Can We Fall One More Time

My names Erin Carter. I have a two year old son named Ricky, I big brother named Jacob, and a best friend named Alexandria Jones. If you're wondering who the father is, it's Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One direction. I hate him. I want nothing to do with him anymore. But what if I fall for a certain member of the band and I'm forced to see my used to be one true love? The one who saved me from horrible people and stopped me from doing terrible things to myself. Can I fall for him again? I guess you'll have to read and find out


10. Chapter 10

Harry POV

I'm tired of seeing Erin and Liam together. It hurts so much. I need to get her to be mine again. I know she's with Liam, but she can be happy with me too. And i know she loves me. I need to get her back; I know just the way to do it: I need to make her jealous. I called someone that I had one or two dates with before Erin came back into my life. I called...Taylor Swift. 

Alex POV 

I followed Louis into his bedroom. I can't believe that skank did that to him. Louis deserves so much better. He deserves someone who won't hurt him like she did: me :) I walked into Louis' room and saw him spread across his bed throwing a ball in the air. He had a little bit of tears but not that much. "Louis, are you ok?" I asked him. He looked at me and smiled and said, "Yea I'm fine love. Just a little hurt that's all." he patted his bed for me to come sit. I went and sat next to him. Louis started talking again, "I'm sorry that Eleanor scratched you so badly, and she was so mean to you guys." I laughed, "Not a problem. That bitch needed to get smacked around anyways." "No, your bleeding. Let me help you." Louis got a wet cloth and some bandages and helped clean up the blood. When he was done, he kissed all the little scars on my hand. It gave me a warm feeling inside. "Louis, why don't you seem very sad?" I asked a little confused. "No, i am. It hurts really badly. Like I feel that I did something wrong to make her cheat. I'm guessing that's how Erin must've felt with all those boys cheating on her. But I'm sure she was hurting more." "Why do you think that?" I asked. "Because Erin really liked those guys. I'm sure she thought they liked her just as much, so it hurt really bad when they cheated. But...lately, I've started to drift apart from El, so it doesn't hurt as much, cuz I'm falling for someone else." 

My heart was pounding. I'm pretty sure he was talking about me. Or at least I want him too. I decided to ask him, "Who are you falling for?" He laughed, "Is it really not obvious." Okay he's talking about me. I gained all my confidence back and tried not to act nervous. "No it's not. Why don't you tell me." Louis raised his eyebrow and got a playful grin on his face. "Or....I could show you." He leaned in and his lips touched mine. It was so soft and sweet. But then, it started to get more rough. He gently placed my down on my back in his bed as he got on top of me. I knew where this is heading, and honestly, I'm okay with it. I want it to happen. But then.."Hey guys. We ordered a pizza and bout to watch a movie. Come and j-  WHOA sorry to interupt," Niall said with a big smile on his face. Louis got off of me cleared his throat and said, "Yea we'll be down in a minute." Niall left the room and Louis and I started laughing. "Well that was embarrassing," I said. "Yea" I started to get up but Louis pulled me back down, "Alex, that kiss meant everything to me. I really like you. Will you please be my girlfriend. "Yes i will! I really like you too." Louis picked me up and spun me around, and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I am so happy. 

Louis POV 

It's weird how Eleanor cheating on me didn't affect me much, but it still hurt. I can't believe she would do that to me. But now i have Alex. The most gorgeous girl I've ever seen. I'm so glad she said yes to being my girlfriend, but a little irritated that Niall interupted us. Me and Alex walked back downstairs hand in hand. We saw everyone on the couch. Erin was on Liam's lap. They all looked back at us. "Did you too get enough up there ;)," Zayn said and everyone laughed, while Alex and I blushed. But then Alex said something I wasn't expecting, "Actually, no we didn't." "Oooo...someone's got the hot's for Louis," Harry said. "Yes I do. He IS my boyfriend." said Alex. "Oh my god Alex!! That's great. I'm so happy for you. Now instead of dreaming about sleeping with him, you actually can," said Erin. We all laughed and Alex got really red and yelled, "ERIN!?!" "I love you," said Erin in a baby voice, but Alex just glared at her. I kissed her head. She through a pillow at Erin but she ducked and it hit Niall. We were all laughing Expect for Niall. He said, "Hey?!" "Sorry Niall!!" Alex quickly said. I'm glad she's mine. 

