Can We Fall One More Time

My names Erin Carter. I have a two year old son named Ricky, I big brother named Jacob, and a best friend named Alexandria Jones. If you're wondering who the father is, it's Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One direction. I hate him. I want nothing to do with him anymore. But what if I fall for a certain member of the band and I'm forced to see my used to be one true love? The one who saved me from horrible people and stopped me from doing terrible things to myself. Can I fall for him again? I guess you'll have to read and find out


7. Chapter 7

Erin POV

The sound of the doorbell broke the silence. It wasn't an awkward silence, more like everyone was taking everything in. It was a lot of information, especially for Liam. He really likes me, and now he found out that I have a son with his best mate. But i hope that doesn't affect my relationship with him. I think i could actually love him if we started to date. I can't wait for our date tomorrow night. But I don't think Harry is too happy with this. Oh well. Anyways, Zayn got up to answer the door. Two really pretty girls walked intothe living room.

"Erin, Alex, meet Perrie and Eleanor." Zayn kissed Perrie. Louis looked a little sad, but he put on a smile. I could tell it was fake though. He got up and kissed Eleanor. I dont think he enjoyed that kiss as much as he enjoyed his kiss with Alex. "Nice to meet you guys," said Perrie. Her and El gave us a hug. "Wait, Harry? Is this the same Erin that you always tell me you're so in love with?" asked Perrie. I blush and i looked at Harry, so was he. he just nodded his head. "Aw, so are you two dating again?" asked Eleanor. I didnt know what to say. I tried to answer, "Umm... Uhh....." well this is awkward. I tried again, "So should I start from the story from the beginning again?" everyone laughed. "Yea that would be helpful," said Eleanor. I told everything over again, even the parts about me and Liam. Gosh, this is exhausting. When I was done with the story, El and Per looked a little shocked. Then Perrie tried to sum it up a little, "So basically, you and Harry were best friends, he stopped you from cutting, you dating, he got you pregnant at 16, left you for his career, you moved back to California, had your son Ricky, met Liam, and now you and him are going on a date when Harry still likes you?" asked Perrie. Wow she's good at listening. I nodded my head and said, "Yea pretty much." "You and Alex are filled with drama........We'll be SUCH good friends!!!!" Me and Alex laughed at Perrie. She's really nice.

"So when can we meet Ricky?" asked Niall. "Well," i began, "I think Harry should meet him before anyone. He is his dad after all." I turned to Harry before i said this, "I can't tell you how much Ricky askes to meet you." Harry smiled and said, "Really?" I returned the smile and said, "Yea. A lot. But im scared." "Of what?" "If this is too much for Ricky too handle. I dont want the paps always at my house and crowding my son." Harry began to talk, "Erin I promise i wont let anything happen to you or Ricky." ".....Ok. I'll drop him off here with you before my date with Liam. So Liam, don't come to my house, I'll come here." "Ok love," said Liam. Harry couldnt stop smiling. I guess he's really happy about meeting Ricky. Zayn started to talk,

"So what should we do now guys?" he asked. Alex answered very enthusiastically, "We. Should. Watch. The. Greatest. Show. On. This. Planet: The Walking Dead!!!!!!" "YES!!!!!! GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!!!" said Louis. Then him and Alex had a really long conversation about it. They were laughing sitting close like a couple, and Eleanor was NOT happy about that. "How bout we watch a scary movie?" asked Niall. "Yea lets watch Sinister" said Harry. I was excited. I haven't seen a horror movie in a long time. Liam came closer to me and said, "If you get scared, just cuddle next to me." Harry laughed and said, "I remember how terrified you used to be of scary movies. You would scream and snuggle your head in my chest. It was cute." Harry winked, i rolled my eyes, and Alex laughed and started to say, "Erin? That scared? Theres no way!! She may drop a little, but never so scared she hides her face and screams." "Really Er? You used to be so scared." Harry replied. I said, "1. I've squezzed a baby out of me. Nothing is more painful. I think i can handle a horror movie. And 2. I was never really scared; I just liked to be closer to you." I blushed at the last part. Harry smirked, "So.... you liked me holding you and being close to you?" I looked down before i said yes but then decided to have some fun. I walked closer to him, wrapped my arms around his neck and tiltled my head slightly. I batteded my eyelashes and tiptoed a little so my nose could touch his and i could feel his minty breath on me. "....Maybe...." i said very slowly and in a deep vioce. Harry was turned on. I could tell. he bent down to try and kiss me but i pulled away really fast.

He laughed and said, "Why are you such a tease?" "It's a talent," i said with a wink and everyone laughed. I went and sat down next to Liam. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I snuggled closer to him. Harry was jealous. He sat next to me. During the movie, I got up to use the bathroom. I came back and sat down inbetween Harry and Liam. A scary part came up and i ended up jumping. My first instict was to grab Harry. I always use to do that. I grabbed him tightly, but i didnt want to. I wanted to grab Liam. I'm so stupid -.- Harry looked at me and i let go of his arm. I put my head on Liam's shoulder. I fell asleep on him.

