Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


2. Christmas :D

Vanessa's POV:

Its Christmas! I immediatly thought as I woke up. I get up and the first thing i see is the boys's cut out posters staring at me. I saw Good Morning to all of them; Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn. (judge me ahaha), I ran downstairs to find  my parents and Tyler already sitting/waiting for me. I saw a bunch of presents, probably all for Tyler and i didnt mind, i just wanted what i had asked for. I saw a red envelope hanging from the tree. It had my name so i went to open it excitedly. I hoped it was what i thought it was. I could see my mom telling Dad to get the camera ready. "OOOOH MMYYYY GODDD!" yeap. There they were; two 1Dconcert tickets i had been begging my mom to get me since, like ever! I couldnt be any happier. With that, we went to eat breakfast, then off to my aunt's house.

We finally came back at around 1am, my uncle likes to party...I was so stuffed and ready to lay down in my comfy bed but i couldnt go to sleep. Just the thought that i was going to go see them in about five months from now was unbelieveable. One Direction was basically my life. It was all i talked about and thought about. Thankfully, my bff Frida was obssesed too so I wasnt alone.

April 2012

"Can you believe its only about a month left to go see the boys!?" i asked Frida. "Dont even remind me, i am going to faint if i think of it." she said. She was just as excited as i am. That was basically all we talked about in school but we didnt care, we never got bored. Me and her met in 4th grade and have been together ever since. She was one of my true friends. I wasn't popular but i wasnt a loner either, i had friends, just not like 100...

After school i went to help my dad at the radio station. My dad runs the place so i go all the time. I had so far met; Adele, Katy Perry and Pitbull. I had a special book for their autographs and even though i only had three, i was happy. Pitbull's autograph said "Dale!"

Two weeks later, i read on a magazine that the boys were really close to our town on a magazine. I just kept getting even more thrilled.

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