Can We Fall One More Time

My names Erin Carter. I have a two year old son named Ricky, I big brother named Jacob, and a best friend named Alexandria Jones. If you're wondering who the father is, it's Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One direction. I hate him. I want nothing to do with him anymore. But what if I fall for a certain member of the band and I'm forced to see my used to be one true love? The one who saved me from horrible people and stopped me from doing terrible things to myself. Can I fall for him again? I guess you'll have to read and find out


9. Chapter 9

Erin POV

"Just don't foget that I love you," i said. Harry was very sad; so was I. This was gonna be hard on both of us. We were each other's first on a lot of things. "I won't forget. Just promise me something." I nodded for him to continue. "Promise me that you'll be mine again." "Harry I can't promise that." "Yes you can. You said you love me. Your feelings can't go away that easily." "That's true. But....I'm gonna be happy with Liam. If i fall in love with him, then I'm going to be with him." Harry hugged me, and i cried. This is gonna be so hard for me. I haven't beem in a relationship since Harry. It's beem two years since I've been loved by a boy. I talked again, "It's funny how we were each other's firsts.....and I always that we'd be each other lasts." "I did too Erin." Me and Harry just stayed there in each other's arms. We both fell asleep. But, we son awoken by Ricky.

"Mommy, daddy wake up." I opened my eyes and I could hear Harry groan. He opened my his eyes a little but he was still sleepy. "Mommy, why are you sleeping on top of daddy?" My head jolted up off his chest as i realized I WAS on top of him. My hands were around his neck and his were protectively around my waist, holding me close to him tightly. He smiled at my sudden movement. I looked at Ricky and was ready to answer, "well, we just fell asleep. Thats all." he nodded his head and i looked at a smiling Harry. "Did you have a good sleep beautiful?" Harry asked. I smiled at him and said, "Yes i did." I played with his curls. He sat up not letting me leave his lap. We starred at each other for a long time. He bit his lip and came closer to me. His nose touched mine. My heart was pounding in my chest. I knew what he was gonna do. I should stop him, but i can't. He's intensive green eyes were hypnotizing. He bent down and his lips just touched mine when-

"EWWW gross!!!!" Ricky interupted us and we pulled away fast. I laughed. "Why did you say gross?" asked Harry. Ricky answered, "Cuz you were kissing mommy." "Yes i was. And i would've liked to finish kissing her." I pickedp Ricky. "Ricky, do you wanna spend the day with daddy and your uncles? I need to meet up with Aunt Alex." Ricky's face lit up and so did Harry's. "Yes mommy." "Ok go get your stuff." he got off my lap and ran to his room. "Why don't you spend the day with us? And when are you gonnatell Liam you wanna be with him?" I could hear Harry's voice crack. "Me and Alex need some catching up. Like everything that has happened today, she'll know just now. And I'm gonna drop Ricky at your hotel so I'll tell Liam just now." "That fast?" "Yesss." Ricky came back downstairs and i grabbed the keys. Harry left in his car and I left in mine.

We got to the hotel and i followed Harry cuz he has the key. We got up to the room and we walked in. "Hey Erin. Hi Ricky!!!" The boys said. Liam gave Ricky and I a kiss on our cheeks. "Hi" Ricky and i said in unison. I continued talking though, "Can you guys watch Ricky for me? I need to head to the mall with Alex." "Yea no problem," said Niall. "What took you guys so long?" asked Liam. I didn't wanna tell him what happened, but luckily Harry jumped in, "We just had some catching up to do. We were busy." Harry smiled. "Yea MOMMY AND DADDY ARE TOGETHER AGAIN!!!!" Ricky yelled. "WHAT?!?!" we ALL yelled. Ricky continued to talk. I started to panic. "Yea. Mommy was sleeping on top of daddy. Then they were kissing. And daddy said he wanted to keep kissing her." Harry, Niall, and Zayn all spit their water out; Liam's and my eyes widen with shock, and Louis just smiled and patted Harry's back. Liam started to clench his fists. Niall grabbed Ricky and him, Louis, and Zayn went into another room.

