family or him or could I have both?

This story its about a girl named xavielis who known one direction since the exfactor. she its dating Louis Tomlinson. on the day of their anniversary Louis does something to her which makes her lose the feelings for him and she starts to fall in love with one of the lads which her sister has a crush on. now she has the Big question my family or him or I could I have both.


3. telling my sister

Its been a week since Liam and I kissed every time we are around each other everything gets awkward.but I invited by sister to tell her about what happened with Louis and how I'm falling for Liam and that I won't give up on us event if the skies get rough. He stole my heart and he been there for me and he has that one thing.
I hear the door bell I opened the door to see my sister standing there. As i let her in I feel my body shaking. as I tell her everything even about Liam I see a her getting furious.
Sisters P.O.V
I can't Louis did that and I can't believe she did that to me. She can forget that I ever existed the first thing I told her was to stay away from Liam but no she just has to go and fall for him she always gets what she wants she is just so annoying.
Xavielis P.O.V
I can't believe she just told me to forget about her. I mean age is just so selfis.

Sorry this chapter was so short :-(
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