Is this really happening?

Emma is a 17year old girl born and raised in Westminster, London. She has a tough life… her mom died in a car accident when she was 14 and her father abandoned her. She wants it all to end, but will someone come in the picture?


2. Chapter 2




I was really worried about Emma. She is my best friend and we were always there for each other. Whenever something like this happens, she needs time to think. I'll try to figure out whats wrong tomorrow. 


I was walking around town, trying to find a gift for my girlfriend (Danielle) and I's 2year anniversary. I finally found a beautiful silver necklace with and infinity sign that said 'forever and always' I paid and headed out the door. I was refreshed by a cold whip of wind blown at me. It was already 10pm and dark out. I thought that I should get a cup of Starbucks for the drive home. 



I ran out the door and walked down the sidewalk. I quickly stuck my headphones in and put my long, straight, brunette hair in a messy bun on top of my head. I put on 'Paradise' By Coldplay and stuck my hands in my hood pocket. I didn't exactly know where I was going but decided to head to town. It was pretty chilly out so I thought I should get some hot chocolate from Starbucks. I was heading into town when I passed the park. That park. It was the last time I was with my mom… she took me there after school one day. A tear started to rolled down my check at the thought of my mom. I tried to wipe it away but it was no use, a few more fell. I put my head down and walked up to the Starbucks door, pulling it open. I ordered my hot chocolate and headed to a little 2seater table in the corner. By now, all my tears dried up, probably with makeup smeared down my face. I stood up to leave with my head down so people wouldn't notice the makeup down my face.



I walked into Starbucks and got on line to order. Once I ordered I headed to a little table and looked at my phone, sipping on my coffee. I looked up to see a girl around my age with makeup down her face, she was crying. She stood up keeping her head down so people wouldn't see her face. As she walked by me I grabbed her wrist. 


EMMA'S POV: I started to head towards the door when I felt a hand grab wrist. I immediately looked up and saw a boy around my age looking concerned. I tried to hide my face. "Are you okay love?" He asked. "Y-yeah, I'm fine" I stuttered. "Then, why are you crying?" He asks. "It's just…hard." I answered. He stood up and pulled me into a hug. I was surprised but I really needed someone right now, so I hugged back.



She said it was hard. What did she mean? I thought to myself. I immediately pulled her into a hug and she hugged me back. It seems like she really needed someone to talk to. We pulled out of the hug. "I'm Liam Payne. And you are?"I asked holding out my hand. "Emma Fey" She replied shaking my hand. She seemed really sweet. "You want to talk about it?" I ask. "Not really, but thanks anyways" She says starting to turn around. I took her wrist and she turned around again looking confused. "Give me your phone" I said. She took out her phone and handed it to me, I quickly typed my number in and she typed hers in mine. "If you need anything, I'm only a message or phone call away" I said. She nodded/smiled and walked out the door.



He said his name was Liam Payne. I knew he was from the band, what was it called Three Dimensions? NO. One Direction? YES. That was it. I don't really like them, unlike all the girls in my grade. I headed back home. I unlocked the door to find all the lights off and a note on the counter. It read:

"Hope you are okay. I went to sleep so I will see you in the morning" -Sam.

I put the note down and went to my room upstairs. I changed into some sweatpants and a black tank top.I took off all the makeup, brushed my teeth and got into bed-falling asleep almost instantly.



Once I arrived back home the boys were watching a movie in the living room. "LEEYUM! Where have you been?" Niall asked running to me and hugging me. "I was out in town. Why do you miss me so much?" I responded. "Because you're the only one that makes me food! AND I NEED FOOD!" He screamed. I laughed and made him popcorn. As soon as I brought it out he grabbed the bowl and began shoving it down his throat. Man, that boy could eat. The movie ended and everyone fell asleep, except me.. probably from the coffee.


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