Harry POV 

Louis said Alex is his girlfriend now. I'm happy he has his girl of his dreams. I wish I had mine. But she's in the arms of my best mate. The pizza came and I answered the door. I turned around and Erin was standing there with her arms crossed. She looked a little upset or hurt. "Hey, whats wrong?" I asked her. "You." she replied. "Me? what did I do?" "You've been so distant with me. You come to see Ricky, but you never talk to me. Whenever I'm here, you can barely look at me! Now whats going on?" "It's too hard to see you with Liam." She rubbed my arm for comfort, "Harry, he's my boyfriend and I love him. I'm with him whether you like it or not. It's time for you to move one." Then she walked back into the living room. And moving on is exactly what I'm planning on doing. I called Taylor and her and I are going on a date tomorrow night. I walked back with the pizza and everyone grabbed a slice.

"What movie are we watching?" Louis asked. "21 Jump Street," said Zayn. "Yay! Channing Tatum is sooo sexy!!" exclaimed Erin. "Even more than me?" Liam asked. "Hmmm....yes." said Erin. We all chuckled as Liam made a fake pouty face. But Erin kissed him and said, "But, I'm dating you...not him." "Get a room love birds," shouted Niall. And we laughed. We started watching the movie. It was hilarious. I listened every time Erin laughed. It was so cute. I love her laugh, but she hates it. It's like the song "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. That was Erin's favorite song a long time ago. I sang it for her on her 15th birthday. She absolutely loved it. All I think about now is all the things we used to do together. I don't think Liam can ever top those. Throughout the movie, all i was doing was texting Taylor. She's a great girl, but Erin is better. I couldn't even concentrate on Taylor and I's conversation, cuz all i can think about is Erin. "Harry can you put your phone on silent?" asked Erin. I did as she asked and she continued to cuddle with Liam. I need to be back with Erin fast. I feel like pouncing on Liam and just punching him. I can't be in the room with them. I got up and grabbed my keys. "Where are you going mate," Louis asked. Everyone looked at me for and answer, "I just need some air. I'm gonna go see Ricky. He's home with Jake, right Er?" Erin got up, "Yes he is. Umm..why are you going?" she asked me. I chuckled lightly, "Am I not allowed to see my son anymore?" She just nodded her head uneasily and sat back down. I went out of the house and drove to hers.

I knocked on the door and a very pretty women answered the door. "Oh Hi! You must be Harry. I recognize you from One Direction. Come in. Love your music by the way," she said, "Thanks love," I said.  Then I heard footsteps and someone talking, "Hey, Anj, who's at the-....Harry! How's it going? It's been a long time." It was Jake. "Hey Jake. I've been good. You?" "Yea. And this is my girlfriend, Anjali. We've been dating ever since me and Erin moved here 3 years ago." I shock her hand. Jake and I were always close. "So why did you move here?" i asked. "Well, I moved for college. That's were i met Anjali. And when Er got pregnant, mom and dad kicked her out. She moved down here with me. Then she met Alex and moved out." "I can't believe your parents just kicked her out like that. I loved your parents. They were like 2nd parents to me." "I know Harry. Mom and dad haven't talked to us since Er got pregnant. They haven't called or even send birthday presents to Ricky. Your parents always call though. And they send so many things for Ricky. They're like  2nd parents to us too." I smiled. I'm glad that my parents were there for them. "So Harry are you staying with Ricky? Erin said she'd be back just now and we have dinner plans," said Anjali. She's really sweet. I answered her, "Er isn't coming back until later. So I'll watch Ricky." They nodded their heads and left. They already fed Ricky Mac n Cheese, so I went upstairs to see what he was doing. 

I went into is bedroom and he was on the bed playing with a toy piano. He is really musically talented. he saw me and a big smile came on his face, "DADDY!!!" he ran up to me and i picked him up, and kissed his head. "Hey bud. I've missed you." he laughed, "It's only been two days." "I know. I wish i could see you everyday though. I wish I could see you first thing in the morning and tuck you in to sleep. I want to be a dad that you can see all the time." Ricky and I both sighed. He said, "I want that too. But it's ok. I still love you, and you're the best dad ever. But can I ask you something?" "Anything Ricky." "If mommy marries uncle Liam, will he be my new daddy." Thinking about this made me sad. "Uncle Liam would become your step dad. But I'll always be your real dad. And I'll always be there for you. And it won't mean I'll love you any less." Ricky started to talk again, "I love Uncle Liam, but I want you and mommy to be together." I sighed. "I want that too. But I can't change who your mommy is with right now. I love her so much. And who knows...maybe we'll be together." Ricky had a huge smile now. "C'mon, lets go watch a movie." I walked downstairs and Ricky in my lap. We decided to watch Cars. during the movie we both ended up falling asleep.

