Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


8. Dinner with The Boys

Frida's POV

So, we got to the building and we were looking for the boys. We found them  in a small room just sitting there talking. Vanesa introduced me to them, and then we sat down with them. I had to sit next to Harry and Vanesa sat next to Niall. "Get it!" i whispered into her ear laughing. I starting looking at Harry's curls in amusement and how perfect they were, until he started talking to me. He was really out-going and fun, not to mention cute too. I just went along. We talked the whole time but got interrupted by Vanesa telling me something about hanging out later i think? The whole time, my eyes were staring into those big green eyes of Harry's so i didnt notice if anything between Niall  and Vanesa had happened. I guess me and Harry just reallly hit it off together, we had tons of laughs. All the sudden, Niall pulled one of Harry's perfect curls and the boys reminded him about the interview. He got up, told us not to go anywhere, winked and went in the room.

The interview was over and so the boys came in to get us. Me and Vanesa were really excited and we just couldnt believe it. "Let's Go! Into the car!" said Louis. He was driving, Liam was next to him on the passenger seat and Niall, Vanesa, Harry, and me in the back. Zayn said we was sorry but that he had a date with Perrie.

Vanesa's POV

So, the car ride was a little quiet, except for  Harry and Frida, who kept talking the whole time. We finally got to the restaurant and of course, it was Nando's. As soon as i saw it, i looked at Niall and said, "seriously?..." "What! I love Nando's!" he said in his Irish-accent. I laughed and he laughed too. The waiter took us to our table and we sat down and ordered our food.Liam told me to sit next to him which was also next to Niall. Harry and Frida sat next to eachother. They seemed so happy. From time to time, i would find Niall staring at me as if  he wanted to say something but couldnt I just stared at him back, but he would look away or just smile.

 Niall ordered two plates just for him, the rest of us ordered like a normal person. As we were eating, we all had a great time; telling stories, cracking jokes and just having a good time. These guys were so cool to be around, i didnt want it to end but it did. We all paid for our food, well almost everyone because Niall paid for me. How sweet, i thought.

We left the restaurant and I thanked the boys for taking us out, "No problem love, maybe we can hang out again sometime, you guys are really fun" said Liam. I didnt mind...At one point, my hand was besides Niall's and I accidently touched it. It felt weird and we both jumped. "Sorry Niall," I said. "Its fine,". We dropped Frida off first at her house and Harry got off with her, from the window, i could see him giving her something and then kissing her on the cheek and a hug. He came back and Louis asked where I lived. I told him and we headed off. Louis parked right in front of my drive way and so I said good-bye and thanked them once again. Since I was sitting in the middle of Niall and Harry, Niall had to get up to let me through. He opened the door and then followed me to my doorstep. "I had a really good time with you today" He said. I blushed, "yeah me too, thanks for the invite aha" I said. "Hopefully Ill see you again tomorrow, the boys and I wanted to have a picnic to get away from the city for a bit and thought I might invite you.." he sounded nervous but it was cute. Wait...was he asking me out on a date...not really but close right..."Um, as in, like a date?" I asked. "Yeah, kinda, well with the boys of course..." he said. "yeah sure Id love to come!" I said as I saw his eyes get big of happiness. "Great! then Ill pick you up at around 1pm?" "Yeap! that sounds good." He hugged me and was walking away. "Oh and one more thing, here's my phone number, in case you, i dont know, want to text me or something" he said, I could see his cheeks start to get pink. "Okay, see you tomorrow Niall" and with that, I went into my house, ran upstairs and screamed into my pillow. I just couldnt believe Niall from One Direction had just asked me out on a 'date'.

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