Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


6. The story

Vanesa's POV

The day after that i went to Frida's house. I had to tell her what had happened at the studio. I went to her house and her mom welcomed me in with a big hug. "Hey Vanesa, Frida is upstairs in bed, be careful" "Thanks Ms. Hernandez, and okay!" I said as i ran upstairs to her room. "Well, you look a MESS!" i said as i walked in to a pool of tissues on the floor. "Gee thanks for stating the obvious." she said. I sat on her bed and i was ready to tell her everything.

Frida's POV:

"YOU SAW THEM! AGAIN!?" i yelled. "Why didnt you call me so i would of *cough cough* met them again too?! " "Well, i dont know, maybe because you were in the hospital with a fever of 103!"she yelled back. "Oh right..." "Anyways.." she started again "you can see them again because they are doing another interview this Friday so we can go afterschool." "Really?" "Yeah!" she sounded so happy. "Ok, what happened between you two? After you bumped into Niall, and went to seee them get interviewed, tell me everything!" I demanded. I knew something was up, i could see it in her eyes. "Well, Niall said he hoped to see me again this Friday, since they are staying for like a month around this area." she finally said. "Oooh now I see the real reason, you have a crush on Niall dont you?" I asked her. "Yeah, i think I really do! Hes just so perfect! Tose eyes, and that smile, his hair and hes funny! Hes like the perfect package! But i better not get my hopes up, Im just another girl, theres alot more prettier girls." She was always putting herself down but I knew she knew she was beuatiful being the way she was and so i told her, "But who did Niall say he hoped to see next week?!" "Me..." she said. "Exxxactly, so just enjoy it while it last girl! and stop with those awful thoughts, you are a pretty smart girl and anyone would be lucky to have, aah, aaah, AAH CHU! you." I had sneezed... "Bless you, and thanks, you always know what to say." said Vanesa. Then she gave me a big hug and went to her house to do her homework.

I tried picturing Niall and Vanes together. They would be sooo cute! I'd ship them haha.


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