Is this really happening?

Emma is a 17year old girl born and raised in Westminster, London. She has a tough life… her mom died in a car accident when she was 14 and her father abandoned her. She wants it all to end, but will someone come in the picture?


4. Chapter 4


You might be wondering why I always hang out with guys, right? I can hang out with girls, but with guys it's easier and there is no drama. Anyways, after drying off and changing out of my wet clothes, I go downstairs to the living room where the boys were. "Hey" I say hopping off the last step of the stair case. "HELLO!" They all scream together. All I do is giggle and sit on the floor by them. "What should we do? I'm so bored!" Louis yells. Strange boy. "Let's play a game!"Zayn says. "How about Truth or Dare?" We all agree and sit in a circle on the floor. Liam goes first. "Truth or Dare, Zayn?" "Truth" "Would you rather have an elephant sized bunny or a bunny sized elephant?" We all look at him wondering how he thought of that. "Bunny sized elephant. Then I could ride it places" We all burst out laughing. After a few rounds Louis calls on me. "Truth or Dare, Em?" "Dare!" I say with an evil face. "I dare you to...kiss Harry yon the lips for 10seconds!" "Truth." I say right away. "Either you kiss him or go in the chicken house" "Chicken house?" "Yeah, you have to sleep in the bathroom the whole night with only 1 blanket and a pillow. If you try to escape, you're door will be locked so you can't get in. Since I'm weird I chose the chicken house. "BABY!" Louis said to me. I threw a pillow at him and by surprise Harry came and kissed my cheek. Was not expecting that. 


I grabbed my blanket and pillow and went to the hall bathroom. "Nu-uh. You can't sleep in that bathroom. It's the only hall bathroom"Niall says. "Then where do I go?"I ask. "You have to sleep in Harrys bathroom. He chose that room because he is lazy so you have to go there. " I sigh and go to Harrys room. I open the door to get a flash of a naked Harry "AHHHH!" I scream and slap my hands to my eyes so I can't see anything. I her a chuckle and then hear a voice behind me. Louis. "Harry here, has a tendency to get naked a lot. So beware." "Just get me to the bathroom so I can open my eyes!" "You know you want to open them here" Harry says cheeky. "Hah, totally" I say sarcastically. Louis brings me to the bathroom and close the door behind me. "Am I clear?!" I scream. "YES!" They scream over the door. I slightly peek through my fingers and sigh in relief that I was alone in the bathroom. It was 12PM. "Goodnight Love!" I hear Harry say through the door. "Night." I say angrily and grunt because I can't believe I'm actually doing this. That night I couldn't stop moving around, I picked up my phone to see it was 3:15AM. I sigh and sit up, only to hit my head on the cabinet. "HOLY CRAP!" I whisper scream which came out as a scream. "what!? What happened?!" Harry says all worried. "Ughh, I hit my head on the fucking counter!"I reply over the door. "Unlock the door" He says. I sit up and unlock the door to see him come in with only his boxers on. He takes my hand and leads me to his bed. Since I'm so tired, I end up just falling there half on the bed, half on the floor. I feel his arms pick me up and bring me to one side of his bed as he goes on the other side. "Thank you" I whisper falling asleep. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys! Sorry these chapters are boring, WRITERS BLOCK! It's my first fanfic so I hope you like it and thanks for reading. Please tell me how I am doing, or give me suggestions. I promise it will get better! Love you guys!



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