Just read the story and you will find out =)


12. Wedding Day


**Day Of The Wedding-

Scarlet's P.O.V-

I was with Alicia, Margaret, Eleanor, and Perry choosing my wedding dress. "Well I want a sweetheart dress with a big poof at the bottom!" "AMAZING!" they all chorused as i walked out of the changing room in a sweetheart poof dress "HARRY IS GONNA LOVE THIS DRESS!" said Alicia and I asked all of the girls "Now girls your all my bridesmaids so are we all in agreement with orange sweetheart dresses?" "DEFINETLY" they all said at the same time "But I'm sad because no one is gonna walk with me down the aisle." "I will get harry's dad to ok, good" el said.

Harry's P.O.V-

I was really nervous standing at the end of the aisle and then it hit me when the harp player started playing "Here comes the Bride" and then Ava walked out flowers while following my 5 year old cuz Brady holding the rings, those to went to the side and then Scarlet came out wearing a beautiful sweetheart dress with poof, she knows i like poof. I realized she was walking down the aisle with my dad but who cares. She came up and the priest started talking and then "Harold Edward Styles do you take Scarlet to love and to care and to blah blah blah" I said "I do" he continued "Do you Scarlet Britney take Harry to love and to care and to blah blah blah."I said "I do." "You may kiss the bride" I picked her up bridal style way and kissed her passionately and the rest of the night was amazing!

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