The Instagram Girl.

At school, I'm a reject. The girl that the popular kids try and avoid. But at home, I write the coolest blog in the nation. But things can get pretty tricky in my life with my group of friends. Who knew that just a little blog could turn my life upside down... and change the way I feel about some people.


2. Chapter two.

"Dim the lights, here we go!" Will says, walking into my room, trying to talk like Ryan Seacrest, and then sitting on the couch, like he owns the place. But he kind of does, since he's here so much. 

Asher runs in, flips off the lights, puts the movie in, and sprawls on the floor in a matter of seconds. He's quite skilled at it. Jordan claims my love sac, and I sit on the couch with Will. It's best to be close to the foreign candy and pre-popped popcorn.


I love my room. My room used to be in the basement, but it was getting crowded when my brothers moved in the room next to me, so I asked my parents for the attic. They were surprised, but agreed to help me fix it up. My dad is the guy who approves the blueprints for the architects, so he knows where to get really cheap supplies, so we built a little loft in the attic, since it's a really tall room. But I didn't feel like a ladder, so we decided to do something extremely awesome and build a whole pully system. There's a pully hanging from the ceiling in front of the loft and a block of wood on the base of it, and you can basically pull yourself up to the loft. And recently, we added a pole if you want to slide down or climb up to where my bed is.

I get really calm and serene when I'm outside. I love nature, so I tried to incorperate it in my room. Since it's already wood and looks insane, I hung fake leaves and string lights everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE. Little Ikea plants are scattered across the whole room (It's quite the chore to water them). It's literally like being in a forest, and it's so cool.

But that's not even my favorite part. Under the loft, I have accumulated very many instruments over the years (I've been playing instruments since I was a little girl), and that's where I put them. There's a small couch to sit down on while playing the guitars, and I hung some lights that are made to look like spotlights, so I feel like I'm on a stage every time I write a new song. The whole set includes drums, 2 elecric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, 4 different ukeleles, a bass, violin, flute, grand piano, and a couple other quirky things like 12 different harmonicas, mouth harps, bongos, and some other things. Will helps me accessorize with mini fridges and stuff like that.

In front of the instrument setup is the hangout space with a tv, couch, and beanbag, stuff like that. But the best thing is that it sounds like it took a lot of money and time, but in all it didn't even cost that much, since we already had the furniture and instruments, so all we had to do was build the loft and add a couple new things, and that's all my family can afford in the first place.

Anyways, for the first half of the movie, we just watch and eat food.

But then we started to get restless.

"Ok, I don't think I can finish this movie," Asher admits, which is surprising, since this is his favorite movie.

"I second that," Will says and turns the TV off. Now the room is pitch black. Which wouldn't be a problem, if Jordan weren't afraid of the dark. 

We hear a girlish scream and scrambling to the light switch  When the lights flicker on, we see Jordan hunched over by the switch, panting heavily.

"WHY would you do that to me?!" he breathes out and laughs slightly at the adrenaline. 

"I.... uh... forgot," Will tries.

Jordan shakes his head with a slight chuckle and flops back onto his love sac.

"Turn on the tunes!" Will says.

"We can't, children sleeping," I sigh. They all moan. I grab my laptop from the coffee table.

"The Instagram Girl is at it again," Asher moans sarcastically and I roll my eyes. Beau, my little Husky puppy, walks in and snuggles up in between Will and me.

"How many followers do you have now?" Jordan asks as I log into my blog. But since my laptop is a dinosaur, it takes ages for it to load.

And then I see it.

"Half a million," I say breathlessly and we all silently freak out.

I sit back down on the couch and try and hide my excitement.

"Now, back to business. What should I post about now?" I ask them. They sit down with me.

"Post in the hobbies section of the blog and give a shout out that some art supplies would be needed. I just ran out of gouache,"  Will says, lying down on the floor and throwing a ball up and down.

"I couldn't do that... could I?" I ask.

"Actually, you can. You know how Tyler Oakley and Finn and Jack are always getting stuff from their viewers?" Jordan asks. I teach him so well.

