Can We Fall One More Time

My names Erin Carter. I have a two year old son named Ricky, I big brother named Jacob, and a best friend named Alexandria Jones. If you're wondering who the father is, it's Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One direction. I hate him. I want nothing to do with him anymore. But what if I fall for a certain member of the band and I'm forced to see my used to be one true love? The one who saved me from horrible people and stopped me from doing terrible things to myself. Can I fall for him again? I guess you'll have to read and find out


8. Chapter 8

Erin POV

"Erin, will you please be my girlfriend?" I was so shocked. I didn't know what to say. Yes, of course I wanted to be his girlfriend, but this was only our first date, and we just meet a couple of days ago. I really want to say yes, but i can't.

"....Uhh....umm..I...I.....I dont know Liam..." He sighed. "It's not you Liam. You're so sweet, funny, and nice, caring, and cute.....And i really really like you. It's just that......we've only known each other for a couple of days, and this was only our first date. Its seems a little fast. But, i know soon we'll be together. Just give me some time. " The truth is, i could've said yes to Liam. It had nothing to do with the time. I'm not one of those who worry about how long they've known a person. I believe that if you really like them, then go for it. And thats exactly what Liam just did with me. I just couldn't say though. There's some things that i'm not ready to tell him yet. Some things that only Alex knows cuz she was there with me.

Liam sighed and smiled a little and said, "It's okay love. I completely understand. If you wanna take things slow, that's fine with me. Plus, this way Harry won't kill me," he chuckled. "Wait, what do you mean?" i asked confused. "Harry told me he doesn't want me to date you. He even was forcing me to cancel this date." That's it. I was mad at Harry. I burst through the door and Liam followed.

"HAROLD EDWARD STYLES!!!!" I yelled. He came downstairs and said, "Yes, Erin Elizabeth Carter?" he gave me a cheeky grin that was actually.....very cute. But i need to stay focused at being mad at him. And i am succeeding. "Wipe that stupid little grin off of your face because i am NOT happy with you." "What did I do?" he asked confused. "Who do you think you are?!" He got a little mischievous grin on and said, "I think I'm Harry sty-" I knew what he was gonna say so i cut him off, "NO! Who do you think you are trying to tell other people they can't date me?" The look of confusion went away on his face cuz he knew what i was talking about now.

"Look Er, I love you way too much just to let someone who you just met take you away from me.I can't bare to see you with someone else. I want to be with you, and nobody else." he said with a sincere voice. I calmed down because i know this is hard on him. "Harry, I'm not yours, so no one can take me away. And what if I want to date him? You have NO right to tell ANYBODY not to date me." "Well do you wanna date him?" "YES I do. He just asked me." Harry was taken back. He looked kinda angry. "Well, did you say yes?!" He asked angrily. I didnt know what to sya. I wanted Harry to think i said yes but i didnt't say yes. I started to say, "Uhhh.....ummmm...I said..." "You said no, didn't you?" Harry said triumphantly. I answered, "Yes i did. But i said that eventually me and him are gonna be together cuz i really like him!!!"Fine! Go ahead and date him. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!!!!" This got me really sad. What Harry didn't know was that he was the one that was keeping me from dating Liam. He's the reason why i didn't say yes. I could already feel the tears forming in my eyes. Harry noticed and immediately regreted what he said. I knew he was only saying it out of anger but it still hurt.

"Erin, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it like that. You know how much i care about you. I would never ever mean it in a way too hurt you. It's just sad for me to think about someone else being able to call you theirs. I want to be that person and......I'm not. And i was just angry. I'm so so sorry. Please forgive me." He came and gave me a hug. I knew how sorry he was. "It's ok Harry. was your day with Ricky?" Harry smiled and said, "It was amazing, he is amazing. I love him so much. And all the boys love him too. We get along so well. And he's asleep in my room. I did everything you told me too. See? I'm a responsible dad." He smiled really big. I laughed at him and said, "I'm happy you had a good time. And i never doubted your parenting skills. I always knew you were gonna be a good dad." "Well....maybe we can make another baby." Harry winked at me. I nudged him, "Suuurrrree Styles. That will happen." "See? I knew you couldn't resist me." I laughed and headed upstairs to get Ricky.

