I found love (One Direction)

An average 18 year old girl like Kylee never thought she would be loved by someone famous. Kylee was at a One Direction concert when Paul brought her up on stage. She had no idea it was so Niall could sing to her. Later in the month when the relationship between Kylee and Niall wasn't oficaill but getting serious,Kylee found out about Harry's jealousy. Truth is Kylee was with Harry long before One Direction ever formed. They were best friends all through their childhood,then they dated from their freshman year up to their sophomore year in high school. One Direction happened and Kylee never thought long term relationships lasted. Anyways,Harry told her he still loved her and kissed her. He had no idea Niall saw the kiss,what will happen?? Will Kylee leave Niall for Harry and the friendship of Harry and Niall be ruined forever???


8. They know,he knows

Niall P.O.V.
We walked through the door and sat down on the couch. "Where is Hazza?"I asked looking around. "He went to get pizza."Louis replied. "PIZZA?!"I screamed with excitement! Everyone else laughed. "Don't worry you get your own pizza!"Liam said. "YAY!PIZZA!"I screamed. "So,what do you two have to tell us?"Zayn asked. "We are oficailly a couple!"I answered. "YES! I knew it!"Louis yelled. "Do you mind if I tell Harry on my own?"Kylee whispered in my ear. "That's fine."I whispered back. Kylee was looking me in the eyes and said,"I love u!" everyone gasped and awwwed. "I love u two!"I said back. Then I kissed her gently. It was with love. I truly love her. I'm never gonna let go of her.

Kylee P.O.V.
As Niall was kissing me,Harry walked in. He ran out of the room into the hall. "Be right back....."I ran after him. When I got to him I hugged him and I could feel his heart race. He took my hands and looked me right in the eyes. "I still love you!"he told me. "I-I'm with Niall."a tear fell down his face and I whipped it away. Now we were locked in each others stare. My hand on cheek,his hands now on my waist. He came closer. Next thing I knew his lips were smashed up against mine. I froze not knowing what to do.

Niall P.O.V.
I went to go find them and I found them kissing. I ran away crying. Liam,Louis,and Zayn followed after me. I found a corner and sat in it. I cried my eyes out. How could she tell me she loves me and then go kiss Harry? I know she dated him but she told me there was nothing between them anymore! I had never felt sooo much pain before! My heart shattered and I was crushed!

Kylee P.O.V.
Harry let go of me and stopped the kiss. "I love you!"he said once again. I looked into his big green eyes and went after Niall. I couldn't help but look back and I saw Harry on his knees crying his eyes out. I found Niall crying hysterically in a corner. "Shouldn't you be kissing Harry?"he manged to get out. "Niall let me explain?!" He ran away and I went after him. He and Zayn got into a car drove away. I crumbled to my knees and started crying. Harry quickly found me and rapped me into a hug. My head fell into his chest and I cried my eyes out while he held me. "I have to go home now." I said to Harry. "Why?"he asked sadly. "I was staying with Niall and I can't go back there."my voice cracked and I started crying again. "It's okay,you can stay with me for the night."he said to me and I nodded in agreement.

Harry P.O.V.
I felt soooo bad. This was all my fault. If I didn't kiss this wouldn't be happening right now. At least I get a night alone with her. Wait what was I thinking? Niall is one of my best friends! How could I do that to him?! I felt her squeeze me even harder. I held her and got her up and in my car. "I'll take to my place now if that's okay?"I asked her. "Yeah that's fine."she smiled a little. "Are you gonna be okay?"I asked in concern. "I think I'll be alright if I get my mind off things."she replied. We pulled in my driveway and I got out. As soon as she got out I grabbed a hold of her hand. She held on tight. I found a note that said: "I won't be at the house for at least a week for work. Love u!-mum. "My mum is gonna be gone for a while."I said. "Okay."she said.

Kylee P.O.V.
Great. Me and Harry alone in the same house. I was so hurt. I did tell Harry I wanted I wanted to get my mind off things. He made some tea and when he walked into the living room I was snuggled up with a blanket and had s movie on. He set down the tea and sat next to me. I layer my head on his chest. He rapped his arms around me. He kissed my forehead. I felt safe. I felt loved. Of course I felt when I was with Niall,but I've been loved by Harry before. I've felt loved by Harry before. When I felt it again I missed him and loved him again.
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