the food with a tear streaming down her face. I went and hugged her tight when she asked who wants to watch a movie? But of curse Niall was to busy eating and the rest has just gone shopping So me and her where just in the cough watching toy story our favorite movie.
Xavielis P.O.V
Me and Liam are in the couch watching a movie he is just so perfect I can't help it I'm just starting at his eyes when he stares back or eyes meet and he leans in and our lips combine together. O.M.G I can't believe this Liam is actually kissing me! I don't care about my sister after all she never did anything for me and she was never there. My decision is set I'm going for it I'm going to make him fall for me.but how am I going to tell my sister

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