Louis Love

Louis finds the most beautiful girls he's ever laid eyes on when he sees Crystal and Amy backstage at a concert. They won a radio contest and things can only go down hill from there. Louis has to pick which one to go out with! Who will he choose? Hearts broken. Love peeled apart. Find out.


22. Lots Of Changes

                             Amy's P.O.V. 
   I woke up from my amazing dream, about Harry and I on the beach, and back into reality. I was in a bed and I turned over and saw Harry laying there next to me. He was shirtless...oh God he's hot. In that instant he turned his head over to me with his emerald green eyes staring into my bright blue ones. "Hi, beautiful." He smiled widely. I blushed wildly. "Hey...is Louis still in that room?" He frowned. "Yeah, I'm sorry about that last night." "Harry it's fine first of all it wasn't even your fault. Second I don't care, really."
                                Harry's P.O.V.
      "I know Amy but it still doesn't help knowing that you got hurt." Should I tell her? Here? Now? "It's fine, but can you let him go. I mean it's like he's a dog or something." She laughed. I laughed too. "Sure. Can I tell you something first? I'm not sure how you'll feel about it..." "Defiantly, Harry. You can tell me anything." Ok Harry you've got this....oh god dammit I'm scared. "I'm in love with you Amy." I looked down after I said it. She just sat there. Then she said the unthinkable. 

                                 Niall's P.O.V.
        "Also because I like you." Crystal just said that. Wow. She just said one words to me. "Uh..re..really...are you kidding? Because its not funny if you are. Because I just never told you his but I really like you t...." She cut me off by a kiss. I was kissing the girl of my dreams. I kissed back, hard. We were embracing the kiss. I didn't like her. I loved her. She was amazing in every way. Kissing.....kissing....kissing....just sitting there on the couch kissing. I didn't have any control over my body when I'd did this but I pushed her down on the couch. I was now on top of her. I wasn't going to "do it" with her. I went up for air. "I don't like you." She stopped. "I love you." I said and smiled at her and kissed her again. I could feel her smiling into the kiss. That was the rest of our night. 
                                 Amy's P.O.V.
"Harry...H-Harry I love you too.." My face turned bright red, and I hid my face behind my tangled hair as my head kept looking straight down at my lap. "Really? Are you serious?" He smiled so big. I loved that about him too. "Yes....I mean your always there for me and your cute and funny and smart and...just.. I just can't control myself when I'm with you. It's so hard." I blushed and chuckled. He took my hand and I looked at our hands together and messed with them. Then he stopped me and intertwined our fingers. We both looked up at each other. He crashed into my lips and it turned into a total make-out session. Between breaths I said gasping for air. "I love you." And kept kissing. I felt Harry smirk. "I love you too." He said between another breath. When we were done we layed back down. I backed up into Harry and took both of his arms and put them around me. He was so warm. We cuddled like that until I finally fell asleep with Harry humming "Little Things" to me. 

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