Can We Fall One More Time

My names Erin Carter. I have a two year old son named Ricky, I big brother named Jacob, and a best friend named Alexandria Jones. If you're wondering who the father is, it's Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One direction. I hate him. I want nothing to do with him anymore. But what if I fall for a certain member of the band and I'm forced to see my used to be one true love? The one who saved me from horrible people and stopped me from doing terrible things to myself. Can I fall for him again? I guess you'll have to read and find out


5. Chapter 5

Erin POV

"E-Erin?" I heard Harry say. This can't be happening I just stand there frozen with Liam still holding my hand. Everyone's quiet. Obviously Harry had mentioned me before. Did he tell them about Ricky? Oh god. I hope he didn't. Harry. Harry Styles is standing right in front of me. My ex best friend, ex boyfriend, used to be my one true love, and father of my child. My life was going great until he came back into it. What am I suppose to do now!?!? I can't escape him now. I told myself I would never be around him again so he couldn't hurt me. But now hear I am, standing in a kitchen in front of him, holding the hand of one of his best friends who I REALLY like. Nice going Erin -.- I managed to fuck up in a relationship that hasn't even started yet!!!! I'm so proud of myself -.-. After a long while of awkward starring and silence, Harry comes closer to me. I didn't wanna look him in the eyes. I could already feel the tears starting to come as I remembered everything we've been through. But starting at his toned abs wasn't helping me either. I forgot how for he was. Fuck!! Erin stop thinking about that!!!!!! Harry begins to talk again.

"Erin, is that really you?" I hear his hoarse and cracked voice say like he's gonna cry. I finally look up into those big green orbs that I love so much, an I remember my son. I don't want to be right now. I wanna go home and stay with my son.

"I-I have to go now," I say as the tears start to run down my cheek. I turn to run but by the time I reach the door, Harry grabbed my wrists and slimmed me around and wrapped his arms around me. I was too weak to fight now. Cuz normally I would try to kick ass but no matter how much I hate him for what he did to me, I could never hurt him. I gave in and placed my hands on his chest as I sobbed. He continued to cry too.

"Er, I've missed you. I've missed you so so much. You have no idea," he said to me. "Harry, I've missed you too, but" I got chocked up as to what I was about to say,"but remember the day you left and I said 'I never wanna see you ever again'???" He gulped before he said, "yes" I took a deep breath and pulled away from him so I can I can look him in the eyes and say this, "Well, I meant it!" Harry cried somemore as to what I said and so did I.

"Anyways, I need some space Harry. I'll see yea tomorrow Liam when you pick me up for the date," I smiled at Liam.

"You still wanna go?" He seemed shocked but really happy. I nodded my head yes. Harry looked really shocked and sad at the same time. He tuned to me.

"Wait, you're still goin on the date with him?" "Yes," I answered Harry. "But- but I thought that-" I cut him off, "You thought what," I began, "That cuz you finally see me after 2 years that I'm just gonna magically fall into yours arm and act like nothing ever happened!?!?!" They were all taken back by my sudden outburst, but Harry soon recovered cuz he knew what I was talking about.

"Look, Er.." "DON'T call me that!" I yelled. He smiled a little an said, "why not? I always called you that. You used to love it." "Did you hear that Harry? You said 'called' and 'used to', as in PAST tense. The only people that can call me that are Jake and Alex!" "Who's Alex?" He yelled. I chucked slightly at him. "SHE's MY BEST FRIEND!!!!" Harry got less tense when I said 'she'

Harry began to talk again, "Oh. But wait, if you're the girl Liam's been talking about all day," I smiled big at the thought of Liam thinking of me,"then you're the one that made out with him last night right??" Harry was anxious for my answer. He tensed up again and I could tell the jealousy coming from his voice. This smiled without knowing at the thought of making Harry jealous. I just nodded as Harry scolded Liam. His grip on my hand got tighter and I saw him clenching his fists. That's where I stopped everything cuz Harry was getting ready to pounce on Liam. I pulled away from his grip only to grab his wrists an pull him back.

"Harry STOP!! That's enough!" I yelled. He turned back to me he tried to talk, "But-" but I cut him off again, "No more buts!! This is not like back in high school where you can punch everyone that likes me. It's not like before when we were dating when you could beat up anyone who just looked at me cuz you were jealous. NOTHING is like before." I started to cry more before I said this, "And it never will be again." And with that, I stormed out of the door and ran to my car.

I drove home and got up to my door. I unlocked the it and slammed the door. I rn into Alex's room. She was on her bed with eat plugs in her ear. I ran to her and cried into her lap

"Wow Er!! What's wrong!! What did he do to you?? I swear I'll beat his ass," said Alex "I s-saw him t-today!!" I continued to sob.

"Him? Him who?" "Harry!!! I saw Harry!!!!" "Styles?" I looked up at her and said, "No!! Potter!!!" I sarcasticly replied. "Ok geez!! No need to be sassy! And OH MY GOD!!! YOU SAW ONE DIRECTION?!?! YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE WITH LIAM PAYNE!!!! DID YOU MEET LOUIS TOMLINSON!?!?!?" As she was fangirling, I scolded her as to say 'you're really not helping right now' she noticed and say back down. "Sorry :/" I wiped my eyes and said, "it's alright" "ok so tell me everything!!!" I down and told her everything and every detail. "That's rough Er." "Yea I know" "but you like Liam a lot right?" I smiled and answered, "yea. Yea I do." "Then you're gonna have to face Harry again love." I began to cry again, "yea I know." "And......I hate to say it Er, but u have to let him meet Ricky." I cried even louder, "I know that Alex. It's been 2 years though. All of those memories came back to me: the good and bad. Me and Ricky have done fine without him but you're right. It's time he knows his dad." Alex rubbed my back as I stopped crying. Ricky ran into the room.