"YOU SLEPT WITH HER?!?!?!" Liam yelled. "WHAT IF I DID?!" Harry said back. I yelled, "HARRY! Liam that's not what happened. We talked, fall asleep, and yes he did kiss me and yes i kissed back. But that's ALL that happened." "yea thats all." Harry said. Liam calmed down and turned to me, "Why did you kiss back?" "Why can't I? You're not my boyfriend yet Liam." "Oh," is all Liam said. I continued to talk, "But that was one of the reasons why i came here......I want to be your girlfriend Liam." Liam"s face lit up with happiness and shock. I looked at Harry and he looked sad. "Really?" Liam asked excitedly. "Yes." I laughed and we kissed. But I didn't notice Ricky and the other boys standing in the doorway. Ricky had tears in his eyes. "Mommy, I thought you were gonna be with daddy. And we'd all live together like a big happy family, just like my friends have." I started to get teary eyed too."Ricky. I love your dad, but we're not together right now. I know you want to live together like a all your friends have mommies and daddies but we can't do that right now baby." "We'll why not?" He kept crying which made me cry, "Because I'm with uncle Liam. And I'm happy." "No mommy. It's you don't love me and you don't want me to be happy." "Ricky that's not true." But he ran off, "Ricky!!!" I yelled and cried. Harry came over and hugged me tight. "He hates me Harry." I sobbed. Harry calmed me down, "Shhh....It's ok. He doesn't. Go have fun at the mall and we'll talk to him. "Ok. Bye guys." I wipped my tears. "Byeee." They said back. I pecked Liam's lips.

I got to the mall and met up with Alex at Aeropostale. "Heyyy girlie," said Alex. "Hey Alex. I got stuff to tell you. this shit is about to go down." She laughed. "Ok spill bitch!!" I laughed at her. We walked to the cafe so we can talk. I told her everything that happened at our house. "So you told Harry that you love him and you guys made out, but you said you're gonna give Liam a chance?" "Yuuuup" Then I started to tell her everything that happened at the Hotel. "Oh MY GOD!!! I'm so happy for you to be dating him!!!! But I can't believe all those things Ricky said." I started to cry a little again, "I know" "Oh Er, come here," she hugged me, "everything will be fine, I promise."

Liam POV

I was so happy that Erin was my girlfriend now. I was just really jealous of Harry right now. I know they still love each other; i'm not stupid. But she picked me. I couldn't believe what Ricky said. I love that boy, but he really wants his parents together. I wouldn't blame him though. who doesn't want their parents together? "Harry? Can you please just back off of Erin a little bit?" He sighed and said, "You know i love her. I won't back down, but I'll will try to tone it down alittle for you cuz you're my best mate." Harry gave me a weak smile. "Now lets all go and talk to Ricky." We walk into Harry's room where Ricky is crying his little eyes out. It was a terrible sight to see. We all rushed to his side and Louis picked him up. "Don't cry Rick," Lou and I said. Ricky started talking, "Mo-mommy doesn't l-love me a-anymore. She doesn't w-want us to b-be a f-family." Ricky sobbed and Harry got down to face him and said, "Ricky, Your mom loves us both so very much. Of course she wants us to be a family. But you need to let her be happy. She's been through so much and she deserves to be happy." He nodded. "Ok daddy. Im sorry." Ricky said to Harry and hugged him. "Its alright." "Ok guys, lets do something fun," I said. "lets make some cookies!!!" said Niall and Zayn. We all laughed and agreed.

Harry POV

I felt so bad for Erin. It must've been hard to hear her son say those things to her. But I wanted us to be together too, so i also agreed with Ricky. But we needed to calm him down. I finally did and we all made cookies. It took a while though and we made a big mess. It was really fun. I love spending time with my son and the lads. We always have a blast. It was getting late and we heard a wrap at the door. It must've been Erin and Alex. I opened the door and it was. "Hey girls." "Hey," they said. Ricky came, "MOOOMMMYYY!!!!" He screamed and jumped in her arms. How cute :) Erin seemed really happy about this, "Heyy baby. Do you forgive me?" "yes mommy. I'm sorry. I love you." "I love you too." They stayed for a bit. "So what did you guys do?" asked Alex. "Well, after we calmed Ricky down, we made cookies and made a huge mess as you can see," Louis said with a cheeky grin. I can tell that he likes Alex. They keep smiling at each other. "Well I'm glad you guys had fun," Erin said. I wrapped up some cookies for them. Liam kissed her again...ugh. I hate when they kiss. I can't stand to see it. It kills me. But I can't do anything about it right now. They grabbed the cookies and left.


Erin POV

Me and Liam have been going great. We even say "I love you" to each other. I love being with him. He makes me really happy. Louis has gotten closer with me and Alex. Niall and I love each other so much. Its fun to be with him. Zayn and i are really close too. We tell each other everything. I think it has to do with the fact that I love Perrie. Me and Alex are like best friends with her. But Eleanor hates me and Alex and we hate her. After her little fight with Perrie, they hate each other too. And me and Harry....he's been a little....distant. I dont know whay though. I know this is hard, but i miss him. Anyways, today Ricky is with Jake and Anjali. The boys invited me and Alex to the hotel. They were out right now so they gave us a key to go inside. Perrie and El are visiting too. Ugh Eleanor has been acting really weird lately. I wanna find out whats going on. We got to the hotel and put the key in. Alex and i walked in expecting have no one hear, but we heard voices.

