Is this really happening?

Emma is a 17year old girl born and raised in Westminster, London. She has a tough life… her mom died in a car accident when she was 14 and her father abandoned her. She wants it all to end, but will someone come in the picture?


6. Chapter 6


7. 7 days since we've heard form Emma. Don't touch me, I'm at an emotional state right now. I know that all the guys really liked her, not like that. Everyone was taken except for Niall and I. And Niall rather marry food. But we are all really worried about her; HECK WE HAVE GONE INSANE WITHOUT HER! Ever since she left, we have been waiting next to our phones every minute waiting for a response. But Nope. Nothing. We kept trying to contact her but still, nothing. 



The day went by quick, its 7:30 at night and we just finished dinner. "Did you guys hear that?" Zayn said. "No.. What?" "I swear, I just heard a beep" We all look at our phones and see 1 new GROUP text message... "Hey guys, It's Emma." "HOLY MOTHER OF PINEAPPLES SHE RESPONDED!" Niall screams out. Instead of taking the time and texting her back we just call her from my phone. "HELLO!? Emma!?" We scream. I put it on speaker. "Hi guys..." She says dully.. a little too dull for her. "Whats wrong?Where have you been? Are you okay?" "Yeah, I um- I'm fine." She stuttered. SOmething wasn't right, and all of us knew it. "Can we please come see you?" "Um Sure.. I will text you my address." We said our goodbyes and get the text of her address. "I'll drive!" Louis screamed. We didn't have enough time to argue so we all agreed and got in the car and drove to her house.. Well, more like sped to her house. Before the car even fully stopped we were all halfway running to the elevator to get to her apartment/condo. We quickly exited the elevator that was extremely slow for our liking and ran to her door and started to knock, fast, and nonstop. "Hey guys" She said with a frown she was trying to hide, but was visible enough for me to pull her into a big bear hug joined by all the other guys. "We've been so worried about you!" I say. "Yeah, well... I just needed to do something" She responded with her eyes starting to water. "Babe, what wrong?" We ask, sitting down on the couch.



I told them. All of it. That Sam left and about my mom. That I needed to think. That we technically moved in together and he was my best friend in the whole world without a question. He was the best. He was always there for me and said he would never leave, he promised. But like I said earlier, all promises must come to an end, right? By the time I finished, I had many tears streaming down my face. I looked up to see all of them crying also. "It's okay! We are here for you" I was attacked by another big hug. We decided to try and take our minds off the whole said topic and watch a movie. We ordered chinese food and decided to go with the movie 'LOL' with Miley Cyrus. I absolutely love her, she is my girl crush. 

A few minutes after the movie started the doorbell rang. I popped up "CHINESE FOOD!" I scream running to the door but grabbing the money on the way there. I opened the door to find a man with two large boxes filled with yumminess. Yes, we ordered a lot don't judge us ( REMINDER: NIALL IS HERE. ) "Here you go" I say handing the man the money. I grab one box while Harry grabs the other, and place it on the floor in front of the couch where we were watching the movie. I grabbed my little rice box and lomein along with my chopsticks. 

Just as the credits start to scroll across the screen I jump causing my noodles to go everywhere "What the flapjacks!?" I scream. I turn around to find an innocent looking Louis sitting behind me. ( I was on the floor next to Harry and Niall ) "I was bored, lets 20 questions!" Lou says. We all agree. 

At first it was with all of us then turned out all the guys asked me questions. 

"SIngle?" "Yup" I say popping the 'P'

"Natural hair color?" "Yes" I ask slightly confused. Who knows what goes on in Nialls' head

"Wear contacts?" "Nope" I say fluttering my long eyelashes

*A bunch of awkward yet disturbing questions later*

"Can we sleep here? It's kind of late" Zayn asks

I look at the clock an realize its just past 2AM, I'm not even tired what in the wilderness??

"Yeah sure, I can sleep on the couch.. or floor. I like floors" I say sticking my tongue out and doing cross eye

Next thing I know my tongue is being pushed in my mouth with words by Louis saying "Close that, you will catch a fly!" We all begin to burst out laughing. But right when it gets silent, Harry says" Or she could do something else with that tongue" Harry says smirking at me. "Ok! Off that note, who wants to sleep where? There are 2 beds and they can fit 2 people in each" I say changing the subject. "I'll stay with Niall" Liam says. "Come on Harry, let's go have some fun!" Louis says all sassy. I guess all of the other boys find that totally normal since I am the only one who bursts out laughing. "Looks like I get the couch" Zayn says all happy. "And you're happy about that because...?" I'm a curious child "Then I don't have to share a bed with them... the crazy creatures" he says pointing to all the boys. "Good point" "Alright I'm going to bed!" We all scream in sync. We all look at each other and crack up. Eventually we go to our spots, YAY FLOORS! I don't know why I love floors, they are just so... floor-like... Wait what? ANYWHORE (Sorry my mind is so confusing:P) I gave everyone a goodnight hug before they headed upstairs. "Heads up!" I say while throwing Zayn a pillow and few blankets. "Thanks" He says while catching it and placing it on the couch before laying down. I soon lay down on the floor with my pillow and blankets and take out my phone. "This is surprisingly really comfortable" Zayn blurts out. All I do is laugh while plugging in my headphones and putting on my 'OhLookItsNightTime' Playlist which consists of soft, slow, sad songs. Music helps me fall asleep. I put bud in my ear while leaving the other fall next to me. "Nite" I say to Zayn "Goodnight" With that, I fell asleep. 





I woke up to my phone ringing, I looked around to see that Zayn was still asleep but then realized that it rang through my headphones. I quickly looked at the clock which read 6:32AM Why would someone call me this early? I answered the phone but didn't bother to look at who was calling-i guess I was just too tired. "Hello?" -"W-what?" - I dropped the phone without even hanging up, running out of the house and into the middle of the street with tears down my face. I can't believe it.


AUTHORS NOTE: :O! WHAT HAPPENED?! WILL SOMETHING HAPPEN TO HER!? Please tell me how I am doing cause I dont know, I may have someone else co-write this account KIK me if you want to co-write: Sammicakes99 :)





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