Just read the story and you will find out =)


9. Down to Business

Scarlet's P.O.V-

Harry and I were in the hospital for another week and a half to recover from our wounds because the doctor said that the bullet expanded in our body which is a type of bullet that is supposed to make you bleed more and have a huge gauge in wherever the bullet is ya crazy I know! I started texting Eleanor and ya whatever s were texting right now. From:El:)-How are u doing i haven't seen u in for evs girl i miss u and have u heard oh im so excited for him :).To:El:)- who and what the heck are u talking about girl!. From:El-u have not heard NIALL GOT A GF and i heard she was so pretty! and niall also sent me a pic of her and she is beautiful her name is Alicia and she has dirty brown hair with blonde streaks and carmelish brown eyes and she is like PERFECT we will all three probably be BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE EVEN IF WE DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN! To:El:)- OMG i cant wait to get out of this hospital and meet up with u two WE SHOULD HAVE A QUADRUPLE DATE! cuz i heard tht Liam got a girlfriend her name is Margaret and she has curly light brown hair with blonde streaks and greenish blue eyes and she is just like Alicia but the thing is Margaret said tht she has a cuz named Alicia and she described her the exact same way as u did isnt tht crazy!&:). From:El:)- ooo is tht curlycue guy supposed to be Harry &:) and ya tht is toldaly creepy but i gtg talking to louis! bai!. To: El:)-Ok and ya tht is Harry bai:3. After I was finished texting El I started texting Harry cuz i was bored even though he was sitting in the bed next to me LOL To:Hazza &:)- Hey I miss u LOL. From:Hazza &:)-Hello Love I miss u too but can we please actually formaly TALK SIS! "Ok, but when do you think we are going home I miss everyone!" I said "Oh yes Love I have a present for you and we are going home today!" he gave me a box that had holes on the top. I opened it and I saw a Great Pyrenees dog and she had a name tag that said Satey."Oh my gosh I LOVE HER HAZZA BABEZ I LOVE YOU TO!" I said but the I saw something else on her collar it was a RING! "Scarlet, I know we have not known each other for long but Will you marry me Scarlet." I was speechless "HECK YA I will !" I immeaditly  texted Eleanor To:El:)-GUESS WHAT...........................HAZZA AND I R GETTING MARRIED! From:El:)-OMG I GTG I LUV U BUT BAI! To:El:)-BAI! IM SO EXCITED &:) &:)!

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