Can We Fall One More Time

My names Erin Carter. I have a two year old son named Ricky, I big brother named Jacob, and a best friend named Alexandria Jones. If you're wondering who the father is, it's Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One direction. I hate him. I want nothing to do with him anymore. But what if I fall for a certain member of the band and I'm forced to see my used to be one true love? The one who saved me from horrible people and stopped me from doing terrible things to myself. Can I fall for him again? I guess you'll have to read and find out


4. Chapter 4

Erin POV

I woke up the next morning with a big smile on my face. I remembered everything that happened last night. I was soooo excited for my date with Liam. I kicked the covers off my bed and checked my phone. I saw I had a txt from Liam.
It made me smile cuz it said 'Good morning Beautiful :)' I typed back 'morning handsome :)' he didn't reply yet so I sprinted to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower. I put on some dark skinny jeans and a floral top. I went to Ricky's room an saw him playing with some cars on his
Bed. He quickly put them under his covers when he saw me cuz he knows he's not supped to play unless he has brushed, showered, and eaten first.

"Morning mommy," he smiled at me. "Good morning baby. Did you sleep well? And what are you hiding under there?" "I slept good. And oh....nothing," he said. "Really? Nothing? It sure doesn't look like nothing." "It is mama" "ok then. I'll just have to see for myself." I ran over to him and started tickling him. He laughed uncontrollably, but he wouldn't let go of the blanket. He's so strong....... Just like his dad.

"Mommy!!! S-stop!!" He continued to laugh an so did I. "Will you let go of the covers then?" I asked " yes m-mommy!! I p-promise!!" And he let go and revealed all the cars. "Ricky you know the rules..." I scolded. "I know mommy. I'm sorry. But I was bored and you weren't awake yet." "But you could have woken me babe" "no I didn't wanna. You looked tired." I smiled at my son and said, "c'mon. Lets get you cleaned up." I bathed him and he brushed his teeth. We headed downstairs to make some pancakes. I heard a door close and someone walk into the kitchen. It was my brother Jake.

"Oh my god. I forgot you stayed here last night. I've missed to sooo much. And thanks again for watching Ricky." I love my brother so much. He may be 3 years older than me but he's always been there for me no matter what. "Oh no problem. And I missed you too, even though its only been about 3 days since I last saw you." He kissed the top of my head. I laughed at him. "Hey where's Anjali? I thought she spent the night here," I asked. Jake picked up Ricky and kissed his cheek. "Morning bud," he said "morning uncle Jake." I said, " soooo.......Anjali??" Jake turned to me. "Oh right sorry," I laughed at him as he continued, "she did stay but she had to leave to go to work early." "Oh okay," I said.

"Sooo did you have fun last night?" He asked me. I smiled remembering Liam. "I did have fun. Actually, I met someone. His's name is Liam Payne and we're going on a date tomorrow night" Jake raised his eyebrows at me and said, "I'm happy for you but be carful Er. I don't want anything happening to you and I don't wanna beat this guy's ass like I did with the rest of your ex boyfriends." I laughed at how protective my brother is of me. He knows how much he means to me. "Relax Jacob. Im a big girl now. He's really sweet an I'll be careful. I promise." He smiled at me "good," he said.

I heard aoudad groan come from upstairs. I walked up into Alex's bathroom and saw her hunched over the toilet puking her guys out. I ran over to her and held her hair. "See Alex? This is what you get for drinking like a maniac." "Oh shut up Erin. I was having fun. But now I have massive headache." She tried to laugh but it ended up with her coughing an throwing up some more. "Do you even remember anything that happened last night Alex??" "Noooope," she said popping the 'p'. "Well," I began, "I met a boy. We danced and talked all night. We're going on a date tomorrow night. And oh yea....we made out big time last night." "Oh my god!!! Erin!!!! I'm so happy for you. You really need this. And someone wanted to get some last nice didn't you?? Just use protection," she nudged me. My mouth dropped. "Oh my god Alex!!! What the hell is wrong with you?? Of course I would use protection, but I did not wanna 'get some'." She raised her eyebrows and smirked at me. I sighed, "ugh. Fine ok. Maybe just a little." She laughed at me and said "ok Er. I need to lie down cuz my head is killing me. So talk to me later. K?" "Yea ok" I headed back downstairs to finish the pancakes and me, Jake, and Ricky ate breakfast.

Liam POV

I'm so lucky to find someone like Erin. She's so pretty, beautiful, kind, sweet, nice, and funny. She's just amazing in every way. I told the boys EVERYTHING not missing one detail. I started from the way she looked, what we talked about, and that kiss. God she's a good kisser. All the boys were happy for me, even Harry. But he looked sad every time I mentioned her name. He asked me what her last name was hit I didn't know. I forgot to ask. Then asked me something unusual. He wanted to know if she mentioned something about herself that most 18 years old dont have. I said no. I wonder what he was talking about. Oh well. But he was still really happy for me. The boys were teasing me saying 'oh huh Liam's got a girlfriend'. Hopefully she'll be. They told me to invite her over today so they can meet her.

