Is this really happening?

Emma is a 17year old girl born and raised in Westminster, London. She has a tough life… her mom died in a car accident when she was 14 and her father abandoned her. She wants it all to end, but will someone come in the picture?


5. Chapter 5


She just laid there next to me on the bed. She fell asleep almost immediately, but I couldn't help but stare at her. It may seem like I'm a stalker, but she is just so beautiful. 



I woke up to find an empty space next to me. She must have already gone downstairs, I thought. I walk down the stairs slowly and silently, trying to keep myself from waking the other boys up. Once I reach the last step I head towards the kitchen to hopefully find some food in the cupboard, but turns out, I found a small sticky note attached to the fridge. "I'm so sorry that I had to leave our special sleepover early! It's just that... I had to do something. Liam's got my number but don't bother calling ..." Is she okay? What happened? Did I do something? Did the boys do something? My mind was flooded with questions. I run upstairs and into my room, grab my bull horn and go into the hallway. I press down on the button releasing the loud noise causing to groans and curse words from each of the rooms. "GET OUT HERE!" I scream. I find all boys surrounding me in the hallway within a minute. "EMMA LEFT!" I scream. "WHAT!? WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SPECIAL SLEEPOVER PARTY!?" Niall and Louis scream in sync.'I don't know! She left this note!" I read out what she wrote and look up to see all of the boys expressions. Zayn looked tired so you couldn't really predict what he was thinking, Lou and Niall looked disappointed, and lastly-Liam looked scared. "W-whats wrong?" I stutter thinking of anything that could've happened to her. You may think I'm overreacting, but I think I'm falling for Emma. Hard and fast. Liam just started to pace back and forth around the room. 


All I can think about is 'Is she okay?' The first time I met her, she was really upset. Like really upset. I never like it when a girl or anyone is upset. I always try to help. "We need to go find her. Something is wrong. She just left" I blurt out. Harry nods in agreement. "Where first?" Lou replies. "Does anyone know where she lives" Harry asks. We all shake our heads. "It says not to call!" Niall says "But we should anyways! This is important!" Zayn and I speak out. We all pull out our phones and decide to text her first. "Anyone get an answer?" All I got was a bunch of 'No's' "Let's just call her already!" Harry speaks. I search for her name in my contacts... FOUND IT! "ring ring ring" "Hello whoever is calling me! Sorry I can't get to the phone right now, I'm probably busy... or being attacked by cucumbers... Well anyway you know what to do... here it comes....BEEP" EM ARE YOU OK? WHERE ARE YOU? WHAT HAPPENED? PLEASE CALL BACK!" We all blurt out.




It's been 6 days since Emma left. We still have no idea where she is or what happened... but I know that the question still remains in everyones head.



AUTHOR'S NOTE: Omg I'm so sorry this chapter is short and boring but don't worry its just a filler. SOMETHING EXTREMELY BIG IS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT CHAPTER SO GET READY AND HOLD YOUR CELERY! (Am I just too random? Or what?);) Love you babes!


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