Louis Love

Louis finds the most beautiful girls he's ever laid eyes on when he sees Crystal and Amy backstage at a concert. They won a radio contest and things can only go down hill from there. Louis has to pick which one to go out with! Who will he choose? Hearts broken. Love peeled apart. Find out.


23. The Day After

                                                     Louis' P.O.V. 
    I woke up and I was still upset from last night. It was a rainy day. Great. I didn't know what to do. I got up and got dressed in my sassy clothes and packed a suitcase with everything I needed. Now I just to had wait for someone to open the damn door. Jesus, I got to go to the bathroom. Growl. And I'm hungry. Right at that moment the door handle twisted. It was Liam. "Can I come in mate?" He said quietly. "Sure...." He walked in and sat down on the bed. "What happened yesterday? Like...what was that?" He asked me in the most serious voice. 
        "I don't know Liam. I really don't. I just got so mad and upset. I don't know what I did. I messed up. Big time. Not just that. My whole life. I need to be more responsi-" he cut me off. "Mate you didn't mess up your life. You just made a few mistakes. Everyone does. The thing with Amy was just anger. The Crystal and Amy thing though. What was that about?" "Liam, I was drugged I didn't even know. I wouldn't have done-" Again I was cut off my Liam. "But you said you would have even if you weren't lad." Leave me alone. "I know, I didn't mean it. I just wanted them both. Just leave. Please. I'm sorry lad. I am just please." He got up. "Ok Lou, I didn't mean to get you back down. I won't lock it." Thank god. He left and 10 minutes later I was downstairs with my suitcase going out the door when I saw Crystal. 
                                   Crystals P.O.V.
   I was dreaming, while I was in Niall's arms. My hand was on his chest and his arms were wrapped around my torso tightly. Like he was protecting me. 
I knew because I was slightly awake when I saw Louis coming down the stairs. How did he get out? Hmm oh well this will surely be awkward. He came down and spotted me with Niall. I gave him a sorry face but mad at the same time. He had tears in his eyes and walked out the door quietly, but before he left he whispered "I'm sorry...". Oh no.....
                                      Harry's P.O.V. 
   I woke up to Amy in my arms. I saw her chest rising up and then falling. She was smiling in her sleep, she is so cute! I kissed her forehead. I went down and was kissing her neck and went to her jawline. She finally woke up. She was giggling. "Hi, Harry." I went to kiss again and she turned her head and our lips met instead. "You know your adorable when you sleep?" She blushed and looked down. She put her hand in my mess of hair and was playing with it lightly. "I'm going to go make breakfast. Ill be right back. Stay here, ok?" I said and kissed her forehead before I left the warm bed we were sitting on. I was going down the stairs and went into the kitchen. I got out the toaster when I saw crystal enter. 
                                 Crystals P.O.V.
     I had heard someone in the kitchen. I walked in the archway and was biting my lip trying not to cry at what had just happened. I saw Harry with the toaster out. He turned his head and saw me. He smiled. "Good morning, do you want breakfast too?" If I talked loudly I would burst out in tears. "Good morning and yes please" I said almost whispering. He turned back to the counter and grabbed the bread. His face hardened. "Are you okay?" He was turned back to me again. My head was down and I looked up with tears in my eyes and looked back down. Then I nodded. 
                               Harry's P.O.V. 
     She had tears in her eyes when she looked up and nodded. I walked over to her quickly and cupped her chin in my large hand so that she was now looking up at me to see her tears. I let go and pulled her into a tight hug. She hugged me back and started cry. We stayed like that for about 5 minutes when she finally spoke up. "I'm sorry." She wiped her tears away with her hand. "Don't be sorry." I took her hand and guided her up the stairs and into my room. Amy was laying in bed on her phone. She perked up when she saw Crystal crying. "Crystal! What happened?" 
                               Amy's P.O.V.
    We sat down and Harry left. She told me everything with Louis. We had to find him even though I wasn't fond of him. We went and told Harry. "I'll go out and look with Liam and Zayn." He said. They left and I went back upstairs to shower leaving Crystal with Niall. Who wasn't up yet. 
                           Crystal's P.O.V.
     I sat down on the couch next to Niall. I combed my fingers through his hair. He slightly woke up gleaming at me with those beautiful ocean blue eyes. "Hey, Beautiful." I blushed at his words. "Hi." I kissed his cheek lightly. "You have the prettiest eyes." He said staring into them. I blushed once again at his compliment. "Thank you, so do you." I really like him. 

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