family or him or could I have both?

This story its about a girl named xavielis who known one direction since the exfactor. she its dating Louis Tomlinson. on the day of their anniversary Louis does something to her which makes her lose the feelings for him and she starts to fall in love with one of the lads which her sister has a crush on. now she has the Big question my family or him or I could I have both.


4. my ex or him

Its been a month and I haven't heard about Louis in fact nobody has.
Everyone Is wondering what happened to him. Soon enough I heard a knock in my door I ran to the door and opened just to see a road made of flowers and a note saying

Dear Xavielis:
I'm sorry I didn't apologize before but I was still planning the most special way that I could think of to ask you to forgive me. I know I really hurted you. this is not all so could you please fallow the road.
PS: I know you might forgive me because I waited to long to say sorry but at least give me a chance.
As I fallow the road thousands of things are going
Thought my mind. Should I forgive him? Do I still like him? Do I even want to see him? Do I like Liam? Or do I even like anybody at all? So many questions are going through my mine right now but forgiving him is the last thing am thinking off.
As I get to the end of the road I see Louis standing there with a flower in his hand as I get closer to him I realize that for the first time I get near him I don't get Butterflies. This is a sign saying that I don't have feelings for him.
I choosed to not forgive him. i've moved on and beside he deserve somebody his type.
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