I woke up expecting to see Liam, but i was laying on Harry! wtf?! "Have a good sleep gorgeous?" he asked me. "Yea. Where's everyone? and what time is it?" "It's about 3:30 a.m. Everyone went to sleep, Alex is in my room. I told Liam I'd put you in there when you wake up. So... let me show you how to get there." "Harry thats sweet of you, but I'm fine on the couch." "No. I insist. Plus, Alex is already asleep in there." ".....Ugh fine. Let me get something to drink first." He nodded.

I walked to the kitchen but stopped when I heard voices. It was Perrie and Eleanor. I really like Perrie. She's sweet and really nice. But El has an attitude and i dont think she likes me or Alex. I listened to what they were saying. El was talking.

"Erin is a total slut. She got pregnant at 16. She doesn't even wanna go back with the father of her child!! Some mother she is!! And now she's whoring around with Liam. She's a slut. And her friend! Alex needs to get her hands off of my boyfriend!" "Eleanor! Thats so mean. They are so nice. Both of them are kind and sweet. They're not sluts. And maybe Louis talks to Alex is because you're a bitch most of the time and you cant keep him satisfied!!!!" Perrie said and left the room and saw me standing there. I had tears in my eyes. I would"ve punched Eleanor but i didn't wanna start anything my first night here.

"Oh my god, Er, how much of that did you hear?" Perrie asked me "All of it." I said. Perrie gave me a hug. "Im sorry. Dont listen to anything El says. I never liked her anyways. And I'm sure you're a great mother." i smiled at her and said, "Thank you. and thanks for sticking up for me." She nodded and Harry came in. I forgot i was standing there for a while. He said, "Er whats taking so lo-  Hey what happened?"
Harry hugged me. "Nothing I'm fine." "Ok. Let me show you to my room" We got there and I turned around to face Harry. "So you wanna tell me why you were crying?" he asked me. I shook my head. "But thanks Harry." I kissed his cheek. He smiled, "I think I deserve more than a kiss on the cheek." So, i kissed his nose instead, but i knew he wanted me to kiss his lips. "Thats not what i meant Er." I laughed, "Goodnight Harry." "GoodNight."

The next morning I woke up and woke Alex up. I showered first and put some shorts and a flowy top on. I brushed my teeth and went downstairs. Alex used the other bathroom and got downstairs before me. Harry cooked. I loved his cooking. When we were done me and Alex said bye to everyone. I had to get home and get ready for my date.

Harry POV

I was really excited to meet my son today. Its gonna be the first time so i can't wait. But i really dont Erin going out with Liam. The boys started to ask Liam questions. "So, Liam what are you gonna do for your date with Erin?" asked Niall.

"Well, first I'm gonna start by giving her a beautful red rose and compliment her." I laughed. Liam looked a little hurt. "Whats so funny Harry?" he asked. "Well," i began, "Erin doesn't like red roses. Her favorite is a white rose" Liam looked relieved."wow. Thanks mate. But why are you helping me?" "Because I want Erin to be happy. But that doesn't mean I'm backing off. Remember, I still love her." Liam nodded his head.

Erin POV

Me and Alex got home and I saw my brother playing with Ricky. Ricky saw me and ran up to me.

"Mommy!!!" "Hey, Ricky. Were you good for Uncle Jake?" i asked. "Yes I was mommy." I looked at Jake for an answer. He responded, "Yes he was very good, as always." Jake kissed his cheek. "So how was your night with Harry?" Jake asked me. "It was interesting. We kissed and i felt so many sparks. I'm so confused if i wanna be with him or not. But i know i really like Liam. Im just not sure whether I want Liam to be my boyfriend." Jake nodded in understandment and said, "Well Er, I know this is tough for you, but I know whatever you pick is gonna be okay. Things will get better." Jake kissed my head and had to leave to pick Anjali for their date.

"Sooooo......are you excited for the date?" Alex asked me. "Yes I am. I know im gonna have fun." "Well lets get you into something really pretty." I got into a skinny green and black dress that goes down to my knees. it flows out just a little bit at the bottom and has a one sleeve with flowers on it. I did a smokey eye, and put on a light pink lipgloss. I also curled my hair. It was around 5. I gave Ricky a shower and put him in some pj's. He packed some cars to play with and a bedtime story. "Ricky. It's time to go." Ricky came downstairs. "Bye Alex. I'll see ya later." "Byyeeeee. HAVE FUN!!!!" I strapped Ricky in the backseat. I turned on the radio and "One Thing" was on. How ironic. Ricky started to sing to it. I started to talk to him, "So you excited to meet Daddy?" "Yea mommy. I am." "Do you promise to be good for Daddy? Mommy is going on a date with uncle Liam. You're gonna stay with your daddy and your uncle Louis, Niall, and Zayn. Kay?" "Ok mommy. I'll be good."