Erin POV

Harry has been really weird lately. He needs to move on. I still haven't though. I love him, but i love Liam too. He makes me happy, and so does Harry. A part of me doesn't want Harry to move on though because I still love him. The thought of him with another girl makes me a little jealous. I'm trying really hard to push my feelings away. During the movie, I couldn't help but notice Harry looking at me and Liam. He looked jealous. I guess being with different people is really getting to us both. Harry kept texting someone. He kept smiling. Is he...texting a girl? I was getting a little annoyed. I asked him to turn his phone on silent. I couldn't stand to hear his phone keep going off. Then he got up and said he was gonna go see Ricky. Later on in the movie I jumped up. "Whats wrong?" Liam asked with concern. "I told Jake and Anjali I'd be back like an hour ago cuz they have plans!" I started freaking out. Liam pulled me back down on his lap and stroked my hair. "Shhh...relax." He soothed. "Yea. They haven't called. Maybe they decided to stay," said Niall. "No. I'm pretty sure they left him with Harry," said Zayn. I relaxed a little. "Maybe i should just call to make sure." "Er...calm down. I'm sure Ricky is fine," said Liam as he kissed my hair. "Yea. Ricky is ok," Alex reassured me. Then Louis said, "yea he's a big boy. I'm sure Harry can take care of himself." We all started laughing. We continued to watch the movie. After it was done, I gave kisses to all the boys and Perrie. Then Alex and I left to go home.

We got to our flat, and I opened the door. Alex went to her room and I went into the living room, cause i heard the tv on. I walked in, and saw the credits to Cars on the screen, and Harry and Ricky sleeping on the couch. It was about 9, so I should get Ricky into his bed. I got down and ran my fingers through Harry's curls. I missed doing that. His eyes started to open, he yawned, and said "Hey." "Hi. Thanks for watching Ricky." "No problem." He sat up, and i took Ricky from him. I went upstairs to put him in his bed. I came back downstairs and saw Harry putting his coat on. I didn't want him to go yet. I missed talking to him. "Hey can stay a little longer if you like.."

Harry POV

Erin asked me to stay a little longer. I was happy she did. I didn't wanna go. I wanted to talk to her. I missed hearing her voice. Yea i hear her talk all the time, but it's mostly to the other boys. Since, I've been distant, we haven't really talked a lot. "Sure, that would be nice," i answered her. She smiled at me. We walked to the kitchen and she put the kettle on. "You still remember how we always drank tea at night?" "Of course i do," she said. We grabbed our tea and we sat down on the couch. We started talking about everything from our past.We laughed as we remembered all of our memories. I had my best friend back. It felt so good to just talk to her like old times. But i was trying so hard to restrain myself from kissing her pink, plump lips. Then I asked her something personal, "Erin, do you miss your parents." She looked up at me and said, "Yea. I do. I think about them all the time. I love them so much, i wish they would talk to me." I saw tears starting to come down. I stroked them away with my thumb and put her hair behind her ear. I hugged her and calmed her down. After she was done, we continued to talk and have fun. We looked at the clock and it was 11 p.m.I didn't wanna go, but i had too. I just wanted to stay and cuddle with Erin. But I had to go. I kissed her cheek and left.

I got back to the hotel and opened the door. The boys were still in the living room playing video games. I walked in and Liam looked a little pissed. He said, "Where have you been?" "I was at Erin's" "Yea i know. What took you so long. She and Alex left like 2 hours ago." i was started to get mad at him. "I was talking to her. She's my best friend remember? Am I not allowed to talk to her anymore?" I asked annoyed. "Calm down Harry," said Louis with concern. Liam began to talk again, "You can. It's just that, last time you went to talk to her alone, you ended up making out with her and falling asleep." "We didn't do anything okay? Erin isn't a cheater. She's been hurt like that and she doesn't do it to other people." Liam relaxed and looked a little guilty, "I'm sorry." he said. "It's ok." We all went to sleep.

