The Instagram Girl.

At school, I'm a reject. The girl that the popular kids try and avoid. But at home, I write the coolest blog in the nation. But things can get pretty tricky in my life with my group of friends. Who knew that just a little blog could turn my life upside down... and change the way I feel about some people.



Thank you all for all the support for this movella:) you guys are literally the best! 

The reason I haven't been updating is because I don't like where it's going. 


I'll be unpublishing and reuploading this but I promise it will be 10 X better, no doubt about it! Trust me, I'm much more excited about this new thing I've got going! It'll be awhile because I'm working on lots of different things at once, but I promise I'll make it even better:)

I love you all! Trust me, there are good things coming:) 



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