I went to txt her and got a huge smile on my face. She texted me back this'll morning saying 'good morning handsome :)' I texted back

'Lol. Remember how I told you I am in a band?"

She replied ...YES!!! she said 'yea I remember'

'Well my band mates and I would like you to come over to the hotel. How bout it?'

'Sure I would love too' she replied. I was like bouncing off my seat.

I texted her the address and room number. 'Alright love. I'll see you later and I can't wait for our date tomorrow ;)'

She replied saying 'lml. Yea see ya. And I can't wait either ;)'

I told all the boys that Erin is coming over but Harry was showering so he didn't know. Oh well. He'll find out when she gets here.

Erin POV

I'm so excited to see Liam again. I can't wait. I made sure to do my eye makeup really pretty today. I normally don't wear makeup but I like doing a little something extra with my eyes. I can't wait to meet his friends. I hope they like me. But I don't know how they'll react to Ricky. I was planning on telling Liam at our date tomorrow. Hopefully he'll still like me. But I'm just gonna enjoy my day with him. I walk into Alex's room and see her picking out clothes to wear.

"Someone's feeling better..." I said "yes I am. Thanks. And where you going looking all hot?" I laughed at her and said, "I'm going over to the guy I met, Liam's, hotel to see his friends an him. So can you watch Ricky for me!? Please??" "Sure thing babe." "Thanks so much," I said "yea no problem. Have fun girlie....just not TOO much fun," she smiled an pointe her finger at me. I laughed at her. God I love this girl. "Ok mother!! I won't."

I walked into Ricky's room and saw him taking a nap. I smiled at him and went over to his bed. I bent down and kissed his forehead. "Bye baby. I'll see you later." His eyes fluttered open a little. "Ok mommy. Bye. I love you," he asks and fell back asleep. "I love you too." I kissed him one last time and headed out to my car.

I got to the hotel and saw many girls outside. Hmm...I pushed threw them and got to the front desk. I accidentally deleted the text with the room number on it so I asked the man, " umm...hi can you please tell me what room Liam Payne is in?" He looked at me funny and hesitated before picking up the phone. He said "hi mr. Payne," he began. Haha 'mr. Payne. I'm so immature. He continued, "we're you expecting someone today?"......."ok. What your name miss?" He asked me. "Erin" "ok. His room is the top floor and the last door on your right." I smiled sweetly an said "thank you." "No problem sweetheart."

I got to the elevator and pushed the top floor. Hmm....I thought the top floor I where they have the really expensive penthouses reserve red for really important people. That's weird. Why is Liam and his friends there? I walked down the hall and texted Liam saying I'm almost at the door. I got down there and wrapped on the door. Liam opened and I got a smile on my face. He pulled me in from my waist and pecked my lips.

"Hello gorgeous. How are you love?" I unwrapped my hands from his neck as a answered, "hey. I'm fine. And you?" "Yea I'm good too. Come in and meet everyone." I walked in with his hand in mine and 3 very fit guys come downstairs. I remember the blonde one from last night. They introduced themselves.

"I'm Zayn," the one with the tan skin and black quiff said.

"IM LOUIS," the one with brown hair and TOMS yelled. I laughed. He reminds me of Alex, very fun and outgoing.

"And I'm Niall," the one with the blonde hair started, "how Liam, if I wasn't so drunk last night, I would've made a move on her first," he winked. I blushed and laughed and so did everyone else.

"Liam?" I asked. "Yes love" "I thought you said there was 4 other people in the band. "Yea there are. He must still be in the shower." I nodded my head as we all began to talk and laugh. The boys are really fun to be around. Louis and Niall were having a contest to see who could fit the most carrots in their mouth. Liam, Zayn, and I were laughing
Our asses off.

Harry POV

I keep thinking about Erin. Ever since Liam told us about someone he met named Erin, I can't help but think its her. But it couldn't be. She has a son, our son. So, I don't think she would've been at a club. I went to take a long shower. I wanted to clear my head and just relax. I stepped out of the shower and heard everyone laughing and talking downstairs. I through on some boxers and jeans. I didn't bother to put a shirt on and I walked downstairs

I started to say, "hey what's all the noise ab-" I stopped frozen as to what I saw. She's here, and holding hands with LIAM!!! A pain of jealousy hit me. She looked over my direction (haha one direction :P im such a dork) and her eyes widen. The boys continued laughing. Liam saw me and said, "oh yea. This is the last member of the band and one of my best mates...H-" but I cut him off an said,

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