it all started with fans

Ellyn is a normal 19 year old girl, but will that all change when a boy turns up at her door?


8. seeing Katy

Ellyns POV

Got to the shoppping center waiting for katy, she was late.

Katys POV

I was so happy when Ellyn texed me to ask me if i wanted to go shopping, i havent seen her in ages.

I was a litttle late but i don't think Ellyn will mind. i walked into the shopping centre and i saw Ellyn straight away.

Ellyns POV

i saw katy as she got here and i ran to her, we hadnt seen each other in ages.

me: Hey

Katy: Helloooo

Me: oh Katy u havent changed a bit 

Katy: y would i change

Me: dont know

Me: now lets go shopping

Skip shopping now having lunch

We had been shopping for about 4 hours and we were so tired.

i was looking for a table to sit at when i saw what looked like Niall, No he is tour.

Nialls POV

We came home early so i decided to get something to eat.

we had been there for a about 15 minuets when i saw Ellyn coming over to us i was so happy to c her agin.

Louis: r u ok Niall


Niall: oh right sorry

Ellyn: Niall

Niall: Hey

Harry: hey what about us

Ellyn: sorry hey, this is my friend Katy

Katy:  hey 

The boys: Hey



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