Erin POV

I was glad Harry agreed to stay. I missed him so much. We talked for a long time about everything. Mostly our past though and we remembered all of the memories we shared. It was so nice just to talk to him again. I have my best friend back. But i have to admit that my feelings for him were coming back....well...they never left, I was just ignoring them. But when we held me and hugged me, it felt so right. I felt safe. I was a little disappointed when he left. I went upstairs into Alex's room. "Hey so aren't you happy you're finally dating THE Louis Tomlinson?" "Yesss!!" she practically screamed. "So what's going on with you and Harry?" I sighed, "Alex, I honestly don't know. I love Liam, but i still love Harry. Just talking to him down there gave me butterflies. I'm so confused." "Just get some sleep Er. Maybe you'll feel better." i nodded my head and went into my room.


Harry POV

I woke up at about 11 a.m. I told Taylor I would pick her up at 1. We were gonna go to lunch, see a movie, and then hang out at the park. I little typical date, but I'm not really trying to impress her. I showered, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and put on some nice clothes. I told the boys were I was heading. They wolf whistled me. And they all looked happy for me, especially Liam. They probably think I'm getting over Erin. But..I will never be over her. It's always gonna be her no matter what. I went to pick up Taylor. " look lovely," I said to her. She smiled, "Thanks Harry. You don't look too bad yourself." We got the the cafe and there were paparazzi everywhere, and screaming fans. We stopped to take pictures and sign a few autographs. We finally got in and took a seat. We talked about everything. I even told her about Alex, Erin, and Ricky. She seemed to be cool with the idea of me having a son

After lunch, we headed to the movies. I took her to see the new Paranormal Activity movie. She was really scared. She jumped and held my hand and put her face in my chest. I held her. I can't say i didn't enjoy it cuz i did. But it was nothing compared to when I hold Erin. After the movie we hung at at the park. It was really fun. Taylor is a really nice girl, but I don't really feel anything yet. It was getting really late, so I took her home. we got to the front door and we kissed. It was a little bit of a snog though. I felt a little sparks but not really. I drove back to the hotel. I opened the door and everyone was in the living room playing around. Erin was snuggled up with Liam. And same with Louis and Alex and Zayn and Perrie. "How was your date with Taylor?" Louis asked and gave me a smug look, cause he knows I love Erin. I sat down and told them everything. Erin wouldn't even look at me. It look like she was sad and hurt, but also very jealous.

Erin POV 

I woke up and did my daily routines with Ricky. Then around 12:30 Jake came to pick him up to go to the park. So me and Alex decided to go see our boys. We stopped to get some coffee first. We go the hotel at like 1. Niall opened the door and gave us hugs. Liam kissed me, and Louis kissed Alex. Everyone was here except for...Harry? "Hey." said Alex. They all said hi, but my curiosity got the best of me, "Where's Harry?" i asked. "He's on a date with Taylor Swift," said Liam. Those words hit me like someone was stabbing me in my chest repeatedly. I got a lump in my throat and felt the need to cry. But i can't, not in front of them. And Harry is allowed to date other people. I can't control him. 

Later that night, we were all sitting down cuddled up together near a fire. We were just joking around, but all i could think about was Harry on his date. That's who he must've been texting yesterday during the movie. We heard Harry come in. He started telling us what happened on his date. I couldn't look at him. I was gonna cry if I did. 


Liam POV

I'm glad Harry has Taylor. Now maybe he will back off and move on from Erin. She looks a little sad every time harry talks about Taylor. And i could tell she was a little jealous. But i would always kiss her or make her laugh and i know she's better. I've been texting Danielle, my ex girlfriend, a lot. We're still really good friends. She was the one who broke up with me, so I still love her, but I'm sure i love Erin more. The only one that knows about me and Dani talking again is Louis. He makes sure I'm not "crossing the line" cause he doesn't approve of this. He's really protective of Erin cause they're really close. Anyways I invited Erin over today, but I'm gonna run to the store first. Her and I are planning on baking some brownies and i need the ingredients.

Erin POV

Harry hasn't brought Taylor back to the hotel yet. So, i haven't met her. I honestly don't want to. And I'm not looking forward to it either, She seems nice, but she's taking Harry away. He comes by and sees Ricky like everyday, but I never get to spend any time with him. Hopefully I will today. Liam told me to come over and we'll make brownies. Louis and Alex took Ricky shopping today, and Zayn and Perrie are going on a date. So I'm guessing it will just be Me, Liam, Harry, and Niall. I started driving to their hotel. I blasted the radio while listening to Number 5 by Hollywood Undead. I got there and headed up to their room. I opened the door with the spare room key. I walked in.

