Louis Love

Louis finds the most beautiful girls he's ever laid eyes on when he sees Crystal and Amy backstage at a concert. They won a radio contest and things can only go down hill from there. Louis has to pick which one to go out with! Who will he choose? Hearts broken. Love peeled apart. Find out.


15. Downhill

Crystal's POV
Louis came and stood next to me, glaring at Amy. I raised my hand quickly, and smacked it across his cheek. "How could you?!" The doctor has already been out the door of the room and getting help. Louis rubbed his cheek and the guys stood at his back starring me down. Amy was crying into her pillow, and it was obvious Harry wanted to rush to her aid. "How could you, Louis? We're having a child."
Louis looked down, embarrassed. "It was before you were pregnant, and it wasn't meant to happen." I looked at him confused.
"What's that supposed to mean?" I snickered angrily as if he were telling me a joke.
"I was drugged but.." Louis looked up, but not at me. I looked behind me at Amy, who was squeezing her covers and she was curled into a misshaped ball. Harry had immediately went over to Amy after seeing this. My contractions picked up and my stomach tightened, but I was too annoyed to care. My boyfriend had cheated on me with my best friend, and now we're both pregnant! I wiped a tear and smeared any mascara that I had left.
"Louis, you cheated on me."
"It was before you were pregnant, and-"
"You told me you would've cheated on Crystal with me anyways." Amy hissed at Louis and the room fell into a deadly silence. Louis had been caught, and it was obvious. He held his temples tightly and stormed out without looking at anyone. Harry started questioning Amy, but he didn't very much seem to mind. In my eyes he looked like he knew that he now had a 100% chance with Amy. I quickly followed Louis, and later found him sitting on a bench outside in the cold.
"Crystal, I'm so sorry."
"Louis, I don't understand." My breath turns into vapor in the cold of the night.
"I couldn't choose, Love." Louis looked like a broken man. "You are both so beautiful, and I guess I just can't just love one of you." His words froze into my head like ice. Looks so upset, the bright lights that hung on the poles looked dim. He was still the Louis Tomlinson I desperately loved, and desperately wanted to meet since the day One Direction made their first album, but he was a little different. He was less cheerful and exciting, and more depressed and serious. Maybe it was just today it was like this...
We sat there in an awkward and aery silence. Finally, Niall and Liam came about and watched us. I caught Niall smiling at me, and I blushed and hid my cheeks in my palms. Louis looked behind us, up thought he window of the hospital where you could just barely see Amy laughed and hugging Harry. He was kissing her tummy, and I heard Louis grunt. I could understand his pain, of having to choose between us, but I honestly had no idea if I could trust him. What if he cheated on me again with Amy? Then what would happen?
"We should go back in, we could catch colds." I said quietly. Louis nodded, grabbing my hand and taking us in. Niall and Liam followed close behind. Niall caught up closer to Louis and me.
"Hey Crystal." Niall whispered quietly.
"Hi, Niall." I blushed, almost for no apparent reason. Niall smiled at me, obvious amused he caused me to blush. "What do you think of this mess." Niall didn't answer, he just shook his head and looked down.
"I think it's crazy." Liam said with a grunt. Every awkward step I took with Louis, the air grew colder, and more bitter to breathe. I was relieved to finally be inside in the warm hospital. We were admitted back into Amy's room where doctors surrounded her. Blood was splattered on the walls of the room and running down the side of the bed. Harry sat curled into ball across the room looking mortified. I tried to push through the doctors by they shoved back.
"You can't be in here! All of you need to get it." The head honcho doctor ordered furiously. Louis raised his fist, but I attempted pushing his arm down to keep him form knocking the doctor out.
"Louis! Let's just go wait outside." I suggested to try and calm him down. He was any calmer but he lead the boys and me out into the waiting room. Everybody was questioning Harry figuring he was the only one in there when whatever happened..happened.
"Well, umm," Harry was still catching his breath, "We were talking and stuff and Amy said she felt funny." Niall grabbed my hand and held it tug. I blushed again, and suddenly Louis grabbed my other hand and did the same. They didn't seem to notice the other either. "So I went over to the water jug thing in the corner and-and.." He put his face in his hands and breathed deeply. I felt bad for him, but he news of my best fiend coughing up blood twice wasn't the best new to me either.
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