it all started with fans

Ellyn is a normal 19 year old girl, but will that all change when a boy turns up at her door?


2. The next morning

Niall`s pov

I woke up the next morning to the swetest thing i have ever heard, it was Ellyn singing. I just couldn`t resist i had to go closer.

Ellyns pov

I got out of the shower and there was Niall just standing there. It was really weird.

Niall: Sorry but you have an great voice.

Me: Thanks.

Just then Niall`s tummy started rumbling.

Me: Are you hungry?

Niall: Maybe.

Me: Okay then just let me get dressed and then i will go make something to eat, ok.

Skip breakfast

Niall: Can i have your number ely.

Me: Sure.

I put my number in his phone and he put his in mine then his phone started to ring. 

About 3 minuets later Niall came back in.

Niall: I have to go but we should catch up agin soon, btw thanks for letting me stay.

Me: Sure that sounds good, c you soon.


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