Can We Fall One More Time

My names Erin Carter. I have a two year old son named Ricky, I big brother named Jacob, and a best friend named Alexandria Jones. If you're wondering who the father is, it's Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One direction. I hate him. I want nothing to do with him anymore. But what if I fall for a certain member of the band and I'm forced to see my used to be one true love? The one who saved me from horrible people and stopped me from doing terrible things to myself. Can I fall for him again? I guess you'll have to read and find out


11. Chapter 11

Harry POV

I had no idea what to do. There's no way I'm getting out of this one. Everyone in the world will be able to see this. Oh god. I'm panicking. I need to get outta here. "I need some fresh air," i said quickly and i scurried outta there. I got outside and paparazzi were everywhere. I ran behind the building were the paps can't find me. I don't plan on going back in. I don't know how long it will be until the boys are done with the interview, so I'll wait here and try to figure out how to explain everything...

Erin POV

Today the boys are doing an interview to try and clear up all of the rumors. Alex, Ricky, and I are planning on watching it. I'm actually excited. Alex used to be in her room watching interviews cause I use to always turn the tv off when anything One Direction related came on. So this should be interesting. I got Ricky up and did everything we had to do. I didn't bother making breakfast, so we decided to eat cereal while watching the Interview.

I turned on the tv, and the boys just introduced themselves. "Look Mommy, It's Daddy and Uncle Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn!!" Ricky shouted. Alex and I laughed, "Yea. Rick I know." We continued to watch it. The interview lady, Karen, asked questions about me, Ricky, and Alex. Then, she brought up Taylor. Ugh..the smile from my face went away as Harry confirmed that she is his girlfriend. Then Harry said something that really caught me off guard, "Erin means the world to me. She's my everything." Alex, Ricky, and I both spit our cereal out! I love how Ricky understood what just happened. But, I was completely shocked. So was Alex. Harry tried to deny what happened but It was on national TV. Everyone heard it. I don't know why, but I was smiling like an idiot. Oh..Taylor must be pissed. I wanna see the look on her face. That must be funny.

Harry ran out of the studio while the boys finished the interview. Both Alex and I's mouths were open. The boys tried to cover from their shocked faces too. But it didn't  work to well. They kept stuttering like they didn't know what to do. They probably wanted to check on Harry, but they couldn't. Liam looked really mad. I didn't know how he was gonna handle Harry. Probably not very well. The interview was over and Alex turned off the Tv. She started to Shout, "OHH MYY FUUC-" "ALEX! WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!! RICKY IS HERE!!!!" "Oh yea. Sorry. Let me start again....OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED!??!?!" I sighed, "I....I think Harry just admitted to everyone that he loves me more than his girlfriend." Alex sat back down and relax, " do you feel happy?" I got a smile on my face, "I'm really..really happy. Just confused. I Love Liam...I do. Just in a different way that i love Harry. But I don't know which love is stronger cause they're too different to compare." Alex just sighed. 

"Mommy, daddy loves you more than Taylor. And I know you love him more than Uncle Liam." "Why do you think that Ricky?" I asked him. "Cause he said your name...not Taylor's." "So why do you think I love Harry more?" I was really interested in where my son was getting these conclusions. He answered again. "I don't know how to explain it. It's like with Ben, Ricky, and Amy from The Secret Life of the American Teenager." I was completely shocked know. "Ricky how do you know that show!?!" "Aunty Alex showed me." I turned to her, "Alex! How could you show my 2 year old that show!?!?" "I'm sorry!! You weren't home and i wanted to watch it with somebody..." I chuckled a little.

Alex started to talk again, "But..he's right. This is the same situation. You're Amy, Harry is Ricky, and Liam is Ben. You have a son named Ricky, and Amy has a son named John. Weird coincidence, but it's the same. And Amy falls in love with Ben, but ends up being with Ricky in the end. You fell in love with Liam....and I think you might end up with Harry in the end...." I sighed in frustration. "We need to go see them and straighten everything out." 

We cleaned our mess that we made with the cereal and put our shoes on. I grabbed the keys. Ricky had a smile on his face, "We're gonna see daddy and my uncles?!" he asked excitedly. I was sad that I had to tell him no. "Uhh no baby. Not today. I need to talk to them in private. You're gonna hang out with Aunty Anjali." His smile came back on his face. He loves her. Her and Alex were with me through the entire labor. So we all get into my car. I drop Ricky off and drive to the boys hotel. We got there and I wrapped on the door...

Harry POV

The boys came out of the studio and ran over to me. Liam was about to jump on me. I was expecting this. But the boys held him back. He started shouting, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?!?!" I didn't answer him. He relax a little and the boys let him go. "Harry...answer me," Liam demanded. I still didn't answer. Then Louis tried to talk to me. I didn't really wanna talk though, but if i were to talk to anyone right would be Louis. He said, "C'mon Hazz. You gotta tell us." I ruffled my hair and turned to face them and mumbled, "I...don't...know. We'll talk about this at the hotel." I pushed pass them and we all headed to the car. I didn't know what i was gonna say or do.

We all got back to the hotel. We opened the door to a pretty pissed off Taylor. She stayed the night and we had a little bit too much fun. I'm not proud of it. She was just wearing my oversize t-shirt that falls right above her knees. She looked really mad though. "Harold Edward Styles!-" I cut her off. I hate when she calls me by my full name. "Don't call me that." "And why not?" I said something that I knew was gonna get her mad and Liam. But I didn't care. It's time for the truth. "Because ERIN is the only one allowed to call me that!" Liam slammed his hand on the counter top, and Taylor started to scream, "NOOO I'M YOUR GIRLFRIEND. AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHY YOU SAID HER NAME AND NOT MINE!!!" 

