Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


9. Picnic

Vanessa's POV

So, i woke up at a around 10am, i still had plenty of time. I went downstairs, ate breakfast, and hopped in the shower. When i was done, i went in my room and started to think about what i was going to wear. I wanted to look good but not like really classy. More like casual. With that, i picked denim jean shorts, a white top that said "Free Hugs" in a cyon color and my vans. I let my hair down but then decided i was going to fish tail braided. Last touches was the make-up, but i didnt put alot on. And there, iwas ready and just in time to relax because it was 12:30. I texted Frida asking how she was doing. She texted back saying how excited she was about this "date" with Harry and the boys. I saw a car pull up on my drive way from my window, that must be him I thought almost screaming from excitement. He got out the car and I guess he saw me looking from my window because he looked at me and waved. He looked so gorgeous wearing those Rayvan sunglasses, shorts and a blue t-shirt. I ran downstairs, kissed my mom goodbye and went outside.

"Hey Niall" I said as I gave him a hug. "Hey Vannesa, you look reallly pretty today," he said as he opened the door for me. "Oh, thanks" i said, blushing like crazy. "So are you ready to have fun?" he soounded excited as well. "Yeah totally! where is the rest of the boys?" "Oh, they are already there, we got there early to set everything up, like the food and stuff. " "I see" i said. How i loved that irish accent. He found me staring at him and said "What?" smiling, I got so embarrased, "its nothing, sorry, its just that i thought you had something in your hair, thats all..." I lied.

After a long 20 minute car ride, we finally got there. It was worth it because the place was amazing! It was an open field, the grass was a bright green, I was just beautiful.

Niall's POV We finally got there and she just looked so amazed by this place. I got out and quickly went to open her door. "Thank you" "no problemo" I said. She giggled. I quickly took her hand and pulled her to where the boys where. Apparently, they were just waiting on us because everyone else was there. "Hello everyone!" We both said as we sat down next to each other which was good. Today I was determined to ask her out on a date, but this time just the two of us. "So, who's ready to eat!?" Said Liam inviting us to take a sandwich or whatever we wanted. "Don't have to tell me twice" I said making everyone laugh. All the food was gone and we were all full. We just relaxed and played truth or dare for a while. "Truth or dare harry?" Said Louis, "um, I'll choose dare," he said as he winked at Frida. "Ok, I dare you to dance the Gangman style dance" said Louis with a huge smirk on his face. With that, Harry started doing the moves. We were all cracking up, rolling around laughing. "Ok now it's my turn, Vanesa truth or dare?" Said Harry. I turned to look at her and she said "truth" confidently. "Smart move" I whispered. " is it true that, you have more than 100 posters of us in your room?" She looked so shocked as if she didn't know what to say. "Ok fine, yes, it's true but you guys can't judge me, I mean you ARE one direction." We all nodded and agreed. It got cold all the sudden with the summer breeze starting to blow but luckily for me, I brought my hoodie. I saw Vanesa next to me hugging herself. "You good there?" I asked smiling, "yeah I'm just a little cold. That's all." She was shivering so I took off my hoodie and passed it to her. "Here, you can wear it" "oh no what about you?" She asked concerned. "It's fine, ill just have to man up and I'm not cold really," I said and winked. She just put it on and giggled. She was so cute and pretty. It started to get dark out and so we all decided to leave. Harry offered Vanesa a ride but I stopped him and said I would gladly take her home. I had to ask her now. We all said our good byes and left. Liam, Louis and Zayn went all together back to our flat. Harry took Frida home and me and Vanesa got in my car. "It was really fun today, thanks for inviting me" she said looking at me. " oh it was nothing, I just always have a good time when I'm with you" I made her blush and now was the time to ask her. Vanesa's POV Wow I can't believe he said that. I'm probably smiling like an idiot right now. "Yeah me too, we should hang out again sometime," I said. "Oh yeah, actually I wanted to ask you if you had any plans for tomorrow night?" "Tomorrow? Well I do have to go to this thing..." I saw his smile disappear for a bit "...but nah, I don't really want to go anyways" I said as his smile grew back. "Oh good then tomorrow ill pick you up at around 6pm?" "Sure I guess haha and oh what about your hoodie?" i forgot i was still wearing it. it was just so comfortable. "Keep it, as a gift aha" he said laughing-and with that we had gotten home. He got off before I could even open my door and opened for me. He was such a gentlemen. "Thank you for coming today." He said as he pulled me into a big hug, I was speechless "alright then I'll see you tomorrow!" He said kissing me on the cheek and running back to his car. I just stood there and waved smiling.
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