Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


10. Date<3

The next day, I went to Frida's house and told her everything. She then told me how her and Harry had been texting non stop being flirty and stuff. I was happy for her to actually have someone who cared about her like he did. &quot;Hopefully you and Niall turn into a thing too&quot; she said giving me that devilish smile winking at me. It made me blush and I said &quot; yeah I hope so too. I really like him.&quot; Then I went home and did my laundry. My parents took Tyler to some birthday party so I was alone pretty much the whole day. Then I remembered Niall hadn't told me where we were going so decided to text him. -hey Niall, it's Vanesa , I forgot to ask you where we are going cause I don't know how I should get dressed Lol xx -hey love, and sorry but it's a surprise I can't tell you where we are going but I can tell you to dress formal/fancy. xx -okay? Well I don't like surprises &gt;.&lt; -I bet your gonna like this one ;) see you in about an hour xx. An hour?! I had to start getting ready. He said to dress formal so I decided to wear my navy blue strapless dress, with my matching heels(they weren't too high cause I can't walk in those) I straightened my hair, and finally did my make-up. As I was doing final touches, I heard the door bell ring. I went downstairs and opened the door. There stood Niall holding a red rose, wearing a black tux.He looked so cute. His jaw dropped as he stared at me from head to toe. &quot;You look beautiful!&quot; He said handing me the rose, &quot;thanks! You look very handsome as well.&quot; I said grabbing my bag. &quot;Shall we?&quot; He said as he gave me his arm to hold. We got in the car and we mostly sang the whole way there. Every time one of their songs would come on, we'd just look at each other and laugh. When we got to the restaurant, it was so nice on the outside. We went in as he approached the hostess and said ,&quot;Reservation for two, under Horan please&quot; . Awe, he made reservations I thought. &quot;Oh yes, right this way&quot; she said guiding us to our table. We ordered our food right away cause we were both hungry. We talked, ate, laughed, giggled, and talked even more, we were having a really good time together it was like we just clicked. At one point Niall had sauce on one of his cheeks, &quot;you have a little something on your cheek&quot; I said giggling. He stuck out his tongue and tried to lick it off , being silly. &quot;Here, let me help you.&quot; I said as I leaned towards him and wiped it off with my napkin. &quot;Thanks aha&quot; he said turning a little pink. We continued talking but then Niall got a bit serious and said, &quot;Vanesa, I've been meaning to tell you something...&quot; &quot;And what's that?&quot; I said, curious &quot;well...&quot; He continued until we heard a very loud Louis coming in with Eleanor hand in hand. &quot;Hey there Niall...and Vanesa?&quot; he said giving Niall a wink. &quot;Hey bro, what are you doing here?&quot; Niall asked them. &quot;Well, we were going to have dinner by ourselves but why not join you guys, right?&quot; With that, they were about to sit down and Niall quickly got up, changed spots and sat down next to me. El and Louis had practically interrupted our night but they were fun to be around so I didn't mind that much. As we were eating/talking, I felt Niall's hand next to mine, I didn't move nor look at him and he didn't either. I was curious of what he was going to do next. I did want him to hold my hand really bad,so I just left my hand there, not moving at all. Then, after two minutes of our hands just sitting next to each other awkwardly, I felt that he grabbed it gently and intertwined his fingers with mine, his palm was a little sweaty but it was okay cause he was nervous. Maybe he was scared of how I was going to react. I held his hand too and I heard him sighing in relief. We held hands the whole entire time. It was perfect. Niall's POV Well, at least she didn't freak out when I held her hand. It was so soft and delicate. I'm glad she left it there as if she wanted me to do it. We held hands the entire night under the table, making circles in her palm with my thumb, intertwining our fingers. Her hand fit in mine like if it was made just for me. Lol. At first i was mad at louis for coming but now i was glad because i got to sit next to Vanes. I really liked this girl and I want to take things slow with her. Not like Greg who just has one night stands with almost every girl he met. Vanesa was different, she was special. After we had finished all our food, we all decided to leave. As we got up, me and Vanesa had to let go but I grabbed her hand right after she got up. She didn't say anything she just looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Louis saw us and yelled &quot;Oooh, Get it!&quot; She blushed I just shook my head in embarrassment. We said our goodbyes and got in the car. Almost the whole car ride, Vanesa just looked out the window. &quot;Is something wrong?&quot; I asked, &quot;I was just thinking, you never did get to finish telling me what you had to tell me&quot; &quot;Oh. That.... Well I just wanted to tell you I'm really happy you came with me tonight and that you look stunning, that's all&quot; Yes, I lied, I wanted to tell her how I felt but I panicked. She smiled and just said oh in a somewhat disappointment. We got to her house and I got off opening her door, then I followed her to her doorstep. We held hands and just stood there. It looked like she wanted to say something but she wasn't so I asked &quot;what's wrong?&quot; &quot; it's just that this is the first time someone has ever held my hand in public.&quot; She said shyly, smiling with her pink lips. &quot;Does it freak you out?&quot; I said concerned. &quot;No, it just makes me realize what I've been missing,&quot; she said as she stared at me with those sparkly green eyes. She moved in closer, and so did i. We were so close to each other, I started leaning in, for a kiss. &quot;Well, Hello There!&quot; said her Dad as we both jumped and took a step back. &quot;Well, Vanesa, it looks like I better get going, bye mr.&quot; I said hugging her but held her a little longer and whispered in her ear &quot;thanks for coming tonight with me, I had a great time,&quot; I let go and went to my car, she was just waving, biting her lip.
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