He came and jumped on my lap and gave me a big hug. "I've missed you mommy. Where'd you go?" "I missed you too love. Mommy ummm.....I saw....I saw your daddy today," I sighed as I said it. "DADDY!!! Can I see him?" I smiled at my son's enthusiasm "you'll get to meet him soon baby. He's the one with the curly hair in the bad that aunt Alex likes." "So that's where I get my green eyes from? And cool. Daddy's famous!!" "Yes he is an yes that's how you have your green gorgeous eyes." Ricky kissed my cheek. I love him so much.

Harry POV

I cant believe it was her. She's even more beautiful then I remember. I love her sooo much. But all those things she said broke me. I messed up really bad with her. Everyone's still standing in their same position when Erin left. I finally turned around and faced Liam.

"Cancel the date," I said. Liam looked sad and guilty when he said "no" I got closer to him and demanded, "Cancel. The. Date!!!" "Harry no!! I really like her. I'm sorry that the girl I'm falling for is the girl from your past." "Yes Liam, you're falling for her. I get that, but what you don't understand is that I. Love. Her!!! No I'm IN LOVE WITH HER!!! " "Harry!! It's been 2 years!! How do you that you're in love with her." "Because I NEVER STOPPED. I've been there for here since she was 4 years old. You don't know all the shit she's been through. I do!!! No one wi ever be able to love her the way I do. I can NEVER love anyone the way I love her. She's been hurt so many times by guys and I was always there to help her get back up-" Liam cut me off.

"Yea. I don't know what happened between you too Harry, but you ended up hurting her too didn't you??" I was silent. Liam was right. I hurt her and I'm so angry at myself for doing that. But I'm also mad at Liam. He knows how much I love her. He started talking again, "Exactly Harry. I can look into her eyes and tell she's not happy. She deserves to be happy and I can do that for her. That's obviously something that you didn't do!" That's it. I was gonna hit him. I swung but Louis and Zayn grabbed my hands and pulled me back. I began yelling "You know NOTHING ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIP WITH ERIN!!! She was the HAPPIEST when she was with ME!!! Ask her!! She told me herself. She even said that she can neve love anyone the way she loves me" I relax when I said that part. It made me feel good that she said that. Liam was silent. I got out of their grip and went to my room and locked it

I heard a wrap at my door. I didn't move. Finally the person unlocked the door and in walked him Louis, Niall, and Zayn. "Mate it's gonna be alright," Zayn comforted. Niall an Louis nodded their heads.

"Hazz. I know how much you love her. I can't say that she's gonna fall in love with you all over again cuz I don't know, but I can say that things might get better between you two," Louis said with a worried face.

"Yea. And if your meant to be together, time will do it," Niall said with a sympathetic look. I smiled at these and how they're so helpful. But I'm still sad about Erin, "thanks guys. I appreciate it but can you do me a favor?"

"Sure," said Zayn. "Can you please get Erin's number from Liam?" Louis smiled and said, "that's easy mate."

He came back five minutes later with the number, "thanks Lou" "no problem curly" and he walked out if the door and left me alone. I starred at the number before I dialed it......

Erin POV

It was around 5, and me, Alex, and Ricky were eating dinner. We were cleaning up while Ricky was playing and I got a call. I looked at it and it was an unknown number. I pressed answer.

"Hello?" I said. "Erin..." Said the caller and I knew exactly who it was...Harry.

"Hi....Harry. Is there something you needed?" "Erin you have to believe me when I say how much I miss you." "I do believe you Harry. I know you're sorry and I forgive you. But I can't just come back to like a little puppy."

"I know Er....I know, but we need to solve this. And I really want to me Ricky. I know you might not want me to, but I love him. I haven't even seen him in person and I love him with all my heart Er." I felt the tears roll down my cheek. I knew Harry was telling the truth, I can tell when he's lying. "Ok Harry. I know you love him and......and I'll let you see him...." It took a lot of guts for me to say that. I can't see him but I can feel Harry smile through the phone "thank you Erin. Thank you so much....why don't you come over tonight? You don't have to bring Ricky if you don't wanna just come. And bring clothes to spend the night. I want you to get to know the boys more. But it's your choice whether you wanna come and bring Ricky or not." I thought about for a while.

I finally have in, "ok but can Alex come??" "Of course. I would love to meet her love." "Ok. We'll be over in a little bit. Bye" "bye Erin"

"Alex!!!! Back your bag!!! We're going to one directions hotel to spend the night!!" I yelled. She yelled back, "okaiiieee." I called my brother and ask him to spend the night with Ricky. He said yes. I have Rick a bath and he brushed his teeth.

"I'll see you tomorrow love. Alright? I love you.
Be good!" "Ok mommy, bye I will be good and I love you too" I gave him a big kiss on his cheek. I went to open the door for Jake. I have him a hug and me and Alex left. Me and her pulled up to the parking lot, went inside, and got to the elevator. Alex started freaking out, "I CAN'T BELIEVE IM MEETING ONE DIRECTION AND THE LOUIS TOMLINSON. Ok Alex be cool." I just laughed at her. We got to the door and Liam opened it.

Harry POV

I was soooo happy that Erin was coming and that I can't finally meet my son. I told all the boys she was coming and bringing Alex. They were all happy, especially Liam -.- I swear I'm gonna beat his ass if he doesn't leave Erin alone. She's going to be mine again. I just know it. She got here and Liam opens the door. I wanted to do that.

"Hey guys. This is my best friend Alexandria Jones," Erin said. "Hi guys," Alex said. We all waved and have hugs.

"So....," I began," What should we do?"

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!!" Louis yelled. We all laughed and gathered around in a circle in the livingroom. This should be.....interesting...
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