Louis Love

Louis finds the most beautiful girls he's ever laid eyes on when he sees Crystal and Amy backstage at a concert. They won a radio contest and things can only go down hill from there. Louis has to pick which one to go out with! Who will he choose? Hearts broken. Love peeled apart. Find out.


14. Living Nightmare

Amy's POV
The room was a blurry sight, and my eyes strained to even see Crystal. Everyone was sitting in fold up chairs around the room, including the boys. What were they doing back? Harry jumped up, sitting me up to squeeze me like crazy. Crystal and Louis rushed over to aid me from Harry's unbelievably tight hug. Liam looked frightened again,and I had to ask why when I recovered. I had a clue to why I as throwing up the bloody bile, but I was too upset about it to say to to anyone.Mostly because the doctor would probably already know.
Crystal had dried tears and eyes as puffy as mine, and Louis had the same. Harry had a bloody lip. "What's wrong with your lip?" I asked quietly.
"He punched someone in the face..Then he got punched back." Zayn answered for the unusually quiet Harry. I looked from Louis to Harry with a confused look. I didn't know what to say about all of it. Quickly -to break the silence- a doctor came in. He lifted one of the many tubes dangling from my arm and came over to me. He had a black eye, so I assumed he was the one Harry punched.
"I heard you were up, Miss Dawson." I looked away from the doctor at the bitter sound of my last name. I didn't like being called by my last name. I nodded at the doctor, and I felt Crystal hold my hand.
"Now to figure out what's wrong with you." Crystal whispered with an anxious smile. I frowned, hoping for the best. If I was pregnant, how would Harry react? The boy from One Direction I was certain who liked me. How would Crystal react? Before the doctor could say what my diagnoses was, I slapped the notebook out of his hand.
"Harry, please to get me a juice box." I blurted out. Harry stood there confused but speedily pranced out if the room. Louis picked up the notebook, so I slapped it out of his hands too. "Go help Harry.." I starred at Louis, giving him the "get the hell out of here" look. He went after Harry, then Liam and Zayn followed them like little ducklings following the mother. Crystal glared at me. I sighed and looked at the doctor. He was just as confused as she was.
"Now Miss Dawson, don't slap the notebook out of hands again." I shrugged with a grin, but when he started talking again I frowned and bit my lip as hard as I could. "You lost a lot of blood, so we'll be keeping you here for another night to get you a bit better before sending out back into the germ of a world." Crystal and I chuckled even though it wasn't funny. "Now, for the hammer on the head news." I gulped, flushing and starring directly at the notebook that could and probably would ruin my relationship with Crystal.
"Did you know you were pregnant?" The bombshell shattered that turned my stomach in all directions slipped from the doctor's lips. Crystal shoved me on my back on the uncomfortable bed.
"You slept with Louis?!" I looked up at the furious monster that shown through her blue eyes.
"How do you know it was Louis?" I whispered, but she starred down at me like she was going to rip my limbs off of my body. "Okay, it was Louis but-"
"You backstabbing, ungrateful, no good, jerk face cheater!" I sunk deeper into the mattress of the bed. The way she looked, she could pass for a serial killer. I had betrayed my best friend, but how was she mad at only me? I didn't know Erny drugged Louis! But then again, I didn't stop Louis...But then he told me he would've cheated on Crystal anyway! I stayed silent until Louis came in with about 5 juice boxes with the rest of the boys. All Hell was about to break loose.
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