it all started with fans

Ellyn is a normal 19 year old girl, but will that all change when a boy turns up at her door?


1. the strange knock at the door

ellyn`s pov

i was sitting on the couch in my apartment and there was a knock at the door. i got up and went to the door. i opened the door and there standing at my door was Niall Horan. 

niall: can i please come i? i was spotted at a cafe and now i am getting chased by fans.

me: sure.btw my name is ellyn but you can call me elly

me: do you want any thing to eat or drink.

niall: no thank you i might just call management quickly.

me: sure.

Niall then went to call management while i sat back down on the couch. i aws about to turn on the tv when niall came back.

niall: manage ment said that it would be best if i could stay here if thats ok?

me: thats fine you can sleep in the spare room

niall: thanks.

me: i might go to bed now your room is round the past the kitchen.

niall: thanks and goodnight.


Nialls pov

when she opened that door she was so beautiful and when management said that i should stay here i was so happy that i could bearly get to sleep 



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