Can We Fall One More Time

My names Erin Carter. I have a two year old son named Ricky, I big brother named Jacob, and a best friend named Alexandria Jones. If you're wondering who the father is, it's Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One direction. I hate him. I want nothing to do with him anymore. But what if I fall for a certain member of the band and I'm forced to see my used to be one true love? The one who saved me from horrible people and stopped me from doing terrible things to myself. Can I fall for him again? I guess you'll have to read and find out


2. Chapter 2

Erin POV "Mommy, mommy!!!" My 2 year old son Ricky yelled. I ran to his room thinking something happened to him. "What? What happened baby? Are you okay?" He laughed. "Yes mommy. I'm fine" "then why did you tell for me, darling." "Cuz aunty Alex is jumping and playing her music too loud. I can't hear my show!!!" I laughed and walked to Alex's room. I banged on her door really loud cuz most likely she couldn't hear me. After like the 10th knock, I finally got a bobby pin and picked the lock. I walked in to find Alex with her back faced towards me jumping on her bed singing to one direction. Ugh. I love her but she needs to listen to something else. I walked to the stereo and turned the music off. "What the hell Er!?!? Why did u turn it off???" "Cuz ur jumping like a maniac and my son can't hear his show." She laughed. "Oh sorry. But u can't blame me!!! One Direction is the greatest band on the planet." "More like idiotic." I mumbled and I can already feel the tears starting to form in my eyes. Alex noticed, an I wished she didn't. I told myself I was done crying over him. "Oh Er, I'm so sorry. I forgot. I know how much you hate him for what he did to you. If it makes you feel any better, I hate him too!!! For all the crap he put you through. I looovvveeee Louis though." I laughed at this. "I know Alex. It's funny how being a singer was both his and my dream. He was best friend and first guy that ever treated me right. And now, I never wanna see him again. I'm proud that he made it. But I do t listen to their music nor do I know what any of his band members look like. But I'm back here in California with my dreams on hold, all cuz of our son. But I wouldn't change anything. No matter how much it hurts knowing Ricky is growing up without a father. I need to be strong. I've gotten this far." By the time I was done, Alex brought me a box of tissues. I really need to stop crying over this. He's not worth it. Ricky walked into the room "Mommy, it's ok if I don't have a daddy. I have you and Aunty Alex. That's all I need. I don't like when you cry. It makes me wanna cry too." He started getting teary eyed. I picked him up and put him in my lap as I swayed back and forth. "Shhh... Baby dont cry. It's ok. I'll be fine." I put Ricky back in his room to sleep cuz it was around 8 pm. I walked back into Alex's room and found her in a gorgeos dress and putting some eye makeup on. "Ohhhh someone's all fancy," I said. "Well Erin, you will be too." "Oh really? And why is that?" "Cuz me and you are hittin the club tonight." I laughed at her joke. "I'm not joking Erin!! You're 18 and you need to have some fun. Live a little!!!" "Alex!! I have no time for fun. I have a son to take care of. Member?? He's sleeping in the other room across the hall!!" "Relax Gurrl!!!! I got it covered. I called your brother Jake and his girlfriend Anjali to stay here tonight and watch Ricky." "Ughhh. Okaiiieee. But only cuz I haven't been out in a while," I said and smiled. "Yay!!!! Thanks Er!!! I promise you, you won't regret it" I laughed, slipped on a short black dress, did my makeup, let my brother in, and me and Alex left

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