Just read the story and you will find out =)


6. Dave ;(

Scarlet's P.O.V-

We left the English pub and went back to the hotel Harry and the boys had me surrounded so Dave couldn't get me."POW POW!" there was a gun and Harry fell to the floor. "NO!" I cried and the boys held me back so i would not get hurt from the gun. "LET ME GO!" screaming and crying."It's gonna be okay Love don't worry about me worry about ...." Harry passed out because of all the loss of the blood."no!" I whisper-yelled. "POW!" It all went black but i could here more gunshots and crying.

Liam's P.O.V-

I watched as Scarlet fell to the ground and I saw a gun and I went over there and I think the person was Dave. "YO, Dave why would you shoot your daughter and her boyfriend I'M FRICKING calling the cops NOW!" Dave started running Louis and Zayn got him while I called 911.

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