Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


3. Concert Time!

Frida's POV:

I went over Vanesa's house to make the shirts we were going to wear at the concert. My mom dropped me off and i texted her to come open her door. I heard her come running to the door. "Yay you're here!" she said "Yeah, why wouldnt i be...?" I said in a sarcastic voice. *Slap* she had once again smacked me like we always did to each other- and then ran to her room. I went in and she was giggling like always. I greeted the "boys" and then i admired all the 150 posters she had hanging from her walls. "Lets Do This!" she yelled.

We made the shirts and the had One Direction all over them. They also glew in the dark which was kinda cool. "They came out really awesome!" "I know" said Vanesa in a sassy tone. She showed her shirt to her posters and asked if they liked them. They obvi didnt respond but she still said to them, "...yeah I love them too haha" I just laughed at her silliness. With Vanesa, it was never a boring day.

Tyler came in her room and told us my mom came to pick me up and so I grabbed my stuff, said bye to her parents, gave Vanes a hug and left. "Only three more days!" she said to me as i was leaving.

On the ride back, it really started sync-ing in that we were going to see our favorite band in just three freaking days! I shrieked of excitement and my mom gave a what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you-face I just laughed. We got home, ate dinner and went to bed. I just stayed up looking around my room, trying to decide which was my favorite poste r even though i didnt have as many as Vanesa. I couldnt sleep so i grabbed my iPod and put the 1D album on play, plugged in my earphones and finallly dozed off.

Two Days Later:

From Vaness:D: OMG! ITS TODAY!

Vanesa was obviously excited, and i was too. I couldnt believe this day was finally here! To Vaness:D: AAAH! CANT WAIT!" I replied. I got my bag and told my mom that I was ready. I was gonna get ready at Vanesa's house and then we would drive to where the concert was in Vanesa's car. I knew how to drive i just didnt have my license yet, but i was cool with it. We headed off to Vaness's house. "Good Luck! Have a Good time!" my mom said to me out the window. Oh, I will!" i yelled back at her.

Vanesa's POV:

I heard the doorbell ring. "ILL GET IT!" yelled Tyler as he ran to open the door. He gave Frida a huge hug since he loved having her around. He always says he would rather have her as a sister -.- but its whatever. "HEEY!" I said smirking at her as we ran to my room to get ready. We straightened our hair, put on our shirts, some cute shorts, light-makeup and we looked HAWT. We were ready to go.

Before we were about to leave, my dad called us into the kitchen. He told us to always stick together and more of his blah-blah-blah. But then he told us he had gotten us a surprise. "Nooo Waaaay!!!" screamed Frida from the top of her lungs. "Dad! You. Are. The. Best!" I said hugging him. He had gotten us VIP passes to meet the boys after the concert. I love being a daddy's girl. With that being said, my palms got even more sweatier, i got even more butterflies in my stomach and Im pretty sure Frida was about to puke of excitement.

Yes! We finally got there and it was PACKED. There were so many girls with posters and 1D merchandise. Some even were wearing Liam's and Louis's mask. kinda creepy but oh well. We got to our seats and we just couldnt wait for it to start. We knew right then and there it was gonna be a good time from start to finish. (No, we didnt have front row seats if you were wondering but they were close to the stage though) All of the sudden, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis came running from behind the stage yelling and screaming, greeting us. They started singing WMYB and we all started singing along. Me and Frida were having THE time of our lives. Taking pictures, singing, dancing, meeting the girls who sat next to us. It was a really great time. They finished singing my favorite song, "Summer Love". Oh how I loved that song. All of the crowd, swaying from side to side, singing along until it finished. They said their thank you's and good bye's. You could tell they were having the time of their life. And the concert was over, but not for us :D.

A security guard took us to the VIP section, i guess, and there they were. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I looked at Frida and asked her how i looked. She gave me that you-look-fine-dont-worry-look. I was getting nervous and hot, i could feel my cheeks rosing up. My blood rushing. Frida decided to stop me for a moment. I calmed down a little. Then they were right in front of us. "Hey love" said Liam with a smile.

Frida's POV:

That concert was so AMA-ZAYN! Lol, and now it was time to meet the boys!!! I was so grateful because not everyone gets to say they met One Direction. A security guided us towards their VIP room/section and i could already see Zayn's quiff. There was about 20 other Directioners. One was crying on the floor and another one was laughing like a maniac...weirdo. Then Vanesa turned around and asked me how she looked. I was expecting her to ask me that so i just looked at her and gave her a look that sayd you look fine. I could see she was getting really nervous and anxious so I turned her around and said, "Now, dont make a fool of yourself in front of your idols. okay?" she nodded but she was still insecure. "Relax" i told her "Breathe! Just be cool and act normal." She was still shaky so then I smacked her. She seemed calmed enough now and so we went on.




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