I found love (One Direction)

An average 18 year old girl like Kylee never thought she would be loved by someone famous. Kylee was at a One Direction concert when Paul brought her up on stage. She had no idea it was so Niall could sing to her. Later in the month when the relationship between Kylee and Niall wasn't oficaill but getting serious,Kylee found out about Harry's jealousy. Truth is Kylee was with Harry long before One Direction ever formed. They were best friends all through their childhood,then they dated from their freshman year up to their sophomore year in high school. One Direction happened and Kylee never thought long term relationships lasted. Anyways,Harry told her he still loved her and kissed her. He had no idea Niall saw the kiss,what will happen?? Will Kylee leave Niall for Harry and the friendship of Harry and Niall be ruined forever???


14. Do I really love him?

Kylee P.O.V.
So many questions raced through my head as I got my pajamas on. Do I really love Harry? Like how I love Niall? I was so confused I just wanted to get the thoughts out of my head. I walked into Harry's room,I was sharing it with him. "Woah!"his eyes widened. "What I'm just in my pajamas?"I asked confused. "You just look so sexy!"I laughed and hit him in the arm. I was wearing shorty shorts and a tank top. I climbed into his bed. Just as I expected,Harry rapped his arms around me. He caught me off guard when I turned around to hug him. Our faces were an inch away from each other. For some reason he blushed. I grabbed him and kissed him. Of course he kissed me back. I fell in love with him every time we kissed. I knew it in my heart that I loved Harry and I always had.
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