Louis Love

Louis finds the most beautiful girls he's ever laid eyes on when he sees Crystal and Amy backstage at a concert. They won a radio contest and things can only go down hill from there. Louis has to pick which one to go out with! Who will he choose? Hearts broken. Love peeled apart. Find out.


2. The Invite

Amy's P.O.V.

I strode up closer to Crystal. "Hi, I'm a huge fan." I grinned happily. I felt my face redden as Louis smiled back at me. "What's your names?" He asked. "I'm Crystal." Crystal jumped immediately into saying. "I'm Amy..." My voice was crackling under the pressure of meeting him. I simply couldn't believe it! "Nice to meet you two." I shivered at every word he said, but it didn't show. "Would you two like to accompany me to hang out tomorrow once the rest of the fans are out of here?" Louis chuckled. I chuckled too. "We'd love to!" Crystal exclaimed in a perky tone. I nodded along. "I would make sure 'they' wouldn't kick you two out or anything..." It was the next day, and I rose out of my clunky hotel bed. Crystal and I had rented a hotel room down the street. The air smelt of waffles and coffee, like most hotels I stay at. I walked into the tiny kitchen, and rummaged through the refrigerator. Nothing but milk, water, and freezer burnt sandwiches... nice. I think they had a home kitchen downstairs where you can order food. We didn't have time for that though. I got Crystal out of her bed and shook her and took her red silk blanket off of her. By now she was freezing.

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