I got to the boys hotel. I wrapped on the door. I texted Harry to open the door cuz i want him to be the first person to meet Ricky. I took a deep breath when i heard the door unlock.

Harry POV

This is it. I'm a bout to meet my son for the first time. I'm excited, but nervous at the same time. I hope i'll be a good father. Er texted me sayin open the door. I got to the door. I was scared. My hands were shaking as i unlocked the door. I finally opened it, and i saw them. Erin...and Ricky. Erin was holding him. I must've looked stupid standing there smiling. And  Er looked amazing. Her dress fit her perfectly. She started to talk.

"Hey Harry. Meet your son Ricky." I took him from Er. "Hey bud. I've missed you." "Hi daddy. I've missed you too." I kissed his cheek, and started to cry a little. So was Erin. "He looks like you Harry. He has the same hair, eyes, and lips." I wipped my tears and said "Yea i know. Thanks for letting him come. You look gorgeous by the always. And Liam will be down in a minute." I went into the living room. Harry put Ricky on his lap and the other boys came downstairs. "Ricky, this is your Uncle Louis, Niall, and Zayn." "Hey buddy," they all sais in unison. They started to play with him. "Harry, are you okay with me going on this date?" Erin asked me. I answered, "Honestly, not really. I still love you Erin, sooo much. It hurts to see you going out with someone else other than me. I wish it was me. But I know sometime in the future we'll be together again. So, just have fun tonight."she nodded and Liam came downstairs.

"Hey Er. You" Liam said. He was speechless. Erin really did look beautiful. She always does. She laughed and said, "Well you look pretty wow yourself." Liam met Ricky. Everyone loves Ricky. He's so cute and fun to be with. Liam handed Erin the white rose. She looked shocked cuz most every person she's dated, besides me, as given her a red rose on the first date. She started smiling, but i knew she knew that i told Liam thats her favorite. "Awwww thanks. This is my favorite," she said. Liam said, "Your welcome love." They were about to leave when Erin turned around to me, "Harry, make sure he eats dinner. I already gave him a bath and make sure he's in bed sleeping by 7:30-8." "Yes Er I know what to do." "Ok good," she turns to Ricky and says, "Bye baby! Behave for your daddy and uncles. I love you. I'll be back for you later ok" "Ok bye mommy. I love you too." Er kissed his head and her and Liam left.

"So Ricky... what do you wanna do?" I asked. "Lets play hide and seek." So we played that for a while. It was hard cuz Ricky was small and could fit into tiny places. Then we played with his cars most of the time. The boys really like him. I love him so much. "Do you guys have wanna hear me play my guitar?" "You play guitar?" Zayn asked. "Yea. Mommy taught me how to play her big guitar but it was too big. So, Santa brought me a little one for Christmas last year. You wanna hear me play?" "Yea go ahead," me and Louis said. He went to his bad and brought out his little guitar, and he started playing twinkle twinkle little start. And he was very good. Erin taught him well. When he was done, he clapped and gave him a standing ovation. "You're the best guitar playing 2 year old ever," said Niall. "Thank you. Mommy says that too," says Ricky. I wonder how their date is going anyways.

Erin POV

Liam opened the car door for me and then went around to the other side. "Your son's adorable." i smiled. "Thank you. He really likes you guys.....Sooo umm....where are we going?" "It's a surprise love," Liam said. "Ugh. Can't ypu just tell me?!?!" "Nooooope." So we pulled up to this fancy restaurant. "Liam, this looks expensive. I dont want you to spend a lot of money on me..." He laughed and said, "It's not a problem love. Just relax and enjoy yourself." We got inside and it was breath taking. There was candles, and lots of my favorite flowers: white roses and lilacs. "Liam this is amazing." "The best part is, is that it's rented out just for us." We sat down at the table. The waiter gave us our drinks and we ordered some french foods. It was really good. We talked about, Ricky, him being famous, and my dream to be famous. "You know me and the boys could help you with your dream," said Liam. "No Liam. Thats sweet of you, but I need to look after my son right now. H's my main priority. He comes first no matter what," He nodded in agreement. After we ate and talked some more, Liam asked me to dance. It was all so romantic. We slow danced for a while. It was close to 10 see we decided to head back to the hotel, so I could pick up Ricky.

We got to the door, I turned to face Liam and said, "I had a really nice time with you tonight." "Me too. We should do it again sometime," said Liam. "Yea definitely." I gave Liam a hug. He leaned in and so did I. We made out for a bit, and i felt the same sparks i did when i kissed Harry. I just don't know who has more. This is so confusing. I really need to get things straightened out. I finally pulled away. I looked in his eyes and smiled, so did he. Then he said something that I was not expecting.

"Erin, will you please be my girlfriend?"








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