it all started with fans

Ellyn is a normal 19 year old girl, but will that all change when a boy turns up at her door?


9. seeing the boys again

Ellyns POV

Me: when did you guys get back?

Laim: we only got back about an hour ago and Niall got hungry so we came here.

me: k

Niall: do u guys want to do something?

everyone: yes

We were all going to the cinema, me and Niall hanging back when Niall held my hand. i was so happy.

Niall: sorry i have just wanted to that scince i first met you.

me: its ok

Niall: Ellyn, will u be my girl friend.

Me: yes, yes a million yeses to you.

i was so happy that Niall asked me.


We caught up to all of the other and katy and harry were looking at each other when the other one wasnt looking. 

Me: Hey

everyone turned around and aw our intwined fingers.

Louis: Well, well, well waht do we have here

me and Niall blushed

Me: Niall asked me out

i said happily

everyone was happy.

we went and watched a movie.

About half way through the movie my eye were getting heavy. i fianly let myself cal asleep.


Nialls POV 

ellyn fell asleep on me, i was so happy that she said yes i really like her and i will love her forever.



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