"Wake up Ricky." His eyes fluttered open, but he was really tired. "Hi mommy. How was your date?" "It was good. How was your night with your uncles and Daddy?" He smiled big and said, "It was really fun!" I picked up Ricky from the bed and he rested his head on my shoulder. I walked downstairs. "Say bye to daddy, Ricky." "Byee Daddy. I love you." Harry smiled and kissed his head and my cheek. "Bye Ricky. I love you too. Bye Er. " "Bye Harry. Bye Liam. BYYYEEEE BOYYYS!!!" I shouted up the stairs. They all yelled back. "Bye Erin." Liam kissed my cheek and i went home. I put Ricky to bed and told Alex everything.

"Erin!!! Why didn't you say yes?" I scolded her, "You already know why Alex!!!" "Oh....yea. Sorry i forget. But you can't keep living in the past Erin. You never know what could happen," she said. "Yea i know, i know, but its just hard." She hugged me.


Liam POV

"WAKE UP!!!!!!" Louis was jumping on my bed. "I'm up!!!" I got up off the bed. I went to shower, brushed my teeth, and headed downstairs. I ate my breakfast and joined everyone in the livingroom. They were all starring at me intentively. It was creepy. "What?" i finally said. "Tell us about your date with Erin," Niall said. They all seemed interested, even Harry. I told them everything even up to the part when i asked her out. "Well what did she say?" asked Zayn. "She said that she really likes me, and she wants to be my girlfriend sometime soon. Just not right now cuz she doesnt wanna rush things." "oh. Understandable," said Louis. "wait! That doesn'y make any sense," said Harry. "What? It makes complete sense," i said. But Harry continued, "No, it doesn't. Not at all. Erin is the type of girl that doesn't let how long she's known someone stop her. She goes for whoever she likes at anytime. And she really likes you. Trust me, I know my E- I know Erin." "Wow that is weird," Niall said. I was a little shocked. "Something's going on with her, and I'm going to find out," said Harry. I gave him her address and he left.

Harry POV

What was wrong with Erin? She never lets the amount of time she's known someone stop her. What's keeping her from Liam? Is it me? I'm going to her house right now. I'm not leaving til i get some answers cuz something is definitely up with her. I got up to her flat and knocked on the door

Erin POV

I woke up that morning and got Ricky out of bed. I showered then gave him a bath. We brushed our teeth and i made him toast for breakfast. Alex came down. "Hey where are you going?" I asked her. "I have to get blood drawn. NOOOO!!!! And then i need to head to the mall." I laughed at her cuz i know she hates getting her blood drawn. "Awww poor baby," i teased, "You'll be fine." She shoved me and i continued to laugh. Then she left. "Mommy am i seeing daddy today," Ricky asked me. "I dont know Rick. Maybe." Once we finished eating, I cleaned up. Then Ricky and i played with his car, and he played the guitar for me. I love when he plays cuz he's really good. He's a natural :) It was about 1:30 so it was time for Ricky's nap. "C'mon baby. Nap time." "Ok mommy." He ran upstairs and i tucked him into bed. He fell asleep very fast. I went back downstairs mand played my guitar. I was wonder if I'm going to go after my dream again. I miss singing and performing my songs. But my son comes first. I started watching tv when I heard the doorbell ring.

"Harry what are you doing here?" I asked. "Erin we need to talk." "uhhh sure. Come in. Sooo....what did you need?" I asked. "Why did you tell Liam you can't date him yet because you haven't known him that long? I know you Erin. You don't let that stop you." I didn't know what to say. Harry was right. I might have to tell him my reason now. But i really don't want to. I turned my head away. "Erin..." "Erin answer me." I shock my head. "Erin! I need to know. Why did you tell him that?" "Because Harry!" "Because why?" I started to cry. I turned around and looked him in the eyes.