"Yeah, but they're YouTube famous, that's different," I sigh.

"It's actually not. I've looked it up, and tons of famous bloggers have PO boxes where people can send them things to review. Sometimes even major companies send things to review, as long as you talk about them on your blog and keep the viewers coming into their stores," Will says, popping a Japanese candy that looks a lot like a Starburst into his mouth.

"And you can make money on your blog now. I bet now that you've hit a million followers, companies will be fighting to get you to put their ads on your blog. If they get advertisement, they send you money. Check your fan email and look up the subject, "Advertising" and you'll be making bank and fast," Jordan informs me. 

"Since when did you know this much about blogs?" I raise my eyebrow.

"Since yesterday. I googled it," he grins cheekily.

"Oh, well if you googled it, then we must be good," I roll my eyes. 

"Well, what are you waiting for? Check your email!" Asher says and throws the ball at me.

"Ow! Alright, alright!" I laugh and open a new tab on my laptop. I quickly log in and wait for it to load. Once it does, I go to the subject search and type in what Jordan told me to, and am greeted by one hundred emails with that as the subject. 

When I see Jack Wills, my heart skips a beat.

Not only is it a fabulous British company, but it's super expensive, so It'd be a luxury to get it for free.

And One Direction wears Jack Wills.

No big deal though.

I click on it to see the following:

To: The Instagram Girl

Subject: Advertising

From: Nia Westerland


We have seen on your blog that you enjoy our clothing and we can't thank you enough for the advertising, but we think it's about time you get recognized for it. If you put our ad up on your blog, we will pay you based on how many viewers you get a week. Basically, we're looking at a good one thousand every two  weeks along with products to review. We hope you consider our proposal.

We love your blog!! :)


The Jack Wills Team

PS, We suggest you get a PO box, everyone is dying to send you products!! We hope to be first:) x

I look back up to the guys with an open jaw.

"No. Way." I breathe.

"I told you," Jordan sings.

"Come on," Will says, grabbing his keys and jacket.

"Where might we be going?" Asher asks.

"To the post office of course. We're getting you a PO box," he says and shrugs his jacket over his shoulder.

"We can't go to the local one though, then everyone will know where I live. It'd narrow it down and I'd be discovered," I remember.

"That's cool, there's one 45 minutes over that's open till midnight. It's only 9:45 so we should be alright," Jordan suggest. I give in and put my converse on, and then we're all running to Will's old truck in the cold fall night air.

There's a catchy summer song on, trying to make us re-live the memories of summer, but it's just not the same, making Will turn on The Coffeehouse, our favorite vintage station.

The Fray "Over my Head" blasts through the old but great stereo. Will really hates cold nights, because it makes it absolutely impossible for us to roll down the windows unless we want to freeze. 

It really is a beautiful night. I look back to Asher and Jordan in the backseat and they're singing along like idiots. I glance to Will to find him singing and hitting the steering wheel along with the beat. 

We really look like idiots. 

But we have a great time being idiots. 

And for 45 minutes, we make it through weird looks from people on the freeway and tons of singing, courtesy of the Harrison twins, and we finally make it to the post office that Will was telling us about.

The woman at the front desk seems rather annoyed that she has customers so late, as is a Friday night that not many people would be at a post office.

Nonetheless, we straight up ask for a PO box and pay the opening fee and she gives me my key. We walk out like giddy kings and somehow make it through the journey back and end up in my room again, telling the blog world about where to send me fan mail.

Hey guys! I've been reading a lot of your emails and a lot of you guys are suggesting that I get a fan mail address. I have no idea of why you would want to send me things, but I got one anyways. You can send it to 1827 Kingston BLVD, MA 72639. But don't, I repeat, DON'T spend any money on me! I'm not that important! Kiss kiss,


The Instagram Girl

"Post it!" Will encourages. I reluctantly click the post button and within 5 minutes, comments begin to swarm. What did I just get myself into. 

"You just wait, by next week, you'll have boxes and boxes of stuff waiting for you," Asher says as I close my laptop.

"Yeah right," I roll my eyes. 



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