Louis Love

Louis finds the most beautiful girls he's ever laid eyes on when he sees Crystal and Amy backstage at a concert. They won a radio contest and things can only go down hill from there. Louis has to pick which one to go out with! Who will he choose? Hearts broken. Love peeled apart. Find out.


24. Fixed? Maybe?

Crystal's P.O.V.
 I was laying next to Niall on the couch again and we were watching TV with the sound on mute, when my phone rang, interupting us. It was Harry. Thank God because I have been worried. They were out for almost 4 hours looking for Louis.
(Phone Convorsation)
Harry: Crystal?
Crystal: Yes, are you okay?
Harry: Yes I'm fine. We found Lou...we're coming home soon.
Crystal: Okay, me and Niall are here waiting. Bye.
Harry: Okay, bye.
(End of Phone Convorsation)
 "They're on their way, with Louis." I told Niall right after I got off the phone. "Okay, Crystal can I ask you something?" He said in his amazing voice, but I got nervous about what he wanted to ask me. "Of course. You can ask me anything. You know that." I smiled at him, but still hiding the nervousness of the question he was about to ask me. He grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes. "Would you be comfortable with me calling you my girlfriend?" He added real quick "If not, that's fine." I looked down and smiled widely. "I would love for you to call me your girlfriend, Niall." I said after I had looked up at him. He took my face into his hands and kissed me gently. "You're amazing." He told me pulling away. I chuckled and put my face into his chest. "Well so are you." I hugged him tight feeling protected, which is what I always wanted to feel. With him, I do.  He bent
down slightly and tilted his head to suck on my neck. "Mmm.." I moaned loudly and put my arms around his neck. We sat down on the couch with him still sucking and I was now sitting on his lap. Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis walked in and Niall pulled away quickly, while I got off of his lap.
                            Harry's P.O.V.
 We walked in after finding Louis. I looked at Crystal "You two need to work things out, now." I looked at Lou next. "Okay?" As I said that Crystal crossed her arms over her chest. "Sure..." She said under her breath. Everyone left but me, Crystal and Louis. I told them to wait and I'd be right back. I ran up the stairs to my room where Amy layed sleeping. I hate to wake her, but I have to. I went over to her and shook her. "Babe, you gotta wake up." So eventually I got her up and told her what was going on. Also I told her what she needed to do. Go talk to Crystal and Louis. I walked her downstairs and left them to it.
     Amy's P.O.V.
 If this didn't end well I am leaving. Just leaving this whole mess. Pretend I never met anyone from One Direction. "Why?" Crystal spoke up. Louis looked up at her. "Why what?" That made me so mad. He knew exactly what she meant. Why he cheated on us. "You know damn well, what. Don't play dumb. Oh wait your not playing. Sorry." I growled at him. "Don't get an attitude." There was a pause. "I did it because I liked you both. For one I was druged. Two I was just saying if I wasn't going out with Crystal at the time I would have done what I had done, but not on purpose while I was still going out with her. That was all I meant." He said that in one breath. I almost believed him until Crystal spoke up. "No, no, no, you said you would have done what you did even if you weren't druged. Meaning you would have done that while we were going out anyway." She was hot
now. About to explode. I could tell. But wow she was right. "Exactly!" I agreed. "I'm sorry. I really did make a mistake. A big one. Will you forgive me?" He looked at us both with a willing face. "Sure," we said in unison. "But that doesn't mean we're friends." I chimed in quickly. I turned around with Crystal behind me and we walked away satisfied. I went to Harry's room. Crystal went
the other way to Niall's room.

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