"Yea I'd like to know that too," a way too familiar voice said. I turned around and saw Erin and Alex at the door. 

Erin POV

Zayn opened the door for us. We walked in and Liam kissed my head while Louis kissed Alex. Taylor was yelling at Harry. She was wearing one of his t-shirts. It got me a little mad. She wanted to know why he said my name. I asked the same question and they looked in my direction. Harry looked a little pale, "Erin..." he said as his voice faded away nervously. "Harry whats going on?" I asked. "Ok you guys want the truth? Cause I can't hold anything in anymore." "yea. That's all we want," said Liam. Harry took in a deep breathe. He turned to face Taylor.

"Taylor....You're a really sweet girl. I know someone is gonna fall so hard for you, but....that person isn't me. I'm sorry. But I'm completely in love with Erin." He turned to face me and started talking to me now, "It's always gonna be her you, Erin, matter what. It doesn't matter if you won't take me back or not. It doesn't matter if I end up dating someone else cause you don't want me. No matter how many people I try to date to forget about my feelings for you, they're never going away. I can never and will never love anybody else the way I love you." 

I had no idea what to say. We use to tell each other that all the time. I can tell by looking in his eyes that he was telling the truth. He truly loves me. And....if i said the same thing back to would be true too. But I can't. I'm with Liam and I love him too. I tried to speak but nothing was coming outta my mouth. Taylor pulled Harry away from me.

"Harry, you can't tell me that you love her more than me." Harry chuckled lightly and said, "I just did." He tried to come back over to me but she grabbed his arm and said, "Well what about what happened last night? You can't tell me that you didn't feel anything." Harry looked like he was getting annoyed with her. "I admit it was fun...but I didn't feel any sparks. None. I'm sorry..but we're over." Taylor gave me death glare. I wasn't gonna take that bullshit from her, "Sweetheart, don't be mad that he loves me and not you." She through a tantrum and stormed outta the hotel. "Bitch.." i mumbled. Everyone laughed. Everything got all serious again and Harry grabbed my hands. I pulled them away.

"Er..what's wrong?" He asked "Harry what do you think is wrong?! You say you love ME. If you love me, why were you dating her?" "Cause I knew you wouldn't take me back! I needed to make you jealous. And you were jealous." he got a smile back on his face. I began to talk again, "Yes Harry, I was jealous. But that's not the point. You were dating her while you love me. That's messing with her feelings. And on top of slept with her!!" "Oh you shouldn't be talking Erin. Your doing the same thing." I was a little angry and confused, "What?! I didn't sleep with Liam." Harry started talking again, "Yea. Maybe not. But your playing with his feelings too. You love him but you know you love me more. You're dating him while you still love me. Look him in the eye and tell him that, cause you and I both know it's true."

Harry was right. Liam spoke, " it true?" "....Yea. It is. I love you both. But at least now you know that truth." Liam looked hurt. It was sad to see them both like this. Harry came back to me, " know I love you. You know it's always gonna be you. Please take me back?" "I...I don't know. I'm really confused right now. I love you.. but Liam is my boyfriend and I love him too." Harry looked irritated. He said, "Well you boyfriend hasn't been very trustworthy lately." Liam looked up. Everyone was listen to this whole conversation. I was getting worried, "W-what do you mean?" I asked. "Why don't you ask Liam who he has been texting these last couple of weeks." I looked at Liam for answer. He looked down. I Looked at Harry this time, he said, "He was texting his ex girlfriend, Danielle, this entire time." I started to feel the tears come down.

Alex started to talk, "Omg! this is exactly like Secret Life Erin! Danielle is Adriane, the one that Ben cheats with, and Liam plays Ben. This all makes perfect sense!!!" She made me laugh. "I love how you're comparing my life to a tv show on abc family," i told Alex. Everyone got all serious again. Liam turned towards the boys, "You guys told him?!" "No." They said. Harry spoke, "They didn't have too. I say her text you when you went to the bathroom the other day." "So it is true," i said crying. Liam nodded his head. I continued, "And she's the one that you're always texting and leaving to make phone calls on OUR dates." he nodded and looked down again. I was pissed and sad. "Liam..let me see the texts." "What? No. You should trust me." "Liam...right now..I can't. If you don't let me read those...then i know you're hiding something from me." I looked at Alex and gave a look as to say 'get the phone.'

She reached in his pocket and got the phone. "Hey! Alex give that back!!" said Liam. But before he could grab it, she tossed it to me. Liam tried to take it from me, but I hid behind Harry. He kept Liam away from me. I most of the texts and cried even more. I tossed the phone back to Liam. "Erin it's not what you think." "Really Liam?! Don't gimme that bullshit. You told her she's one of the most beautiful girls you've ever seen. You guys always talking about how happy you were back when you were together. You even fricken told her that you love her!!! She asked you to meet her for lunch. Did you go?!"

"Er..listen," he tried to explain but I heard enough. "Liam! Answer me!! Did you go?!" "...Yea I did. But she's just my friend." "No! She's not. By the sounds of those text messages she's not. It seems that we're both confused with our feeling. But the difference that I didn't keep mine a secret!" He didn't say anything cause he knows I'm right. I turned towards the boys, "And you guys knew he was doing this?! Why didn't you tell me?" "We didn't know those were the type of messages they were sending each other Er," Louis said. "yea. All we knew was that he was texting her. We weren't happy about it though," Niall defended. "And we would've told you Erin if we knew," Zayn added. I took in a deep breathe and said, "You know..I just need some space right now. I can't handle this anymore. I've been heart way too many times and I need a break...from everything. I just can't....I can't do it." And with that, I left the hotel.



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