"BECAUSE I FRICKEN LOVE YOU!!!!! THATS WHY!!!" Harry looked a little shocked. He said "W-what?" "Yea I love you. I never stopped. No matter how much I hated you, i still love you." Harry looked at me up and down. He then grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. He started to kiss me roughly. I let him though. I wrapped my arms around his neck and played with his curls as he pulled me closer. We moved together and our tongues found each other. We started to moan, and i realize what was going to happen. I pulled away, "Harry I-I can't." "Yes you can." He went back to kissing ym neck. "Harry no." He pulled away a little irritated. "Why? I love you and you love me." "Yes i do but... I really like Liam. Everytime I think of being with him, I think of when we were together. We were so happy, but then i remember when you left and how much it hurt. " "Im sorry Er. But why don;t you be his girlfriend then?" "Because Hary, you don't get it," I continued to sob, "You are still the last boyfriend I've had. I haven't dated anyone else. You are still the only person that has ever treated me right and loved me." "Oh my god. I didn't know Er." Harry hugged me as I cried. "Why didn't you move on Erin?" "I tried to. It hurt everytime seeing you on the news aout a differnent girl everynight. You moved on and i wanted to too." "I didn't move on Erin. I was trying to fiil the empty space. I was hurting really bad without you. I missed you so much." "I missed you too Harry. But I couldn't move on. No one liked me." "What do you mean?" Harry asked me. I grabbed his hand and brought him to the couch and started to explain

"I was the school slut because i was pregnant. Everyone was mean to me, except Alex. She was my only friend. Everyone was so mean to me. Alex would hurt anyone when they bothered me. I remember so many times she was suspended for getting into fights. I would've helped her but the doctor said i couldn't fight. I was lucky to have her. But anyways, everyone called me fat, stupid, whore, slut, and bitch. It was terrible. I would cry every night hoping you'd come back, hold me, and tell me everything was gonna be okay. But i knew that wasn't gonna happen." Harry was crying and he started talking, "Well everything stopped when you had Ricky right?" he asked hopefully. I shock my head, "No. everything got worse. When i had him, i got my skinny body back. All of the boys thought i was sexy and hot now. But it was just like back before we dated. They didn't want to be with me. They wanted to have sex with me. They thought because i got pregnant at 16, that i'm easy and would have sex with anyone. They would touch me and talk dirty things in my ear. One time, a boy followed me into the bathroom and tried to lift my shirt off and payied me money to have sex with him" I was full on crying now in Harry's chest. He was stroking my back. I continued to talk, "It was terrible. I would beat their asses but i would always cry. I almost began to cut again. But i kept my promise to you, and i needed to be strong for my baby. Sooo....yea. The last person I've dated was you. I'm so scared of getting hurt again. I can't deal with it anymore Harry. I just can't"

Harry continued to srtoke my back and my hair. He was crying though, "Shh...Its okay Erin. I won't let anyone hurt you again. I'm so so sorry i wasn't there." "It's okay Harry. This whole thing has made me stronger. it may have emotionally wrecked me in some cases, but i need to learn. And this is the best way to do that right now." "So what are you gonna do now?" he asked me. "Harry...I said i need to i'm gonna give Liam a chance." Harry started to cry again. "No. No Erin! You said you love me. You're mine again. You're gonna be with me and me you and Ricky are gonna be a happy family. And I'll never let anything or anyone hurt you too." I shook my head and put my hand on his cheek. "Harry, I do love you. I love you so much." I kissed him passionately. We pulled away and he talked, "Then be with me...please?" I cried a little more "I can't. I can't Harry. I need to stop being scared and living in the past. It can't go back to the way it used to be. I want to be happy with someone-" he cut me off, "You can be happy with me!" "I know i can Harry....But Liam needs a chance. I want to give him a chance cuz I really like him and i know he can make me happy. Just don't forget that I love you."

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