Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


13. Confused...

Vanessa POV I turned pale because I hated him SO much, I still liked him. Niall held my hand and got up with me as I went over to the door. Frida was just yelling at him, for hurting me so much. "Michael...?," I said creeping behind Frida with Niall by my side. Michael saw that we were holding hands and gasped. "Who's this?!" He said almost yelling. "Her boyfriend, who are you?" Said Niall confident and proud and defiantly. He saw I was stuck on mute. "I'm her ex boyfriend," said Michael. "Oh...I see" said Niall. "What are you doing here? I thought you said you moved to your moms house, in the city." I said, "I did! But...can we talk about this alone?" He said looking at Niall. I looked up and said to him, "just wait here, please." "What if he kidnaps you?" Said Niall making up anything to go with me, "I'll be fine, I promise." I said hugging him, he pulled me up and kissed me. Making sure Michael saw it. "Alright" he said giving Michael the death stare. Michaels POV Oh no..I lost her...How can she have a new boyfriend already? Well she is beautiful so...ugh I shouldn't have ever left her. I have to tell her how I feel now. "So..." "So what?" She said. "I see you have moved on to Kyle.." I said messing his name up on purpose. "It's Niall! And he's great.He actually takes me out in public and he's not ashamed to be seen with me" She snapped. "Whatever I didn't come here to fight with you, I came to get you back, I love you Vanesa, it was so stupid for me to hide you. Please brake up with that guy," I stepped closer and took her hands pulling her closer, "I know you still have feelings for me" I stared into her deep green eyes. "No, I can't! I love Niall now and he loves me back," she said stubbornly. "Does he really love you? Maybe... but does he know you like I do? Does he know that you like it when people play with your hair? Or massage your back?" She was biting her lip now. We were so close to each other I started leaning in to kiss her. She didn't move, our lips were millimeters away from eachother.." No! Stop!" I broke up with you for a reason, now run along and be with other girls you aren't ashamed of dating." She said running back inside the house. I was determined to win her back because she obviously still liked me. Vanesa's POV I went inside and ran up to Frida's room, crying which was weird because I don't cry a lot. Niall saw me and ran after me with Frida behind. "What did he do to you?! Do you want me to beat him up?" Niall asked yelling and banging the door begging me to please open it. I wanted too but I knew it would be a bad idea if I did. Frida's POV Ugh! Michael showed up at the baddest timing ever! I knew deep down Vanesa still had some feelings for that jerk. "Can you try and talk to her? You know her better than I do" said Niall. his eyes filled with anger, to Michael. "Alright, you head back down, but dont do anything stupid." I warned him because it looked like he wanted to punch Michael. "Vanes, open the door please?" She opened it and let me in. She was crying in my bed into my pillow. Her mascara was running from the tears. I went up to her and hugged her. "You still like him don't you?" I said while still hugging her. She nodded but then looked at me and said, "I'm just so confused! Niall makes me feel so loved and special but Michael was my first love and...I'm just confused!" She began sobbing again. "Well whatever you decide to do, I'll always be here to support you even though I might support you a little more if you chose Niall. " I said making her giggle. "Thanks" she said. "So what did he say to you?" I asked referring to Michael ."he told me he still loved me and that he wanted to get back together and then he started leaning in and..." "Please tell me you didn't kiss him!" I interrupted her. "No! I didn't kiss him, I'm with Niall now and I love him." "Vanes, as hard as it is for me to say this...I think you're just saying that to convince yourself that you do, but you don't, you still haven't gotten over Michael. Deep down. " I said truthfully even though it hurt. "No! I don't! I love Niall and that's all that matters!" She said to me, she was mad. She called Niall and he came running faster than lighting. He went right to her and hugged her for the longest time while saying "shhhh it's okay babe, im here, shh.." And so then I left. "Hey Harr-" I started saying but he was sleeping. I decided to wake him up and ask if he could take me somewhere to clear my mind for a bit while Vanesa figured what she needed to figure out. "Sure babe lets go," he said leading me out the door. Vanesa's POV I just laid there, in Niall's arms, sobbing, thinking, as he sang to me his solo from little things until I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and I was still in Frida's bed, but where was Niall? I went to the kitchen and saw Frida sitting on the couch, "where's Niall and Harry?" I asked "they had to go to a meeting" she said bluntly, still looking at the TV. I went over to her and just hugged her, kind of saying sorry for being such a bitch last night to her. She hugged back and squeezed me tightly. I told her I had to go home since I hadn't been home in two days and so we said our goodbyes. "I'll txt you if anything," I said as I got in my car and drove home. When I got home, it was empty. I went to the dining room to find it empty, living room? Empty, kitchen? Empty but there was a note in the fridge, it said. "Vanesa, the Dickson's(our neighbors) have invited us their new summer house for a week. We left without because, well, we know you want to be with your friends so take care and please be careful. Love, mom." Yes! The house to myself,what should I do now? Instead of throwing a party or something among those lines like a normal teenager would, I went to happily cry out loud in my room. I just let it aaallll out. Then I thought about the 'choice' I had to make but I knew it was going to be hard. Michael was brunette, brown eyes, fair skin, and just a hottie with a body, Niall was blonde, irish;), blue eyes, tall, in a band, with a body and I just felt a very strong attraction to him. And they both had great personalities. It was hard and since I had been texting Niall all day, it made it even harder. I always had fun with him, he was funny, and very caring while Michael was a jerk to me in public but when we were alone, we was a sweetheart, always buying me presents and a great friend. I put my thinking in pause for a bit and went to grab a snack to eat. I went downstairs to the kitchen when I heard a knock in my door. I went to open it but there was no one there? I stood there looking around when I noticed a bouquet of flowers on the floor. I picked them up and saw a card attached to it, it said :"I love you and I always will;)" awee how sweet I thought thinking it was from Niall but then I kept reading farther down "Love, Michael xx" I laid in bed thinking about everything that had happened to me so far...meeting my favorite band, dating my favorite band member, having him ask me out, the dates, the flowers just everything. And finally came to a conclusion...How can I be so stupid?! Of course I chose Niall! Hands down!
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