Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


4. Meeting The Boys

They all looked so angelic and perfect and oh sooo cute. "Hello Love," said Liam to us. I looked over and Vanesa was smiling like an idiot so I gave her a little nudge. "Hey Liam!," I said shyly.


After Frida had calmed me down, I was ready, or so i thought. As I got closer to the boys, Liam had said Hello to us but I just coudnt believe I was standing in front of them right now. Frida gave me a nudge. Hey Liam! i said as i hugged him tightly, then it was Harry, those green eyes were so magestic. "Hello !What is your name?" he asked me. "Hey Harry! My name's Vanesa" I said loud enough so the other three could hear me as well. He then gave me a hug. (I was dieing inside) Then Louis and Zayn said Hey and appreciated our shirts.They also signed them on the back. "Hey Louis, Hey Zayn! Thank You, we made them ourselves, you really like them?" I asked, I could feel my self blushing. Last, but not least was Niall. "Hello Vanesa how is it going" he said to me. I just stared at those deep cystal blue eyes of his. "Hello Niall, good, really excited to be here." I said giggling as he gave a tight hug. I could smell his Armani cologne everyone always talks about. He just looked so perfect, wearing his white vans, skinny jeans and his blue button-up, his blonde highlights. Ugh the feels! haha. Frida came and took pictures of me with the boys real quick before we had to go. Unexpectedly, Harry and Niall came and gave me a kiss on the cheek for the picture. I blushed like crazy, we thanked all of them and said "It was really nice meeting you guys" "Nice meeting you too!" Louis screamed back. He was really loud. Frida and I were both in shock after we left. The drive back home was long but entertaining because we got to talk about the boys and how good they looked and how nice they were.

We finally got home and everything was just perfect. Frida was going to sleep over so we stayed *up all night* (see what i did there) talking about the concert. "They really kissed me though!" I whispered trying my best not to scream. "I know and Liam gave me the best hug ever!" said Frida "and guess what?!" "what?!" i said. "Zayn winked at me when were were leaving!!!" "OH MY GOD! No he didnt!" "Yes he did!" she shrieked. We stayed talking and fangirling. I just couldnt get over the fact that Niall James Horan had kissed MY cheek.

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