Just read the story and you will find out =)


2. On the Run

Scarlet's P.O.V-

Ok so I was literally running for my life that night and I was getting hungry so I stopped at my favorite restaurant oh by the way its Nandos and I kept getting text messages from my B.F.F.L Eleanor!!!                       From: El :)- so guess what my fiance is having  this awesome party for us since were engaged and your invited and at my wedding your defs gonna be one of my bridesmaids:) o and btw how ya doing, i has not seen you in forever. To: El :)- coolio well i is not doing to well something happened today, my dad dave shot me in the leg and i jumped out of the window and broke my leg and i ran away so im kinda torn since my mum died in all and i did not go to her funeral because i just could not watch her lay there cuz she died when i was only 9 and it was to much for me to handle. From: El :)- o noz im so sorry for you i feel so bad but if you tell me where u r i can tell u where a hotel is that u can stay in :(. To: El :)- o ty so much i am in  Doncaster right now and im next to a train station tht really smells :I. From: El :)-ok so there is this five star hotel called Donnies and it costs five bucks and u haz to share roomz .To: El :)- o tht is awesome but not tht one part well ty so much i will seeya soon bye. From: El :)-o np bye durl. Ok so I walked to Donnies and I had to share a room with this guy named Edward and our room is on the top floor. So I knocked on the door and said "Edward may I come in I'm your new room partner." He said "Lou stop making fun of my middle name you jerk." He opened the door and smirked " Well your definitely not Lou but hi leme introduce my self ....Hi my name is Harry. "Harry Potter?" I smirked "My gosh girl no its Harry, Harry Styles." He pulled me in and i unpacked and everything I showered and went to bed.

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