"Hey Liam I'm h-" I stopped dead in my tracks as i put together what i was seeing. Harry was on the couch with Taylor on his lap. His hand were roaming her body, and her hands were tangled in his hair. They were full on making out. They stopped when they saw me. Harry looked a little pale, but Taylor was oblivious to what was going on. She started to talk, "Oh Hey, I'm Taylor. You must be E-" I couldn't take it anymore. I ran into Niall's room and saw him on his bed. I ran to him and started crying my eyes out. "Whoa. Erin what's wrong?" "I s-saw Harry and T-Taylor making out on the c-couch." Niall kissed my head and rubbed my back. It worked though. I calmed down a bit. Niall started to talk, "You know they're dating love." "Yea i know. But you all know my past with Harry. And you know I still have have a lot of feelings for him. It just hurt having to see that, especially my first time meeting her." "Don't you think that's how Harry feels whenever you are with Liam." His words smacked me in the face. It brought me to reality. This IS how Harry feels. Except he's strong enough not to break into tears. Harry then came into the room.

"Erin.." he said. I wiped my tears before turning around. I could see a little bit of tears forming in his eyes too. He's always hated seeing me cry. He hugged me and i wrapped my arms around him. "I'm sorry I just stormed out like that," I said. " had every right too. We both knew it wasn't gonna be an easy thing for us." I giggled, "yea. Not the best way for me to meet Taylor for the first time." Him and Niall both laughed. We walked out of the room and I apologized to Taylor. We all agreed to not mention this little incident to Liam and if on cue..he walked through the door. He gave me a kiss and we all continued with our plans for the day. Everyone helped make the brownies. Harry and Taylor were all lovey-dovey. I was really jealous i had to admit. But she seems nice....i guess. "So..Erin why don't you come on the interview with us tomorrow. It's gonna be aired on tv," said Liam. "Naw it's okay. I'll watch it with Ricky tomorrow morning." He nodded his head,


Harry POV 

Yesterday when I was snogging with Taylor, it didn't feel right. She's a nice girl and a good kisser, but nobody compares to the way i felt when I was with Erin. It hurt me to see her cry, but at least I know she's jealous. This is a step closer for her being mine again. Anyways this interview is the first one we've had in a long time. They're have been so many rumors involving Ricky, Erin, Alex, and Taylor. This interview will hopefully clear everything up. We got there and met a tall brunette who's the host for the show. She will be interviewing us, and her name is Karen. We sat down, we introduced our selves, and started the show.

"So...first things first...who is this Erin Carter girl?" asked Karen. A picture of Erin and Ricky came up. Zayn started to answer the question, "She is our very best friend. But her and Harry go way back." Karen turned to me for an answer. "We have been best friends since we were 4 years old. Dated when we were just about to turn 15. But now she's dating Liam." Karen asked Liam, "So is the baby yours?" He answered, "Actually, no. Ricky is Harry's son. He got her pregnant before he went on X Factor." So I'm sure we got the Erin thing cleared up. Karen asked, "So who is Alex?" Niall said, "She is Erin's best friend. They live together. She is also our best friends. We're really close with them. Oh and she's Louis's girlfriend." Karen looked confused and asked, "Louis, I thought you were dating Eleanor?" "No things didn't work out. But I have Alex. She's absolutely wonderful. She's the best girlfriend ever and i love her very much." The audience awwed. Karen started to talk again to me. "So Harry, what's the deal with you and Taylor Swift?" I began to answer her, "Taylor has been my girlfriend for 2 weeks now," some girls in the audience were happy and some were crying their eyes out, but I continued talking anyways, "and I really like her." That wasn't a lie. I do like her. But don't love her. I don't feel any sparks. Karen continued, "Really?" I smiled, "Yea. Erin means the world to me. She's my everything." Everyone in audience gasped. I dont know why though. I looked at the boys and they had their jaws dropped. Liam looked like he was gonna kill me. What did I do? Karen looked really shocked she said, "Erin?" I was really confused, so i said, "What?" She talked again, "You said ERIN means the world to you." "What no i didn't I said TAYLOR!!" "Umm..Noyou did." She said with a grin. I looked at the boys and they shook their heads yes. Liam was really angry. I replayed everything in my head again..and HOLY SHIT I did say Erin!! On National TV where everyone is watching!! Oh my god. What did I just do?!

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