family or him or could I have both?

This story its about a girl named xavielis who known one direction since the exfactor. she its dating Louis Tomlinson. on the day of their anniversary Louis does something to her which makes her lose the feelings for him and she starts to fall in love with one of the lads which her sister has a crush on. now she has the Big question my family or him or I could I have both.


1. the anniversary

Why would you do that to me? I asked Louis with tears streaming down my face. I didnt mean to I was drunk I would never do that. Im so sorry for give me please. Louis says as I shut the door in his face.
Flash back:
Me and Louis have been dating for two years now and today was our anniversary so the lads planed a party for us. After a few drinks I decided to to go talk to Liam by the tv room. since Louis been talking to this random girl by the kitchen. After 30 minutes I was tired so I finally decide to go check on Louis after all it is our anniversary. I opened the kitchen door to see Louis kissing this tall blonde girl. I go to my house since its a few block away from their flat.
Later that night:
Its been 3 hours past and,I haven't stoped crying ever since. So I decide to call marielys or Marie like I call her (my best friend and Harry's girlfriend).
As I click call I hear nock on the door so I go over to see and it was..... Niall, liam, Harry, zayn, Marie. As I lead, the lads in and my best friend Marie my phone ranged it was Nayeli (my other best friend)
I answered the phone as I hear her scream happy anniversary and that she was coming over my house tomorrow so I decided to not tell her by the phone about what happened but in person tomorrow.
The lads and merie pull me in to a tight hug which made me cry even more.
xavi pov.
I hear Harry fighting with Louis by the phone and telling him to not come over and that he really messed things up this time. After hearing their fight I hear a knock on my door it was Nayeli she is finally here I pulled her into a tight hug and burst into tears as,she asked me what happened but the words wouldn't come out so I look over liam who is,staring at us giving him a sight asking him if he could explain to her what happened So he nods and starts to explain. After Liam told her what happened she decide to me something to eat so she heads to the kitchen. I find my self wrapped in liams arms but am actually Enjoing this so I decided to laid my head in his soft chest. His eyes are so beautiful his hair is just so perfect his voice is so sweet. Am I falling for Liam it couldn't be I mean I love Louis even tho he hurted me but Liam is,just so perferct. But there,was just one problem beside Louis, my big sister rose has a huge crush on Liam payne. Does she not only has a crush on him but she told that if I ever liked him or intended to go out with him to forget about her.
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