"Who's here?" Alex asked confused. "No idea. Lets find out." We followed the voice we were hearing. It lead us to the bathroom. It was....Eleanor?! We put our heads to the door to listen to what she was saying. She was on the phone. PHONE CONVO "Dereck, this is important. I'm pregnant for crying out loud!!!! I cheated on Louis and this is a bad thing. I don't want you in the baby's life, because I'm telling Louis it's his baby!! We can't be sneaky and fuck around anymore. I'm done. Bye" OMFG, I mouthed too Alex. SHE CHEATED!!! Eleanor walked out and jumed when she saw us. "How long have you tramps been standing there?" She asked. "Long enough," i snapped. Then Alex said, "Oh we're  the tramps? You're the one fucking around, cheating on Louis! And now you're fucking pregant!!! And it isn't his child!!" "It doesn't matter. I'm telling Louis it's his kid and i'm gonna be a much better mother than that slut." El pointed at me. I'm bout to loose it, but Alex got there first. She slapped her right acroose her face. Before I knew it, those two were one the floor rolling. Alex was punching the crap outta her, but El was strong and flipped her over. She clawed at her face. I kicked El off of her in her stomach. "YOU BITCH!!!" El screamed. Then she said somehting that really get me pissed.

"Alex, get your slimey habds pff my boyfriend. Don't touch him. And Erin, you can take your slutty ass home and take your stupid son with you!!!!" That's it. I was gonna kill her. "YOU  DONT EVER TALK ABOUT MY SON!!!" I jumped on her and punched her face. She started bleeding. Alex joined in. El kept sratching us. It was painful and we had scars. We all kicked, slapped, punched , and clawed at each other. We heard the door being opened, but none of us stopped. "OH MY GOD!!!!! STOP!!!!" I heard Liam yell. He came and pulled me off. Harry got Alex, and Louis grabbed a hold of El. We were trying to fight out od their grip but they were too strong, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Harry and Louis yelled. Niall, Zayn, and Perrie stood there gobsmacked. I answered their question, "WHY DONT YOU ASK THE SLUTTY BITCH OVER THERE!!! CARE TO TELL LOUIS WHAT'S GOING ON????" El turned to Louis very nervously, "Louis... I'm.....I'm pregnant!" "Oh my god." Louis looked shocked. "Then why did Erin call you a slut?" Louis asked confused. El turned to me and snapped, "CUZ SHE'S JUST MAD THAT I'M GONNA BE SUCH A BETTER MOM THEN SHE'LL EVER BE!!!!" I tried to grab her but Liam held me back. I snapped back at her, " YOU KNOW WHAT LOUIS! THE BABY ISN'T YOURS. EL HAS BEEN CHEATING ON YOU FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG WITH SOMEONE NAMED DERECK!!!" "WHAT? YOUR EX!!! IS IT TRUE." Louis looked like he might cry, but he didn't look very sad. Haha...i knew he didn't really like her anymore and he likes Alex. Louis started to yell "ELEANOR ANSWER ME!!" "Y-yes it's true." Louis looked aggravated. "We're DONE!!!" and Louis stormed off into his room. Alex followed him.

Eleanor walked to the door and turned to me, "You know this is your fault. Before you came, we were all fine. We were happy. But you and and that whore had to ruin everything for me." I laughed at her. "It's NOT MY fault that you cheated on Louis. And NO ONE was happy with you. We all hated you. You're a terrible, mean person. Louis is better off without you, WE ALL are better off without you. Well, you know what boo are no longer welcome here. So BITCH SWERVE!" And i slammed the door in her face. Everyone gave me hugs and highfived me. Liam kissed me and helped clean up my scars. Me and Alex are so lucky to have these boys.

Harry POV

I've been a littlle distant with Erin nowadays. I don't want to. It's just too hard to see her and Liam all cuddled up together and kiss each other. I feel like breaking down everytime i see it. When we walked in on the fight, i was proud of her. She only fights when she has a good reason. When she told us it what was wrong, it was definitely a good reason! How could El do that?! But I haven't seen Erin fight in a long time. But it was hard seeing those scars on her. It reminded me of when she used to cut. All i wanted to do was hold her again just like i used too. But i couldn't cuz Liam had her. After Erin told EL off, Liam helped Er clean up the scars. I really wanted to be the one to gently clean those up like i used too. I miss everyting about her. I want her. I need her. And....I know just how to do it...

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