Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


12. Whos at the door?!

Niall's POV

The movie had ended and I went to get up but Vanesa was sleeping on me. She looked so cute sleeping I didn't want to wake her up. I picked her up in my arms and looked for an empty room. I laid her down on the bed and covered her with a blanket and kissed her on the forehead. Then I debated for about five minutes where to sleep; next to her but what if she freaked out? We just started going out and I don't want her to get the wrong impression. On the couch? But it's just not as comfortable. I decided to just sleep next to her trying me best not to wake her up or touch her as I lay beside her. As I was taking off my shirt to go to sleep, she started moving. Way to go Niall, now you woke her up... It turns out she was just adjusting herself. She was so beautiful. I kept admiring her facial features and doze off. Harry's POV The next morning when I woke up, I woke up next to Frida, we were snuggled up holding hands. She looked so pretty when she was sleeping. As she turned and felt someone next to her, she tensed up but then I guess she remembered it was me so she turned fully around and faced me. "Good morning love," I said as I gave her a kiss on her little nose. She just smiled and yawned a good morning back. "How'd you sleep ?" I asked. "Better than before since I have you here," she said pulling me closer to her. I was so happy I had her. I checked my phone and it was about ten to eight, it was so early! I told her to go back to sleep and she laid her head on my chest while I stroke her hair and went to sleep. Vanesa's POV As I woke up, I looked around the room and felt confused because I felt asleep in the living room and woke up here, as I tried to get up I felt two strong hands around me. Awe, he fell asleep next to me. I turned around and got back to bed. He pulled me closer and let out a yawn and smiled. I just played with his hands and intertwined our fingers. I felt he woke up and said the sexiest good morning I have ever heard. "Good morning babe," he said in his morning voice. "Good morning," I said back giving him a kiss on his cheek. I tried to get up once again but he pulled me back down "I have to go make breakfast" I whined "ugh breakfast can wait.." He said hugging me "I'm cold, stay here," he complained but it wasn't cold at all, it was summer. I just played along and then I noticed he didn't have a shirt on. He kept stroking my back, holdin me close to him while I just let it be. His eyes were closed but he was still awake and I asked,"what do you wanna do today babe?" "Be with you," he said making me blush and smile. He pulled me into a big hug and rested his chin on my shoulder, giving me a kiss on the cheek and whispering in my ear, "you have to say the magic words in order for me to let you go..." With his strong arms around me, I tried to turn around and face him. As I turned, my hand touched his abs I was dying to bake cookies on. "And what are these magic words you speak of..." I said being flirty. "Nialler is the best boyfriend ever," he chuckled. "Why do I have to say that?" I asked. "'s true!" he laughed making me laugh. His laugh was perfect. After a while of me refusing to say it, he tickled me, "alright alright I'll say it aha but sst-oop tickling mmm-e" I said in between laughs. He laid over me and stared at me with those perfect blue eyes. "Nialler is the best boyfriend ever...for now.." I said giving him a peck and running towards the kitchen laughing. He caught me and picked me up by my waist, twirling me around..."I Love you Vanesa," he whispered in my ear...oh no should I say it back? Of course you should stupid! You DID love him, more than anything. I looked up at him and said ,"I love you too Niall," he smiled. Then we saw Harry and Frida coming out the room..."woo! Have a fun night you two hey?" Niall said laughing winking at Harry. "I just fell asleep on her bed by accident..." Said Harry blushing looking at the ground..."well, I didn't mind" said Frida giving him a quick kiss on his cheek. She came over and helped me make pancakes for everyone. We all say down and ate, cracking jokes and having a good time. Soon enough, we were done and Frida started thinking, I knew cause she had her thinking face on. "What's wrong babe?" Asked Harry. "I was just thinking and, not that I'm complaining but where is the paparazzi? Or your fans? I mean they always know where you guys are and I haven't seen them anywhere?" Harry and Niall looked at eachother, smirking. "You see..." Niall started...."Paul wanted us to relax for the summer and he told everyone that we were all going back home." "Yeah and.." Harry continued "now they all think we are back home with our friends and family, but really, we are here," the room was filled by Oooohs and I see by me and Frida. We all got up and Niall helped me with the dishes. So caring. He started singing in my ear my favorite song, Kiss You. I just blushed and smiled at him. I then started singing along when it got to the chorus. Harry left and told us he had to go to his flat and change real quick and that he was gonna bring something for Niall. I went to change in Frida's room because I came over so much, I brought some of my clothes to just leave it here. I found my pink summer dress with my pink and white sandals. I hopped in the shower and got dressed. I put my hair up in a ponytail and went back to the living room. Niall and Frida were just watching TV. I sat next to Niall and he asked me what I wanted to do today, we all said we wanted to just stay home so we did. Harry came back a while later and handed Niall his change of clothes. He took it to the bathroom, showered and changed. We went to NANDOs and Niall was thrilled since it was his favorite restaurant. We ate and then Niall paid for us because he had the black card. "You must come here a lot" said Frida,"you can't even imagine " he said smiling. We headed back home and just say on the couch watching movies when the doorbell rang. As Frida opened the door, her jaw dropped to the floor. Michael?" She gasped. "What! Michael!" I said. Michael was my ex boyfriend, he made me feel so special but kept it a secret to everyone. He was a football jock so I fell for him, but he didn't want to be seen with me or anything. The only time we hung out was when he either took me to a really far restaurant, or when we were at my house. We broke up cause I didn't like him having me as a secret and now he was here. Why?
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