it all started with fans

Ellyn is a normal 19 year old girl, but will that all change when a boy turns up at her door?


10. After the movie

Nialls POV

The movie had just finished and Ellyn was still aslep on me.

Me: babe, babe, wake up.

 she started to wake up.

Ellyns pov

I was waking did not feel like my bed though. 

i opened my eyes and i was in the cinema.

Me: hey

Niall: hey, did u have a good sleep babe?

Me: yeah 

Niall: lets go, everyone is waiting for us 

At Ellyns place

Me: hey do u guys want to stay here tonight.

the boys: yes

i told everyone to go to the seperate rooms.

Me: niall babe do u want to sleep in my room tonight?


IN my room

we were getting ready for bed. 

NIall: r u sure u r ok with me staying in ur room tonight?

Me: yeah its fine

we got into bed.

Niall: u look so beautiful in the light.

i blushed

niall chrashed his soft warm lips onto mine.

it soon lead to more than that.

we removed our clothes and think u know what happened next.

the next mourning

Nialls POV

i love elyn so much.

 i hope we spend the rest of our lives together.

me: babe wake 

ellyn: hey

Liam: breakfast is ready

Me: lets go

we got dressed and greeted the boys down stairs for breakfast.


sorry i havent updated in a while but i have been busy with school.





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