Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


5. Interview

Vanesa's POV

The next two days were normal. You know: Get up, eat breakfast, go to school, come back, eat dinner, and go to bed. Of course me and Frida (who was sick by the way) kept talking about the kiss and the wink and all. Since then, my love for Niall had grew even more. Before i didnt have a favorite in  the band, but now, after i met him and saw him in person, i couldnt get those deep light-blue eyes out of my head. With that, i went to sleep with One Thing playing on my iPod.

The next day after school, i went to help my dad at the radio station. There were alot of people for some reason. I went through the back door, with my ID while texting Frida trying to get through the crowd. Then, all of the sudden i bumped into someone, dropping my books, papers from school, and of course my phone. "I am SO sorry, ugh! im such a klutz!" I said shyly bending down to pick my stuff up. "Its alright, it was me fault too, i wasnt looking where I was going," said the person i had bumped into, in a very familiar accent. I saw that he/she bent down too help me but when i looked up to see who it was i couldnt believe it. I just bumped into Niall!

Niall's POV

I went to take a walk before they interviewed us to calm me self a little. Yes, we get nervous too. I was looking around all the pictures they had on their walls in the building when i suddenly bumped into a girl. She dropped her stuff all over the floor, ugh why am i so dumb...She said sorry but really it was me fault too so i went to help her. Her voice seemed familiar though but i dont know from where. She looked up and put her hair behind her ear, she was really pretty; brown long hair, green eyes that stared at me for about ten seconds. I hope she doesnt scream in my face... "Oh My Gosh..." she gasped quietly. "Hi Niall, do you remember me?" she said blushing. I didnt know who she was, but i wanted to say it, she just looked so familiar. "Its Vanesa, i met you at your concert two days ago," She said giggling. "Oh yeah! hey Vanesa! nice to see you again" I said pulling her into a hug. THATS where i knew her from. "Niall where are you?, we are about to start" called Harry. "Oh sorry I have to go, we are doing an interview." I said, "oh really? where" she asked "right there in that studio," I said pointing to the room. She seemed happy,"Oh thats where my dad works, I guess he's the one interviewing you guys," she said. "Alright then lets go before they start with out me" I giggled. We walked down and she waved at her dad.

They started interviewing us, asking questions about our life, family, our fans, and weird stuff fans wanted to know. Then we got to the relationship topic. I looked over to see an interesting look on Vanesa's face . "I have a girlfriend, and so does Liam," Louis said. "Yeah I have a girlfriend too" said Zayn proudly. I looked over at Harry who just kept quiet and then i said "Well, Im single..." I saw a smile grow on Vanesa's face. They asked us a few more questions and we were done. We stayed in the room just chilling, talking when I heard a phone ring. "Hola mama! si, okay, yo le digo" said Vanesa as she picked up the phone. She was speaking spanish. I felt proud that I knew a little bit more of Spanish that the boys. It really surprised me that she knows Spanish though. I was curious so I went over to her to ask how/why she knew Spanish.

Vanesa's POV

I wanted to scream so bad! of excitement of course when he hugged me. Niall was right in front of me and apparently all the boys were here as well. I think they were doing an interview with my dad. Why hadnt he told me about it? I got mad but got over it real quickly since One Freaking Direction was in the same building as me! And so with that we went into the studio. Act cool, i told myself.

I had been waiting for them to ask who had a girlfriend and who didnt. Liam, Louis and Zayn were taken.  I knew that, but then Niall was about to answer. I was hoping so badly he said he was single,...and he did! I let out a sigh of relief and I guess he saw me because he giggled as a smile grew on my face. can I say awkward! With that they ended the interview and i just doze off staring at the atmosphere. Suddenly i heard my phone ring. It was my dear mother, we always spoke Spanish to each other cause she wanted me to learn and i didnt mind. I hung up and saw Niall approaching me, i felt my heart beat harder and my blood rushing. Relax Vaness, breathe! i told my self. Ugh why wasnt Frida here to smack me. "Hello there" he said "hello...again hah" i said trying to start to sound funny which worked because he laughed at this. "I heard you were speaking Spanish, I speak spanish myself, well a little..." he said. "Oh really? well my mom is from Spain and she doesnt want to forget so she taught me." I said. He looked so interested in knowing, i didnt know why.

Niall's POV

She told me that her mom was from Spain and she had taught her, not like me, i had taught my self and some in school. I wanted to know more about her, I didnt want the conversation to end but i didnt know what to say next. Zayn interrupted our silence by screaming "Vas Happenin!" She looked at zayn, confused and i decided to introduce her to him, "Oh yeah! Your Vanesa from the concert, the one with the creative shirts. Where's your friend? "he said. She blushed and then gave him a hug, she explained how her friend was at home sick but getting better. With that, her dad came and hugged her tight and whispered, "Surprise sweetie, sorry i didnt tell you earlier but i just forgot they were coming today, it was a last-minute thing." he explained. She just nodded at him as if she wasnt listening at all.

The rest of the guys came over and said hi to her once more. She started asking us if we liked the town. "Yeah, we actually are staying here for about a month." said Liam. "Oh really! Thats great! I hope you like it here. Its really nice" she got really excited about this. "Let's go Vanesa, Mom called to go home cause dinner is ready." said her dad. She got up, and had to leave. "Well, it was really fun seeing you guys again" she told us. "You too" we all said giving her a hug. "Hopefully we see you next week" i said as i let her go "next week?" "Yeah, we have another interview on this same building." I said smiling "Great! then ill see you guys then, cant wait!" She said excitedly.

As she was walking out the room we exchanged looks and I winked at her. She just blushed and smiled at the ground, leaving with her dad. As soon as she left, all the guys turned to stare at me as if I had two heads. "Spill it!" demanded Louis "I dont know what you guys are talking about" I lied... "You know exactly what we are talking about. You fancy her dont you?" said Liam smirking poking my stomach. "UGH! alright alright, ill tell you. Well we bumped into eachother in the hall way, she dropped her stuff, i helped her, her dad was the one interviewing us, end of story." I said really fast. "Uh huh! and you expect us to believe that!" said Zayn, "yeah i do" but they all kept staring at me "and so what if i think she's cute?!" I tormented out the room and to the other studio The guys followed. I sat on the couch. "Oooh so you do fancy her" said Harry. "well, i dont know yet, Yeah she's really pretty and cute and smart, she also knows spanish did you know that? and maybe I am starting to like her." "See now, was that too hard to confess now child!?" said Louis in a sassy tone. "Well, you guys pressure me into it," I said, then I laughed. "Well we are the five best friends, we must tell each other everything."..."okay maybe not everything but mostly" said Liam jokingly.

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