Louis Love

Louis finds the most beautiful girls he's ever laid eyes on when he sees Crystal and Amy backstage at a concert. They won a radio contest and things can only go down hill from there. Louis has to pick which one to go out with! Who will he choose? Hearts broken. Love peeled apart. Find out.


8. Good Idea Much

Amy's POV I sat on the couch next to Louis, smiling at him and Crystal. "So what did you guys do after I..ahem, fell asleep?" Louis laughed, Crystal just looked at him. "We continued the slumber party is all." Louis smiled sweetly. Crystal nodded and smiled too. I went along with what looked like a nodding fest and nodded as well. Suddenly, Dora the Explorer came on and I rolled my eyes. We all started laughing at the dumbest parts and mimicked her. We even made fun of the people who made the show. "So Amy.. Can I talk to you for a moment?" Louis asked in the middle of another laugh. I said "Yes." and we headed into the kitchen. We both sat at the table, and Louis held my hand in his and he was smiling at me. "What's is all about?" I asked chuckling nervously. "Would you like to go about the town with me? You know, to make up the lost time we had when you fell asleep on the couch." Louis smirked. "Only if I pick where we go.." I answered, hoping Louis wold agree with what I wanted to go do with him. He laughed and shook his head, saying "Yes." I cheered quietly and hugged Louis. "We should go right away, while I'm at my cheeriest." So, after Louis told Crystal she could hang out around the house and do whatever she wants, we headed out on the town. I brought my camera, briefly taking pictures of us together wherever we went. First, Louis let me take him to a little bistro that served breakfast all day. We ate there, and we had one of those "Get In, Get Out" kind of things because paparazzi were already swarming the place because supposedly some author I had never heard of was doing a book signing there. Louis and I spent time as this good-smelling lake for a few hours, just talking. I told Louis more about myself, like my full name including the fact that my name's actually Amalie. Later, I took Louis to this club I know of. There's rarely fights that breakout there, and I get discounts for being a regular customer on holidays. We entered, and immediately people came up to Louis and me. "Are you dating? Are you pregnant Amy? How's Crystal?" They blurted how questions and suspicions like nobody's business. I ignored them and went to the counter. I got myself a shot of wine and Louis got himself a water. This is when things got interesting.

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